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BigMoFos Week 31

58 replies

WigWamBahhumbug · 07/12/2006 10:38

New week, new thread, new motivation

OP posts:
PortAndLemonaid · 07/12/2006 10:40

Congratulations, Jackie! (and everyone)

JackieNoHoHo · 07/12/2006 11:12

Thank you (although obviously 2 of those are the ones I put on last week). Well done all.

PortAndLemonaid · 07/12/2006 11:16

Even bigger congratulations, then, for giving hope to those of us who've put on two pounds this week!

littlemistletoesensible · 07/12/2006 18:15

Hi All,

Well done Jackie and welcome Toisenough!

Just popping in for a qick read....I've been on nurse duty all week with a poorly DD! Don't know whats wrong with her, just general winter bug I think ...she just felt headachy and sick (although she wasn't sick and she still managed to eat!) She finally went back to school today and seems to be OK now.

It just means I'm frazzled AND I've got to try and catch up with stuff at work...Arghhhhh!

Still at least I got the kitchen and dining room 'sprung clung' and decorated for christmas (window clings and small garlands only I promise ). I don't normally do it this early but we are visiting Santa in Lapland on the 20th and won't be back 'til the 23rd so I want everything done before we go!!!! [fhmmm]

Well 1.5 weeks of sensible eating left before I go into Christmas mode then I shall eat and be merry 'til the New Year . I decided several years ago that I would no longer bash myself up about enjoying Christmas as it just made everyone around me (especially the kids) unhappy . So I'm just going to enjoy it all however 'bad/fattening' it is but I'm going to try not to have the usual 2nd and 3rd helpings!!!!!

I hope I'll get time to pop in again over the next couple of weeks but in case I don't....


twoisenoughmum · 07/12/2006 18:59

Interesting to read your thoughts about Christmas eating littlemisteltoesensible - my only aim for years now at Christmas is not to become so stuffed that it becomes uncomfortable. Otherwise, anything goes, would never ever deny myself anything that everyone else is eating on Christmas day, but just feel that pigging out to the extent where you feel sick is not necessary.

Ooooooh my favourite thing at Christmas that I never have at any other time of year is ...

Sherry! ...

and peanuts. Don't eat those very often and they're so gorgeous,

... and cashews,

... and mince pies,

... and brandy butter. Can't wait ...

I'll never be able to understand DH's fixation on cheese footballs though. But we all have our particular things, I guess.

littlemistletoesensible · 07/12/2006 19:16

Ohhhh, Cheese Footballsssss drooool!

I have found Christmas difficult in the past. My mum is a fantastic cook and tends to nurture with food! I'm also a complete pig and find it difficult to say no to extra helpings.....particularly as mum always 'encourages' me to finish off the left overs so that they don't get wasted!

A few tears ago I rebelled and insisted I didn't want pudding, or mince pies, or chocolates, or cake or biscuits, or...well the list went on and on . It just made me feel miserable and upset everyone else!

I now aim for a happy medium (I hope) but the inner pig does tend to put in an appearance if I'm not careful!

LITTLEdonkeyFISH · 07/12/2006 19:26

Congratulations all you losers! Particularly well done to JackieNo. What a fabulous weight loss total.

I can feel the time getting closer and closer when I will just bite the bullet and join you properly.

Dotty - it's just a lovely, lovely thread isn't it! I'm not going anywhere either.

JackieNoHoHo · 07/12/2006 21:47

And a very happy Christmas to you too, littlemistletoesensible. Hope you have a great time in Lapland.

That's just the attitude I'm planning to have about eating over Christmas - I'm not going to deny myself anything, but am still going to try to eat things in moderation (emphasise try as I'm not sure how well I'll do). Am sure I'll inevitably put on a few pounds, but that's the way it goes.

Littlefish - I feel that you already are joining in 'properly' with this thread - it's definitely not just about the totals gained or lost that WWB posts on a Thursday - it's as much about talking to each other about stuff. And you're fab at that. (Definitely more coherent than me, I reckon).

LITTLEdonkeyFISH · 07/12/2006 23:39

Thank you JackieNo - your lovely kind words are why I keep coming back!

WigWamBahhumbug · 08/12/2006 10:39

I agree with Jackie - you are joining in properly with the threads, littlefish. Not posting your weights doesn't mean that you're not an active part of the thread.

What I like about these threads is that everyone can take from them what they need. If they need the discipline of a weekly weigh-in they can do one; if they need somewhere to come to stave off a binge, they can come here, if they want to talk through their issues there's a whole lot of people who understand. It's about a whole lot more than weight-loss.

OP posts:
JackieNoHoHo · 08/12/2006 11:00

Yay - Sue's officially a mummy (at least in Kazakhstan). Excellent news. And some fab new pictures too.

WigWamBahhumbug · 08/12/2006 11:03

Wonderful news! And gorgeous pictures as well.

