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Anybody only 5.1" Can we start a five foot one club??

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JenniferHart · 04/05/2008 22:08

I am so short, I can't carry an extra ounce. I am feeling sorry for myself. I've eaten a bit less than I really wanted to for about three days in a row now, which is good. But it will takes weeeeeks of this.

I am size 12 and 9 stone and a half stone.

How much weight would I have to lose to look slim? Not thin. I could never be thin. But I'd like people to look at me and think, those trousers are lovely. Not, those trousers could be nice on a slimmer person.

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JenniferHart · 04/05/2008 22:09

NIne and a half stone I meant to say.

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onepieceoflollipop · 04/05/2008 22:11

I am a whole inch taller than you so don't meet the criteria to join your club!

However I am 8 1/2 stone and reasonably happy with my weight. Am between an 8 and a 10 depending on brand, so not "skinny" or thin, but fairly slim.

JenniferHart · 04/05/2008 22:13

Well that's helpful. It gives me an idea of what to aim for.
You big giant you!!

OP posts:
Ecmo · 04/05/2008 22:14

I'm 5 foot 1 and 9 stone so can I join?

morningpaper · 04/05/2008 22:15


I am five foot and 9 stone 4

I think I am HUGE but people always seem to think I am TINY

mainly I listen to THOSE PEOPLE rather than my inner voice which is telling me what a huge bloater I am

paddingtonbear1 · 04/05/2008 22:15

Hi Jennifer, I'm just over 5 ft and also a size 12 - weight around 9 stone. All my weight is on my thighs and bottom, especially since I had dd! Diet and exercise reduces my boobs first!! which dh is not happy about.
how much would you like to lose? I'd prefer to be about 7 pounds lighter really, like I was about 10 years ago. Don't seem to have the willpower these days though! Some days I just think, life's too short. But i can't let it go too much - as you say, every extra pound shows!!

CarGirl · 04/05/2008 22:15

I'm a smidge under 5'1" (to my disgust) and I'm slim at 7.5 stone and looking chubby at 8 stone - so unfair I feel!!! However they big thing is dressing to make the most of your shape, I have very slim thighs and no waistline, am flat chested when not in my ultra gel filled bras etc etc. Anyway I where my gel bras dress to hide my tummy and look much slimmer because of it. I was overweight at 9.5stone and a size 12-14 at 7 stone I'm a size 6-8, however I could fit in gap zero jeans if they were hipsters

A stone would make a huge difference on you.

onepieceoflollipop · 04/05/2008 22:16

My friend is only 4 11 and about 8 stone (size 8). She reckons that her being a size 8 at her height is about the equivalent proportionally of a taller woman being a 12/14 iykwim.
morningpaper · 04/05/2008 22:16

that is true, PADDED BRAS and HIGH HEELS

an extra four inches of HEEL does WONDERS

paddingtonbear1 · 04/05/2008 22:17

MP a couple of my friends tell me I have nothing to worry about too! I just think I am large myself. Esp. when I can't find trousers to fit due to the size of my thighs!!

JenniferHart · 04/05/2008 22:17

Come in everybody!! There is black coffee and sparkling mineral water, and fruit. NO cakes or biscuits sorry. I mean business.

OP posts:
morningpaper · 04/05/2008 22:18

thighs are the problem ehre too

also my mother is about three inches high and weighs 2 oz, and is always telling me how enormous I am and how my weight is bad for my back

which is nice

onepieceoflollipop · 04/05/2008 22:19

Yes a stone would be a significant amount. If I go much lower than 8 1/2 stone I start to feel/look a bit thin around the face.

Depending on your proportions 8 1/2 may be too light for you. We are all so different.

themildmanneredjanitor · 04/05/2008 22:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

onepieceoflollipop · 04/05/2008 22:20
morningpaper · 04/05/2008 22:20

it's not slim if you are two feet high

JenniferHart · 04/05/2008 22:21

Wow! Shoes, I could do a whole thread about finding the right shoes. They must have a heel. But not too high. Finding shoes I can walk in that give me a couple of inches of height is a full time job.

Boobs! Ha! No boobs. My bra size is a very unsexy sounding 36b.

Cargirl, you are right, I'll never get down to 7 and a half stone mind you, but if I could get down to 8 and a half, I'd feel like I'd had an extreme makeover!!

OP posts:
morningpaper · 04/05/2008 22:22

I must admit I would feel much better if I lost half a stone

I am too lazy though

and food is so DELICIOUS

themildmanneredjanitor · 04/05/2008 22:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

paddingtonbear1 · 04/05/2008 22:25

and no wine, I take it? arrghhh can't do that one....
I don't like coffee either. I am a tea person
not doing too well so far am I?!

when I was in my teens I was a size 8, but I kept that way by not eating very much. I didn't start periods till 19! Then, I kinda went the other way and was a 14-16. Now I'm a 12. I guess I'd like to be a 10 but no smaller.

MP my mum wasn't complimentary about my weight either. She had a nice figure but always complained and covered it with baggy clothes.

CarGirl · 04/05/2008 22:25

JH sort some bras out pronto it makes all the difference, only problem with losing weight is you discover how untoned your tummy muscles are.

I need/want to lose half a stone it is going to take some serious will power (I am nearly 8 stone I think and my trousers are too tight on my tummy and I'm not buying new ones!)

paddingtonbear1 · 04/05/2008 22:27

When I was 15 I was 6 stone. My thighs probably weigh that much now!!


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CarGirl · 04/05/2008 22:27

I reckon you are probably a 32 C/D measure your rib cages and that gives you your back size no adding stuff on etc these days, bras are supposed to feel tight around your chest esp when new.

morningpaper · 04/05/2008 22:27

cargirl I don't see how you need to lose weight if you are under 8 stone

JenniferHart · 04/05/2008 22:28

Yeah, I don't understand bra sizes really. I did say to a woman with very large breasts it has to be said, that I was 36b and she hooted with disbelief. She has had her bazookas measured properly at rigby and pellar. But I don't want to have pieces of fat back struggling to escape. Or, four boob syndrome. But when I measure myself there seem to be no boobs at all. I think I'm 33 round the boobs and 36 underneath!! I live in those crop sport bras actually. not very sexy, but I find bras quite uncomfortable. I would feel like I had an animal up my jumper if I wore a padded bra.

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