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I need some new exercise DVD recommendations.....especially those that are good for stamina/cardiovascular wotsits rather than strength. Pretty pretty please.

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foxinsocks · 06/08/2007 14:39

So I get a fair few evenings on my own and it's the best time of day for me to exercise.

I'm strong, really quite strong and have a tendency to put on HUGE muscle if I do any strength building exercise (even stuff like pilates, yoga) so I really do not need to work on those areas at all.

However, I have the stamina of a sloth. If I went out the door for a run (and I have tried), I can only make about 10 minutes!

I'm not hugely overweight (could do with shedding a stone) but I am at a very high risk of heart problems in the future (family history, I have high cholesterol) and weirdly, over the last year, my body shape has changed dramatically and I'm now PILING on the weight around my waist which the doctor has informed me is another risk factor to add in .

So if you have any exercise DVD recommendations, I'd be grateful. I've got the Davina ones so not those.

I thank you.

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foxinsocks · 06/08/2007 14:56

bumpity bump

btw, have read the other thread (on exercise dvds) but I really need a specific recommendation so I don't end up looking like Arnold Schwarzeneggar after a few weeks

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 06/08/2007 15:22

where are me fat fighting mates

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 06/08/2007 15:49


OP posts:
foxinsocks · 06/08/2007 16:30

drums fingers

eyes up crisps

OP posts:
RGPargy · 06/08/2007 16:43

Have you tried Billy Blanks TaeBo?? Tis quite cardiotic (if that's a word).

Either that or i would recommend Step for stamina but you sound like me, i.e. only have to look at a weight to put on muscle, so this may not be good for you, although it can sculpt your legs and bum (if done correctly).

Keep your eyes off those crisps. They're mine!!

foxinsocks · 06/08/2007 16:50

ooh no, I've not heard of Billy Blanks (sounds like rhyming slang for something very rude)

thanks for that recommendation - I will look for it.

yes, that's exactly what I'm like (re muscle).

the step thing sounds good too - what's that one like?

I am a total exercise dvd novice (apart from the Davinas)

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 06/08/2007 16:53

ooh have just looked Billy Blanks up on amazon. Looks perfect! Thanks!

if I don't reply back, it's because I'm sorting out food for dd's party (i.e. munching on crisps and drinking wine ) so I'll get back to this later.

Thanks for replying!

OP posts:
RGPargy · 06/08/2007 17:02

Hmm i'm not sure they do step on DVD.... let me just check.....

There are a few step DVDs on Amazon but the only person i would strongly recommend would be Kelli Roberts. You need to have a Region 1 DVD player for that one tho. I have a couple of videos at home where Kelli Roberts is the instructor and she is really good.

I dont know your level of experience on step, but if you're a novice, i'd recommend one that is quite basic.

RGPargy · 06/08/2007 17:17

Oh and enjoy the wine and crisps!!

speedymama · 06/08/2007 18:33

Check out our very own guide to exercise DVDs here.

speedymama · 06/08/2007 18:39

Oh sorry Foxinsocks, just saw your second posting[blushing].

In that case I will recommend Billy Blank's Taebo. My personal favourite is Everybody get ripped. It has a basic section (25 minutes), advanced (1 hour), 8 minute workout plus 5 minute warm up (when short of time) as well as instructional section. If it is cardio you want, you will definitely build your stamina with this DVD.

The other two I would recommend for stamina are Nell McAndrew's Peak Energy and Ultimate Challenge. Peak Energy is probably more intense on the cardio front but I prefer Ultimate Challenge as I find it more interesting.

If you like dancing, Pump it Up (the original) is excellent too. The 10 minute High Energy section will knock you out!


speedymama · 06/08/2007 18:46

I also have this step workout by Keli Roberts. It is brilliant! I used it to help rebuild my stamina after having my twins and I was not able to go out running. Definitely one to have in the collection (only in VHS format though).

This is my fave Billy Blank DVD.

My other fave by Billy Blank is Ultimate Bootcamp. This has less cardio and more toning so probably not what you want now but later, you may want to give it a try.

RGPargy · 07/08/2007 10:44

Speedymama - i have that Keli Roberts video too and i also think it's brilliant!! Before i got pg i started to do it again and it's a real cardio killer. I really cannot wait to get back to it once i've had this LO. I also had a beginners one with Cher in it where Keli Roberts was the instructor. It's basic and a bit boring after a while and Cher did start to get on my tits but it also does the job if you're a novice at step (unlike me).

speedymama · 07/08/2007 13:00

RGPargy, the other step video I have by Keli Roberts is this one. It has 3 sessions of steps with two toning sessions in-between. That is excellent too.

