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Carboholics Week 8

37 replies

frogdelalune · 11/12/2006 15:15

My weigh in day today......... 11st 13lbs, hurrah ! Seem to have broken out of that soul destroying plateau

Joelallie, I'm jealous..... I want some rats too (and so does dd), but at the mo with a cat and two lurchers I wouldn't rate their chances, although the dogs were very good with some ferrets that we once had............ hmmmmmmmm.

Had no breakfast again today . I know I should but I was in a rush, and dashed out without picking anything up. Did have a coffee with cream though.
Lunch, again on the run, was a couple of slices of lunch tongue from the deli counter.
Back home now and have just had another coffee with cream, and a pint of water.
Supper will be steak with broccoli, sp onions, green pepper, creme fraiche and shed loads of black pepper..... and lots of water.

OP posts:
frogdelalune · 11/12/2006 15:23

Strawb, do you mean reflux, or am I totally off base ?

OP posts:
Crotchety · 11/12/2006 16:01

I think it's something to do with nursing training?
V jealous of weight loss Frog - so fed up with constant plateau-ing that I've kind of lost heart at the moment.

ernest · 11/12/2006 18:24

don't loose heart!

can someone explain courgette ribbons to me? how to make (I'm guessing potato peeler too thin?), how to cook, are they genuinely nice

frogdelalune · 11/12/2006 20:01

Awww Crochety, sorry, didn't mean to make you feel bad. Still on a plateau ?

I'm not really aware of anything I did in particular.Was stricter with myself though, and haven't been eating as much veg as I probably should.
Really, the only thing I did, now that I think about it, was to stop weighing and measuring everything, and stop keeping a log of everything I eat.
I did used to eat 2 eggs and ham/bacon every morning which I've got out of the habit of doing, and I don't really eat lunch as such, so tbh I'm probably not going about it in the healthiest way possible, but hell, it's showing results so I'm gonna keep on doing what I'm doing until we go away for Christmas.

For one week while we're away I'm going to relax and eat what I want, although I will try to keep a cap on it as when I went away in the summer I gained 7lbs back in a fortnight

Why not post your daily menu so we can see if there is any glaring problem ?

Ernest. You can use a potato peeler, or just slice them into long thin ribbons. I started doing it because I was craving noodles and thought that they would make a good substitute.


OP posts:
Crotchety · 11/12/2006 20:59

Yeah - swopped one plateau for another one a couple of pounds down! Oh well - I have got a bit lazy with it in the last couple of weeks. I know I'm doing a few things that don't help like not drinking enough water and not doing enough exercise - got a bit cab-happy in the rotten weather. And the chocolate cake that DH made and that I'm about to help him eat for his birthday won't really help either . But I will get back on top of things - oh yes I will (oh no you won't) Oh yes I will!

sallyhollyberry · 11/12/2006 21:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallyhollyberry · 11/12/2006 23:26

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallyhollyberry · 12/12/2006 10:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Crotchety · 12/12/2006 11:12

I like it better when you don't behave Strawb! I feel a lot better about it all as well (despite having had two slices of rye bread for breakfast). Just went into a shop and tried on a size 14 skirt which was (drum roll) a bit on the big side. Ta -daa! So I bought it obviously...

NOELallie · 12/12/2006 13:57

Of course you are welcome to stay strawb

I don't think there is a single non-straying carboholic here.

Today I have been mostly eating home-made chicken soup and cheese.

frogdelalune · 12/12/2006 20:59

Evening all

Strawb, you're not going anywhere - we already seem to have mislaid Emotional.

Just realised I've missed the anonymous out of our title thread [frog smacking her forehead emoticon]

Right, today
breakfast - 2 slices of lunch tongue (each spread w/mustard and rolled around a spring onion)
lunch - 2 slices of ham and some salami
supper - keema pimento (spicy mince w/ green peppers and sp onions) rolled inside lettuce leaves spread w/ mayo
lots of water and a couple of cups of coffee w/ cream.

Joelallie, how do you make your chicken soup ? I'm a bit of a souphead and have been missing my veggie concoctions.

