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** Carboholics Anonymous ** week 13

37 replies

peanutbutter · 17/01/2007 09:02

Here we are

OP posts:
peanutbutter · 17/01/2007 09:11

okay. it's weigh-in day tomorrow and it'll have been 14 days since starting the Atkins induction. I just can't carry on with the breakfasts.

This morning it was bacon and mushrooms AGAIN and it made me feel sick afterwards. i just can't face it again tomorrow. I've checked the carb values of my beloved porridge and unsweetened muesli and both are 60g per 100g! What am i going to do?

I know sally has blueberries but i can't face fresh fruit in the mornings either, and going without is out of the question - it's my absolute favourite meal of the day .

Do you think i should just go back onto a small bowl of porridge/muesli but carry on with everything else just as before, and see what happens? Or does anyone have any other suggestions for breakfasts? I'm worried that going from 20g to more than 80g (the usual 20g or so plus the 60g at breakfast) will send everything tits up and i'll start puting on those hard earned few pounds .

can't carry on with bacon/egg/mushrooms/whatever for breakfast though, just can't. i'm seriously in danger of looking like a mushroom soon.

OP posts:
brimfull · 17/01/2007 09:18

HI peanut butter.I've been following the clarks plan which is more lenient than atkins.It allows me to have one slice of toast /day and I have that for breakfast with some form of protien .
It really is my saving grace as it's quick and easy and satisfies me.
The Clarke Plan allows 40-60 gm of carbs a day.I do use soya and linseed bread as it's the lowest in carbs I could find.Don't know the numbers.

peanutbutter · 17/01/2007 11:16

that's interesting ggirl. is there a website you'd recommend where I can find more information? What do you use as your protein on the toast - some ham or something like that?

OP posts:
OrmIrian · 17/01/2007 12:22

peanut - just be warned. Breakfast is the weak spot for many people - don't like it much either TBH - but if you start the day with a big dollop of carbs (and that is what porridge/muesli is no matter how healthy it may be) you will open the door to cravings and hunger pangs. If you are following a low GL or GI diet muesli etc is fine but if you do you have to cut way back on fats - different ball game entirely (and quite hard to follow IME). How about smoked fish? Bowl of tuna mayo? Omelette? Plain greek youghurt with some walnuts stirred in? If you were following the Clarke diet you can only have the one slice of bread and would still have to have some form of protein/fat with it or one slice of bread ain't going to go too far. Whatever you do you can't eat something sweet and starchy which is what I suspect you are looking for - it is certainly what I want in the mornings

Sorry to be a doom-monger but I've been where you are so often and I've yet to find a way around it without going totally off plan.

OrmIrian · 17/01/2007 12:24

Dh has lost 5lbs on induction. Doesn't sound that good really but he last weighed himself a month before Xmas so I suspect he was a few lbs heavier when he actually started the diet. He's chuffed anyway

Me - don't know precisely but I can't feel quite so much loose flab around my ribs now and I am glimpsing my hip bones occassionally. I think my jeans are looser. So ...onwards and upwards.

Itsthawooluff · 17/01/2007 14:02

I like ham and cream cheese rolls, or slices of hard Swiss cheese + a few olives for breakfast, or boiled eggs, or baked eggs and cheese.

sallystrawberry · 17/01/2007 14:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

monkey · 17/01/2007 16:56

I wondered where everyone was,. I'm ernest btw, but too lazy to change names. I'm going backwards weightwise, and genuinely don't know why. Am going on holiday a week on Saturday to a very posh hotel which serves huge amounts of fabulous food morning noon and night, so I know I will indulge, nay, gorge myself, totally impossible not to, for a whole week. So am wondering if I should just give up till then. I really am in a shall I sharnt I?? WHat think you all wise ones?

AM really p*d off that my jeans are tight, I'm gaining weight, and I really really don't know why.

brimfull · 17/01/2007 17:11

Peanutbutter,I have pate or brie on my toast.No idea of the carbs involved but it seems to work for me.
There is no website afaik,but I got this from amazon.'re not pregnant are you? Have you tried writing down everything youeat?Dull and tedious I know but something sinister may crop up.Don't start gorging now,you'll only be sorry.If you really try you could lose a few lbs before you go ,ten feel less guilty when you relax on holiday.
God I'm a party pooper aren't I.sorry.

monkey · 17/01/2007 18:11

no ggirl, not a party pooper. words of wisdom. I'm just about to make stolz 8trad. teutonic Christmas dessert - not ate it up at right time) with custard and was seriously considering indulging, but I won't. Becasue of you.

Absolutely 100% def. not pg, so weight gain still mystery

peanutbutter · 17/01/2007 18:54

hmmm ormirian. i know what you're saying makes perfect sense but i just can't stand any more savoury stuff for breakfast. it's okay on the days i'm at home - i can wait until later, say 8am and then i quite enjoy a soft boiled egg or whatnot, but just can't stomach much other than cereal or plain toast at 6.30 in the morning on my working days. sigh - will have to have a good think and maybe a trial day or 2 to see.

thanks for the link ggirl. i read the reviews and they're certainly glowing. could you possibly give us an idea of your average day's menu?

ernest - i know that this doesn't tally with the "unlimited amounts of meat, fish..." that you're supposed to be able to have on Atkins, but i found that i was snacking here and there when really i wasn't hungry; i was just being greedy because i was "allowed" to eat lumps of ham/cheese/steak here and there. i knew without sneaking on the scales that i'd stopped losing and perhaps had even put on - so i tried to get back on track at the weekend. do you think you're snacking a bit too much between meals perhaps?

