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BigMoFos week 44

61 replies

JackieNo · 09/03/2007 09:52

New thread for a new week.

OP posts:
CheesyFeet · 09/03/2007 10:24

Well done TIEM

And MrsJC too of course

Littlefish · 09/03/2007 17:32

Just to let you know that I'm still lurking... Will be back eventually.

Missing you all, but wallowing in self pity at the moment, so am keeping a low profile.

JackieNo · 09/03/2007 17:36

Hi Littlefish - glad you're still lurking - cme back soon. We miss you, and WWB.

OP posts:
littlemisssensible · 09/03/2007 17:55

Congratulations TIEM and special congratulations to Mrs JC!

suejonez · 09/03/2007 19:14

blimey that was a pretty poor week almost all round - led by yours truly!

CheesyFeet · 12/03/2007 11:37

Blimey aren't we quiet

Keeping our heads down are we ladies

I have been terrible this weekend. Really bad. Lots of vodka, chips, cider (why???) and a large peanut butter sandwich were consumed by yours truly this weekend - am fully expecting another shocker this week.

JackieNo · 12/03/2007 11:42

YOu and me both, cheesyFeet. DH was away last night, so I ended up breaking into a big packet of fun size packs of chocolate buttons, and eating most of them. Have to go to Tesco to replace them today - they were supposed to be for sending to SIL in US (with a load of other chocolate).

Mmm - cider - that takes me back. Used to drink it a lot at university - never liked beer, but could drink quite a lot of cider. Not any more though - am very out of practice.

OP posts:
CheesyFeet · 12/03/2007 11:46

I was always more of a stella girl myself, those were the days, I could drink my own bodyweight in beer on a regular basis - no wonder I ended up overweight

DH drinks cider and we had some in the fridge, but didn't have any wine which is my tipple of choice these days. I fancied a drink last night and so cider it was. I was fairly squiffy after just 2 cans!

JackieNo · 12/03/2007 11:48

I always equated beer with lager, which I've always hated. But have since discovered I quite like bitter, and lots of real ales. But rarely drink them - it's usually wine for me too, or G&T.

I think my record was 8 pints of cider in one evening. Those were the days, eh.

OP posts:
CheesyFeet · 12/03/2007 11:52

I like real ale too - there was a pub near us that did guest ales and there was some really nice stuff.

There is NO WAY I could drink like that now without putting myself in hospital.

8 pints that's going some - I bet you were really ill

JackieNo · 12/03/2007 11:55

I don't really remember being ill. Don't think I was particularly - it was 20 years ago though. I'd probably be ill after 3 pints these days.

OP posts:
suejonez · 12/03/2007 15:08

Had an equally rubbish weekend for food - have eaten my own wieght in bread and butter (bought the butter for lunch at a friend as I was bringing bread butter and dips and had to buy more butter ). I have a cold and am terribly tired and just can't stop eating.


Fauve · 12/03/2007 16:42

I'm hoping to do better this week. I have to admit that I'm doing Atkins (NOOOOOOOOO! Don't shout at me...) I had a flirtation with the India Knight diet a month ago, and have now decided that pure Atkins might suit me better. I am eating salads, though, honest, so I won't die.

EeyoreIsFab · 12/03/2007 16:43

Also had bad weekend - a couple pints of shandy was enough to make me 'light headed'. After just having the 'back to the diet' chat with DH I spotted an apple crumble for the bargain price of 47p & so just HAD to buy it ( & eat it with lots of custard).

We still have some goodies left over from Christmas & instead of saving them for treats I did wonder if we should just eat the lot and be done with it!

However, I went to my first exercise class for almost a year today & after working so hard I don't want it to go to waste - but I'm sure that feeling will soon pass

JackieNo · 12/03/2007 17:43

It's grim, isn't it. I'm quite tempted by the Atkins, Fauve, if it weren't for the fact that I'm really trying hard not to 'diet' but to 'eat sensibly' . Not working atm, though. Went to Tesco, and bought and ate Krispy Kreme. Several.