Off to read a book in the bath. Toodle pip.

OP posts:
ernest · 13/12/2006 12:32

mmmmmm bounties.

Today, I have been mostly eating raspberries and cream. Not ideal is it?

sallyhollyberry · 13/12/2006 17:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

brimfull · 13/12/2006 17:38

I ate a whole 125 gram bag of macadamias yesterday,now out of ketosis.It's the ketosis that keeps me motivated at the moment.

sallyhollyberry · 13/12/2006 18:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

frogdelalune · 14/12/2006 09:06

Yesterday I ate
breakfast - none again , cup of coffee w/ cream
lunch - nothing until 3pm, then 4 slices cooked ham
supper - cauliflower, broccoli and spring onions w/ cheddar grated over top, pork chop and mayo

Feeling strong at moment due to seeing a result (about bloody time too. Will keep this up for another 9 days, then........ roast potatoes and chocolate here I come

OP posts:
NOELallie · 14/12/2006 11:49

sally - "2 choccy biccies, 1 shortbread and a mini bounty chocolate "

Could you sing that to the tune of A partridge in a pear tree please - just to get us all in the festive mood?

I done screw up baaaaaad! Mashed potato and apple oatmeal crumble last night and getting huuungry. Bugger! Night before 2 ...yes 2! mini toblerones that were meant for the kids stockings. So I'm allowing myself to slide gently into christmas carbutopia.......Not just the bloody goose that's getting fat.....

frogdelalune · 14/12/2006 18:28

Oh Joelallie, don't be too hard on yourself hon .

I came perilously close to falling today - I've been sorting the pressies and for most of the day had a bed covered with various boxes of chocs,biscuits,lindt reindeers and gold coins.

Was soooooo tempting, and I'm feeling quite grumpy now.
Ah well....I'll deffo be hitting the wine tonight as I've not had a drink since Sunday.

OP posts:
ernest · 14/12/2006 18:35

Christmas isn't that far off, so any slips are excusable now, I reckon.

I must be in ketosis now (don't have sticks) cos I'm in that blessèd place where have not just lost all cravings, but also have very little appetite. Won't last long. Have to decorate 8 mini Christmas cakes and one big one on Saturday, and I have got one mini one put aside for me - I've never made a Christmas cake before, and this year I've made individual ones for all the teachers and I want to be sure they're edible, so Saturday, or perhaps Sunday, I will be eating one. With marzipan and icing too. so there.

Crotchety · 14/12/2006 20:23

ernest if you want to courier one over to me I'll test it for you...

ernest · 14/12/2006 21:01

It's probably highly flammable, given it has the best part of a bottle of brandy in, I just don't know they'd accept it......

Might be yucky.

brimfull · 14/12/2006 22:21

So how is everyone going to handle xmas?
Are you just letting go and eating what you want?
I so don't want to gain loads over xmas


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ernest · 14/12/2006 22:51

well, apart from my cake, which is mostly booze and dried fruit, with minimal amount of flour binding it togeter, I'm going to pretty much stick to carb-free. the bird plus veg will be more than enough won't feel i'm missing out not having a spud. I migght give in to a yorkshire pud. I will avoid sugar as much as possible, luckily no longer having sweet cravings so hope that will helps see me through. I can't trust myself.

last year I put on loads, and then doubled it in the couple of months after as I was so pissed off at gaining so much I comfort -ate, big time

what're you gonna do?

Have learned my lesson, will not stress & will have fun

brimfull · 14/12/2006 23:04

It's not the xmas meal that I'm worried about really it's all the nibbles and extras.I've got lots of social things going on with drinks and nibbles.I know I should refuse all the carb stuff .I will I will I will!

NOELallie · 15/12/2006 07:59

I agree ggirl. On day isn't going to do much harm as long as you accept that you'll be out of ketosis and will have to get back into it asap. It's the long weeks of nibbling on leftover chocolate and cake that will do the damamge. I was going to let myself have a few days off with limited 'treats' but as I'm already doing that I might just go the whole hog and enjoy myself ...but on the strict understanding that it STOPS the day after Boxing Day.....

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