OP posts:
ernest · 17/01/2007 19:47

you're probably right peanut butter. I do think you're right. I will tighten the belt tomorrow.

I am feeling more energetic and doing more exercise the last coupl eof days tho.

But this is definitely not a sudden huge conversion of fat to muscle before any well meaning souls try to comfort me with those words.

I have fallen tho, I opened the Stole and gave a tiny piece to the boys to trybefore I put a big piece on their plate and I couldn't remember what it tasted like, as it's been so long & I've only had it a couple of times. OMG It was heavenly, so I just couldn't stop myself from having - 2 - slices. OH NO. It was bloody lovely tho. Really lovely. Trouble is ds1 didn't want any, so only 1 smal slice each for ds2 & 3, so now got LOADS of lovely stole left. I need to go and clear up, but I daren't. Not yet.

I will be good. Again. As of now.

Peanut butter, I take my hat off to you. I used to have that sort of will power too. Once.

brimfull · 17/01/2007 22:33

Ernest,well I nearly stopped you eating that stolz(what is it??) lol.
peanutbutter ;typical day

breakfast; soya linseed toast with brie or pate ,coffee and cream

lunch ; salad (peppers/tomatoes and any other stufff with meat,egg or mackerel/salmon.
Served with creamy ceasar dressing or olive oil.
homemade vegetable soup if I have any and some cheese or meat just to make sure I have some protein

Gin and slimline tonic before dinner.
dinner; whatever the family has minus the carbs,so tonight for eg it was pork mince stirfry and I had some raw spinach leaves instead of rice.

I snack on cheese,macadamia nuts,salami


ernest · 18/01/2007 07:29

ggirl, stollen (I'll spell the bloody thing correctly one day) is a Christmassy cake, a weird cross between our Chjristmas cake and sponge, so it's lighter, but does have dried fruit in, but has a lovely almondy kick to it, more like Amaretto than marzipan, but reall ymelt in the mouth too, see here

peanut butter Re breakfast and sweetness, what is your gramms per day carb limit? Might be too high for you, but another idea is bowl of plain yoghurt with a couple of tablespoons of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and raisins. A couple of tablespoons of raisins is only about 5 or 6 g carbs and would give you the sweetness you need and also be quick and healthy, but might be too many carbs for you to feel happy with

OrmIrian · 18/01/2007 10:17

peanut - if you have time for a later meal, jsut have a handful of nuts for breakfast at 6.30. I must admit that I can't face anything much very early - I get up at about 6.30 but we don't leave the house till 8.30. I don't eat til just before 8. Breakfast doesn't have to be a huge meal - a couple of small low-carb snacks over a few hours will do just as well.

OrmIrian · 19/01/2007 07:02

Bl**dy hell! Where are you all? Not succumbed to the call of the carhohydrate I trust.....

peanutbutter · 19/01/2007 10:00

morning all. thanks for giving us a look at your average day for meals ggirl, that's interesting.

I hear what OrmIrian is saying about opening up the door to cravings and hunger pangs - and it's exactly what would happen to me, i know.

i think that for the next week or so i'd best switch to what's been suggested for breakfast in terms of a handful of nuts and a few raisins for breakfast, maybe with greek yoghurt. ggirl has macadamia and i know walnuts are okay too - are there any which are real no-no's do we know? I don't really know what my gramme per day limit is for carbs - i try to stick to the 2-3 cupful thing and keep it low while avoiding all the stuff not allowed during induction.

ernest hope you enjoy your week away, it sounds lovely.

OP posts:
ernest · 19/01/2007 11:19

humpf, I posted a long and fascinating post all about herrings in cream dill sauce amongst other things and it disappeared.

well thanks to you all, I seem to be back on track. It's/you're great - I moan on here about my weight and miraculously the next day I start to lose again, so ta very much.

OrmIrian · 19/01/2007 11:25

ernest - yum! Can you send me some please??? I love dill with fish. Hm....made me think about dinner now...

peanut - dried fruit isn't really good I'm afraid. If you really want dried fruit try to find the least sugary and the most fibre - dried cranberries, blueberries etc. My carb counter shows currants being lower than sultanas but still 17% sugar. Figs and apricots are lovely but . Still if you keep the amounts really low.

OrmIrian · 19/01/2007 11:25

Sorry Ernest - how much did you lose? Well done anyway.

ernest · 19/01/2007 11:27

I've not lost uch, say 1lb, but I'm happy to be going in the right direction. Like I say, I moan on here about gaining, I get words of wisdom and by magic the next day I start to lose again. You're all great!

warningsallystrawberryhasPMT · 23/01/2007 22:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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warningsallystrawberryhasPMT · 25/01/2007 14:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OrmIrian · 25/01/2007 17:33

Doesn't sound as if your period off the wagon did you too much harm then!

Not many people around here - in fact what that tumbleweed rolling along there.

I'm sort of sticking to the rules but not being all that strict. That's the problem with just trying to maintain or lose a little - there's no target. But DH is losing slowly and happy with it.

sallystrawberry · 25/01/2007 18:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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