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So much to lose

glitterina · 24/07/2018 11:46

I'm stuck in a rut. I've got so much weight to lose (probably about 9 stone) my life feels like it's on hold.

All the other mums I know are the perfect weight and shape, wear lovely clothes and look the part.

Me on the other hand I look pain frumpy. And then I get myself down about it and once again turn to food.

I've got no self confidence, I would love to go to the gym or go swimming but I feel like all eyes are on me and I can't bring myself to go.

I'm (relatively) young still (31)

Dec 2016-Feb 2017 I lost 4 stone in 14 weeks on the Cambridge weight plan. I look back and admire my determination but at the same time am angry at myself for following such an unrealistic plan. Because now when I look at weight loss I think to myself if I don't lose 5 or 6 pounds a week then what's the point.

I suppose I just want to hear some success stories. As I say in my own personal life it feels like I'm the only one in this boat, so I've got nobody to relate to.

If you've got this far then well done, and thanks for listening x

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BIWI · 24/07/2018 13:29

That's tough. It's also tough, because we all have to eat! You can't just cut food out like you could alcohol.

Best advice I can give you is to stop thinking about the whole total and focus on smaller, more achievable targets - half a stone at a time, for example. Then it won't seem so overwhelming.

As I think you've already realised, you need to find a WOE (way of eating) that's sustainable for you that will also result in weight loss.

Have you considered low carbing? If you want to hear some success stories, head over to the Bootcamp topic and read the current chat thread (final weigh-in) to see how people fared over the last ten weeks.

And if you want to join in, just jump on the thread! We've finished this Bootcamp but the chat thread will stay open until the next Bootcamp in mid-October.

Good luck, whatever you decide Flowers

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notanurse2017 · 24/07/2018 14:31

Sorry meant to type a post as well, Op.

Have a look at this thread as well, we've been going for over 18 months with new people joining all the time. We know what it's like to face needing to lose a huge amount of weight.

As an example, I've lost over 6 1/2 stone so far and still have over 2 stone to go.

Good luck Op with whatever you decide to do.

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FATEdestiny · 25/07/2018 09:39


The first step is to weight yourself and properly measure your height. Put the figures in here:

Then change the weight until you find the weight you need to be to have a healthy BMI (under 25). That gives you a target and it means you know where you stand.

My BMI on 1st January 2018 was 43.8. I was 17st 8.5lb, 160cm tall (5 foot 3).

To have a healthy BMI I need to get to 10st 1 - so 7 1/2 stone to lose. My actual goal is 8st 11 though, this will be half my body weight.

It's now 30 weeks since 1st January 2018. I weigh 11st 4.

I haven't done anything fancy. Not following any commercial diets. I just eat only healthy, whole foods and nothing processed. I have 4 young children (aged 3-13) and we all eat the same meals and food as a family. Everyone is enjoying it. Our meals are delicious and always healthy.

I started daily long walks in February and then Couch to 5K in April. I now run at least 5k every day. I can run 10K easily, and do so a few times a week.

I don't routinely calorie count, but do have a few weeks here and there when I track and weigh what I eat so that I have an understanding of my calorie usage. I eat 800-1000 calories on low exercise days (12000 steps or under) and around 1200 on higher exercise days, except Sundays*.

My calorie burn is usually around 2500-2800 according to my fitbit. I don't know how accurate this is but I usually have a 1000-1500 daily calorie deficit and lose around 3lb a week.

I am never hungry. I eat as much as I need/want to not be hungry, but no more than this and what I do eat is filling, healthy and wholesome.

*Sunday Dinner is my treat meal - includes all the trimmings and a pudding. We relish this because it is a big treat for us all.

There's no end-date to this for me. We will always eat in this way now. I may ease up on my running when I am slim. But actually I'm really enjoying the running so I may not.

I honestly don't know how I will manage to eat enough to only maintain my weight, rather than lose. I would need to almost double my calorie intake and I can't imagine consuming that much given I am never hungry or wanting got more. So I think long term, I won't stop at BMI 25. I'll keep going until my weight reaches such a level where what I currently eat at my level of activity is right to maintain. I can see that being properly slim. That's an odd concept for me, since I've been obese/morbidly obese for such a long time.

You can do this OP. With some significant life style changes it shouldn't take too long either. You could be slim by next summer.

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