OP posts:
LITTLEdonkeyFISH · 08/12/2006 13:10

Hip, hip hoooooooooooooooooooooray

justaparupapummum · 11/12/2006 00:05

Oh God isn't Sue fantastic! I always end up in floods reading her diary. WWB, as I still haven't sent that cheque I'll send her something myself. Its only a slight excuse that I have been in Germany for the last 3 days with dh. I have had the traumatic experience of going to a german spa today, the catch being everyone goes nude. I was with dh bosses wife who is as slim as whippet to make things worse. The funny thing was though that after about 20 minutes of hiding under a robe watching all shapes & sizes troll about I thought sod it and plucked up courage to go in the pool while she sat on the poolside for two hours without moving. I did wear my robe until the last possible moment and charge into the pool with indecent haste. It then took about 20 mins to pluck up courage to get back out again. Needless to say I am motivated to lose the weight again now.

twoisenoughmum · 11/12/2006 12:51

Morning everyone. Hope you've all had a good weekend. Although, Justa etc mum, that experience at the naked German spa sounds like the stuff nightmares are made of. Well done you for going in the pool. Sounds a bit to me like the boss's wife was showing herself and her whippet thin body off by sitting at the side of the pool for hours.

Now, on the food front - I'm interested to know what you are all doing? Just generally eating more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff? Drinking more water? Anything else specifically?

I was feeling awful yesterday with bad cold and DH cooked roast chicken for us all (practically the first time in his life). He said "how many potatoes should I do?" and I said "well, the children will eat no more than two pieces each, so work it out from there". Guess how many LARGE pieces of roast potato he cooked then?


That was 12 between the two of us and four for the kids. And, what's more, we bloody well ate them. He needs to lose at least 3 stone himself, actually, we're both comfort eaters.

Can't see myself reporting a loss this week - I've been eating even more than usual! Feeling grotty and tired.

Trust you're all doing better.

justaparupapummum · 11/12/2006 14:47

twoisenoughmum, that sounds like my dh who is physically incapable of not peeling sufficient potatoes for an entire army on the rare occasion when he peels them at all. We always eat them too! Mind you, even after countless years of cooking pasta and rice I always overestimate rice and underestimate pasta. Anyone got any ideas for portion control.
The spa thing was hilarious, even the bosses wife was a little uncomfortable being massaged by a male masseur lying full frontal with no towel. I couldn't bring myself to walk around naked-I've seen myself in the mirror and its not pretty, I still have a pregnant belly and dd is 8months now! the shame!

JackieNoHoHo · 11/12/2006 20:35

BLimey, justaparupapummum, that was brave. Good for you.

Twoisenoughmum, I think we're all trying to think about not only what we eat, but why we eat it too - find out our triggers that cause the overeating. On the portion control, for me, I'm trying to either serve myself half to two-thirds of what I'd normally eat, or at least half to two-thirds of carbs and protein, and fill up the rest with vegetables. It's all pretty random for me, though. I'm not weighing anything, just guessing, really. I've always been OK about drinking water, at least when I'm at work, so I'm not actively trying to do too much on that front. But I am trying to swap my unhealthy snacks (ie chocolate) for healthier ones, like 'healthy nuts and seeds' (for some reason I always say them in inverted commas). Just don't ask me about the packet of Lindor that may or may not have disappeared this afternoon. It almost certainly had absolutely nothing to do with me.

twoisenoughmum · 11/12/2006 21:10

Well you're obviously doing something right JackieNoHoHo, because you're losing weight steadily and obviously not being a total nutcase about it.

At the weekend I had a fried egg on toast but felt ok about it because I had one slice of toast instead of the usual two. Is that the kind of thing you mean?

Oh those Lindor chocolates. Oh I love them. Every birthday and Christmas and row with my husband, he gives me those. Do you just like the red ones, or the mixed boxes with dark and milk and nutty chocolate too?

How many did you have? - fess up!

JackieNoHoHo · 11/12/2006 21:13

Yes, twoisenoughmum - just eating mostly the same stuff, but cutting down the amount I eat.

If I say, I've now put the packet in the recycling, you can guess how many I had.... Still not quite getting the whole eating sensibly thing right, am I? But I'm done now, and am back on the straight and narrow.

Dottydotthehalls · 11/12/2006 21:16

I've just worked my way through 5 cheese crackers - all with butter on... I'm rubbish at being on my own in the evening - should probably go to bed at 7.30pm - at least I wouldn't be consuming calories..!

JackieNoHoHo · 11/12/2006 21:16

(just the red ones, by the way - I don't like the others nearly as much, even after, ahem, extensive testing)

JackieNoHoHo · 11/12/2006 21:17

Dottydot - DH is out late this evening too - I find it very difficult not to pick at things once the DCs are in bed.


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twoisenoughmum · 11/12/2006 21:21

Feeling nosey tonight. DH out on a Christmas works do and so I have unfettered time on the computer.

DottyDot - I've seen from previous threads you're caeliac, coeliac, coaeliac (sp?) - how did you come to realise this?, if you don't mind me asking. As ever, I have a vested interest. Were/are they gluten free crackers?

twoisenoughmum · 11/12/2006 21:24

Crossed postings. We're all let loose this evening!. Jackie, I don't think you're giving the dark choc ones a proper chance, but as for the white ones and the nutty ones, quite agree, they don't quite hit the mark.

Dottydotthehalls · 11/12/2006 21:27

Hi Twoisenoughmum - yes, I'm coeliac and they were gluten free crackers (which unfortunately doesn't mean fat free..!) I've been anaemic for donkeys years now but it's always been put down to heavy periods, but my GP wanted to investigate further, so did the coeliac blood test, which was positive and then I had a biopsy to confirm.

Am off to bed in a bit - have to get a 6.50am train to London (from Manchester) in the morning - WAY too early to be up and around..!

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