I have not seen the Cher workout but I can imagine that she would get on my wick too!.

I do wish they would transfer her videos to DVD though.

RGPargy · 07/08/2007 13:09

Speedy - yeah i think i have that one too at home somewhere That reminds me - we've just moved house and i cant remember what we did with the videos that i wanted to keep!

Thankfully tho i have a Video/DVD player which means i can record my videos onto DVD so i might do that with my exercise videos too, just for ease of skipping forward through the boring "informal chat" rubbish that they give you at the beginning.

Once i have found them i could also do you a copy onto DVD if you want? That goes for Foxinsocks too. You'd have to give me a couple of weeks to find them tho! I have a vague idea of where they might be.....

RGPargy · 07/08/2007 13:09

Speedy - i should actually do that circuits one again - i've forgotten all about it!!

foxinsocks · 07/08/2007 20:15

thanks guys - you are STARS. Have ordered the first Billy Blanks one mentioned and have made a wish list of the others.

It should be here by the end of the week so I'll let you know how I get on!

OP posts:
RGPargy · 08/08/2007 12:53

You'll be fine fox. It's a very easy work out and the section i've done is only 25 minutes, so it's great if you want something quick.

Let me know how you get on!

3andnomore · 09/08/2007 20:43

HI, am wiht teh others going to suggest Tae BO....I love Billy I have the Everybody get ripped (and if you do the advance workout, that is how you will feel, lol) and I also have the Ultimate Box set or somehting like that, I got it really cheap, so, it didn't matter that the Energise and Active workout Dvd's are actually exact the same was still a bargain, and brill workouts
Also, agree with speedy on Nell Mac Andrew's workout being brill for cardio....all her DVD have at least 40 minutes cardio/Interval training...brill
I also like Kate's Cardio Combat Workout (Kate Lawler...BB winner from years ago)'s a good little workout, no weights at all....not as pushing as Tae bo or Nell though...btu then, hardly any workouts ever are like that...!
Another good one is Vicky Entwistles workout DVD Vicky's Wow Weightloss workout...I think it's's a good one to do!
Oh and Harvey Waldens Fighting Fit, Fighting Fat DVD is also pretty good....well...if you liek Harveys no nonsense...playing the tough guy style

foxinsocks · 09/08/2007 22:27

I think I love Billy. I'm going to take his advice though and love myself EVEN more.

You know what I find distracting - is that granny in the gym. I feel like making her a nice cup of tea. I know that's probably horribly ageist but it's fairly violent isn't it? I mean, I love a good bit of boxing and kick boxing - definitely my favourite sort of video - but she just can't get that mean look on her face like the rest of them can.

I haven't done the advanced one yet . I did the 8 minute one and the start of the other before House tonight. It is fantastic - just what I was looking for.

3andnomore - thanks for those recommendations. It looks like it may be worth getting the Nell one too - I'll have a look at it. I'll remember this thread because it's got so many useful recommendations on it!

OP posts:
moondog · 09/08/2007 22:29

Why don't you just run outside FIS?
Free and so mood enhancing too.

3andnomore · 09/08/2007 22:50

lol fox...oh good old Maggs...when she isn't in the DVD I almost miss her...I suppose it's to show that any age any level can do it...there are often little Kids doing it, too....I suppose it's when the parents can't get a Babysitter, teh Kids are just allowed to take part, too...just for fun
Don't really see it as violent, I must admit...martial arts is more about controlling mind and body and sol, isn't it....rather then being about fighting , iykwim


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foxinsocks · 09/08/2007 22:58

moondog, because when dh is away and the kids are not at school, my only peace and quiet is once they are in bed!

We are off to Cornwall soon and I can't wait to swim in the sea (my favourite exercise, swimming).

3andnomore! Kids? No, no - I don't want to know that an 8 yr old finds it easy while I'm sweating like a pig and not keeping my 'focus'. That blonde woman looks really mean - the one that stands behind Billy and shouts the loudest.

OP posts:
3andnomore · 09/08/2007 23:05

lol Fox, that is Billy's daughter that you are talking about (She has a great washboard tummy, though...sigh.,...
Oh, and the Kids tend to not do it right, lol, so, no competition

foxinsocks · 10/08/2007 11:19

Billy's daughter?! my goodness (I must admit, I am intrigued by the depth of your Billy knowledge ).

Did the whole 25 minute one this morning - the bit where you act like a dog and cock your leg up - those are killers on the bum!

Have now seen the kids and all the unfit, overweight people who are all made to stand at the back. Do you think they are allowed to progress forward once they look like Billy's daughter?

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