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Weight loss just not happening

lh87 · 18/01/2018 13:35

Hey all, I'm 5'2" and I currently weigh 11st 7lbs, I'm really struggling at the moment because I just keep putting on weight rather than loosing it, since Christmas I've put on 7lbs, and I'm going up dress sizes like something crazy.
I've radically changed my diet in the last 1-2 years, I stopped having take away for dinner 4-5 times a week to once a week or less and I cook the rest of the week, I stopped drinking 4 cans of Red Bull a day to not having it at all or any fizzy drinks whatsoever, I rarely eat chocolate, crisps or biscuits because I just don't buy them. One of my biggest problems is skipping breakfast though.
I was a size 12 in 2015, and weighed 9st 9lbs just one year ago (Jan 2017).

I've been to my doctors multiple times but every time I've come away with a prescription for anti-depressants, when in reality I'm only getting depressed because of the weight gain, it's not the cause. I feel embarrassed talking about weight loss because I feel like people are judging me and thinking I'm lying when I keep putting it on, despite the fact I keep a food log and calorie count, and my daily intake is between 1000-1200 a day. I don't do much exercise at the moment because my joints and back are really starting to hurt everyday and I'm literally exhausted all the time, like as soon as I wake up I feel tired. I do walk around with arm and leg weights when I can. I haven't had any blood tests for over a year, and my iron levels were normal then anyway. They didn't do any thyroid levels, but that was checked years ago and was normal.

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Pavonia · 18/01/2018 18:04

Firstly, you have nothing to feel embarrassed about. So many of us struggle with our weight, it's not just you. It sounds like you have already made some really positive changes to your diet.

You are about the same height as me and you should be losing weight if you have calculated your calorie intake correctly, even if your lifestyle is quite sedentary.

Do you have good digital kitchen scales to weigh your food? Try weighing everything and working out the calories for the next week and write it all down. Are you underestimating the calories in your portions or forgetting to take into account drinks or snacks? Do you include those treat day take-aways in your log.

If you wanted you could use this thread as your food log? People might have some good suggestions if they see what you are eating.

If you find that your calorie counting is accurate then it sounds like a return visit to the GP is in order. You are right to ask for help and perhaps you could get referred to a dietitian?

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CamdenTownie · 18/01/2018 18:31


I'm the same height as you, I've been trying to lose weight for a while and like you last Christmas I was significantly lighter than I am now. (9st 6lb last year 10st10 currently after losing 12lb)

I've lost around 12lbs since 1 October last year, but it's been a real struggle, I find that I can't eat anymore than 1000 calories a day if I want to lose weight and I have completely stopped eating rice pasta and potatoes, no fizzy drinks and no snacks.

I do eat breakfast every morning, usually porridge made with water and a splash of milk, it keeps me going right through until 2pm when I'll have either a boiled egg or some soup and maybe a yogurt. I try and limit myself to one piece of fruit each day and fill up on veg or salad for dinner.

I know the answer would be to move more, but honestly I'm exhausted after a day at work and everyday chores, followed by funning the children to various clubs and activities.

So basically my advice would be to eat breakfast, limit carbs and keep a log of everything you eat each day, i also agree with weighing everything, buying a set of digital kitchen scales has really helped me.

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