OP posts:
agalch · 12/03/2007 17:57

Hiya girls

Been a busy bee with last minute fiddly things for the wedding.

I am still really struggling with not eating crapHope i have lost this week cos if i don't i will be sooo pissed off and depressed that i will want to eat crap to feel happier.

Joined the gym last week tho so quite enjoying it so far.My 2 friends gto the same gym so it's good to go with someone else.My competitive friend was there last night and told me that what my trainer girly told me is in fact wrong.Think i'll stick to the programme the trainer made me,pretty sure she knows what she's doing lol

Oh and i got an i-pod nano to use at the gym and ds1(15.5) helpfully put loads of music on it,only problem is its all Guns n Roses etc which happens to be what he likes.He even took it to listen to today on the bus at school etc.Thats why i like the gym,cos my family are not there!!!

Have a good night all xx

Hope WWB is back soon.And Mrs JC of course,hope they are both doing ok.

suejonez · 13/03/2007 09:18

I've dabbled with Atkins in teh past but I can;t do it for more than 2 weeks - it sends me truly demented after that. Also the amount I have to lose, I don't think its safe cutting carbs so long for such a long time. Its not the answer in my case. The answer s not to resort to food every time i feel like shit! Any cure for that?

JackieNo · 13/03/2007 09:50

I wish I knew of one, sue. But it's not just when I feel like shit - I'm not feeling particularly bad atm, yet I've had a really bad couple of days food-wise. WHen you say Atkins sends you demented, do you mean it affects your mood, or that you get annoyed with the sorts of foods you have to eat/avoid?

OP posts:
suejonez · 13/03/2007 10:06

Its hard to explain Jackie - I get an overwhelming/compulsive/desperate need to eat the carbs I can't have. Haven't felt anything like it - how I imagin a junkie feels. I become absolutely obsessed with food and think about it all the time. I found it a very unhelpful diet for me as it made me obsess about food.

I suspect it works better if you have a stone to lose quickly and can then start putting things back into your diet.

JackieNo · 13/03/2007 10:08

I have to say, just the thought of not eating carbs does cause me to panic a bit, so I can well imagine reacting the same way as you.

OP posts:
suejonez · 13/03/2007 10:10

it's fine for the first week - I lived on beef burger, cheese and salad. It all went down hill from there...

Fauve · 13/03/2007 10:29

I find it stops me craving carbs, which is what it's meant to do. However, when I did the India Knight version, I was eating far too many nuts and also cheese in excess; Atkins says no nuts, so I'm currently safe on that score, but am eating more than the prescribed 3/4 oz of cheese (much more ). So it's taking me a while to get on board with it. I have to go shopping asap for MEAT, which I can have unrestrictdedly. The one thing is does appear to do for me, which is fab, and necessary, is keep my blood pressure down Also, I was bored with low-fat dieting, and eating too much fruit. I reckon I was having serious problems with sugar spikes.


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littlemisssensible · 13/03/2007 11:18

Hi All!

I found Atkins quite good in that it stopped me craving carbs and I stopped suffering so much from bloating! I did find myself craving dark green veg though....which for a girl who thinks greens are poisonous was Very weird! I'm following a sort of GI type diet at the moment except that I'm not really following it as such but just using the principles to adjust my healthy eating plan IYSWIM! e.g less carbs and all 'wholemeal' rather than 'white'!

I did try doing the Carol Vordamann detox thing with DH once.....He loved it and lost weight, I was climbing the walls and obsessing about great chunks of steaks and drooling all over the butcher's windows!!! I didn't lose any flippin' weight either!

Fauve · 13/03/2007 11:21

GI is similar, isn't it, only not so strict? The basic principles are kind of the same, I think?

JackieNo · 13/03/2007 11:34

Except that on GI, you're allowed some carbs, as long as they're complex ones, is that right?

OP posts:
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