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: LARDY LADIES - 12th June

36 replies

HeavyBee · 12/06/2007 11:19

OK, ladies, here we go, no change for me (a distressingly delicious cakey weekend at a local festival) but I am quite determined to get back to my briefly sylphlike shape this summer. Hope you're all doing better.

OP posts:
Furball · 12/06/2007 11:48

Oy - look before you post ;) Here

Bananaknickers · 12/06/2007 12:45

no change for me either

Bananaknickers · 12/06/2007 12:47

omg furball my DD said to dh isn't mummy a bit fat . wish I could be inspired by it too. I am still doing Paul Mckenna ( well not doing him iykwim)

tortoise · 12/06/2007 15:39

Grrr I forgot to weigh in again. I know i will have gained again though.
I wish i could keep it up every week but i am too useless!

Furball · 13/06/2007 09:04

come on girls - get yourselves on the scales, don't be shy!

tortoise · 13/06/2007 20:58

12 st 5lb this week so not as bad as i thought. (phew!)

HeavyBee · 14/06/2007 10:58

Sorry, Furball, didn't mean to barge in!

OP posts:
Furball · 14/06/2007 13:11

Was only teasing HeavyBee - but my wink didn't work.

Furball · 14/06/2007 14:56

Please wave at me HB - I don't want you to think I'm peeved.

Furball · 14/06/2007 14:56

ps - chart to go tomorrow AM

HeavyBee · 14/06/2007 16:29

Furball, no of course I don't! Sorry not to get back to you before....

OP posts:
HeavyBee · 14/06/2007 16:32

And, Furball, thanks again for keeping us organised with the chart. My horrid upward climb is obvious, but I'm determined that this will just be a blip and I will turn down cake when it's offered. Uh oh! A beautiful pink pig with a plate of chocolate brownies just flew past the window...

OP posts:
WelshGirlie · 14/06/2007 18:57

I will weigh myself in the morning.

It's been AF this week so I should be happy even if I've only managed to maintain 12st8, but I know I'll be gutted if I haven't lost even a tiny bit.

This wine I'm drinking right now isn't going to help much!!

Furball · 15/06/2007 07:30

well I, Halo turned down crisps, tortillas and dips and CAKE, yesterday as I wasn't hungry. Normally I can eat for England and could polish off a whole bowl of goodies whilst out no probs even if I'm full!

WelshGirlie · 15/06/2007 10:10

Hooray! 12st6.
I am soooo chuffed!

Furball · 15/06/2007 19:45

Chart is on it's way (eventually!)

Furball · 15/06/2007 19:46

Welshgirlie - if you don't receive it, check your bulk mail folder (if you have one, obviously!) If you still haven't got it - I'll go off and scratch my head.

WelshGirlie · 16/06/2007 01:06

Hi Furball, I haven't received it as yet.

Furball · 16/06/2007 07:11

Has it gone into your bulk folder or spam folder?

WelshGirlie · 16/06/2007 11:46

I don't have a bulk mail folder, and it's not in with the spam.
Not to worry.
Is it a really large file?

Furball · 16/06/2007 22:13

hopefully you now have it welshgirlie?

WelshGirlie · 17/06/2007 10:18

Sadly not!
How frustrating is this?!!

Could you send me an e-mail without it attached, to see if that gets through?



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Furball · 17/06/2007 15:20

have sent a normal one about an hour ago.

WelshGirlie · 17/06/2007 18:29

That one has arrived.
This is most peculiar.

Is it a massive file? There may be a limit on my mailbox that I'm not aware of?

Furball · 17/06/2007 21:34

it's just an excel file

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