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Lardy Ladies Club Weigh-In Week 16 - April 11th

28 replies

busywizzy · 10/04/2006 21:21

Good luck with this week's weigh-in ladies. Here's hoping I don't muck up the chart Smile

OP posts:
monkey · 11/04/2006 07:27

Morning busywizzy. How do I give you my e-mail? Can you CAT me?

Well, I seem to be starting off this week, with a very unimpressive no move, was 9st 9 lb, now .... 9 st 9 lb.

Hope everyone does better than me. I have worked really hard fighting my sugar cravings - not had anything for 2 days, but nowt to show for it. Oh well.

Furball · 11/04/2006 08:07

Hi Busywizzy - the chart is easy, honest! All the calculations are done for you - all you have to do is enter everybodys weight, if somebody posts here having missed a week or two, you'll need to fill in the missing weeks as well, I just used the last weight in any blank spaces until I got to the current week IFSWIM.

Also if any new people join in, insert a row then copy all the info from the row above and paste it in the new row, then blank the weeks and name inserting the new persons details. Remember you need to start a weight from the beginning of the chart for the calculations to work.

Mail me if you are having problems. :) and thanks for taking over.

Dingle · 11/04/2006 09:51

Thanks ladies- I am on time this week- was expecting to put on as I haven't been doing the 3 school runs- but no- still the same!!Shock

10st me out of this rut please!!

pindy · 11/04/2006 10:13

Been away and tooooo many meals and drinks - but hey still 10st 11lb - so no change, just wait until next week!!!

misdee · 11/04/2006 10:58

14st 11lb. not too great this week, but its a loss right? am eating out today as its my birthday, hopefully wil lstill lose next week.

busywizzy · 11/04/2006 11:36

Lost half a pound but am going to carry it forward to next week. Fingers crossed, I'll then loose the whole pound and will be back to 10st.

Happy birthday Misdee Smile

OP posts:
me23 · 11/04/2006 11:42

ive missed a week or too im 9st 8 which means either ive lost a lb or im still the same cant remember!

busywizzy · 11/04/2006 12:13

Monkey, e-mail me your address at [email protected] and I'll add you to the list.

OP posts:
chickenrice · 11/04/2006 18:02

Lost 1lb. Smile

Thank you buzywizzy for taking over doing the the chart. Thanks too to Furball and Figleaf for all your hard work with the chart to date.

I find it a real help in my quest to lose weight to know there are others out there trying hard with me in this battle.

tortoise · 11/04/2006 18:04

Stayed the same this week.Im very suprised at that but pleased!Grin
Thanks for taking over the chart busywizzy.
Happy birthday misdee.Smile

dustanyone · 11/04/2006 20:41

Hi all,

I 've lost another 1lb this week and I lost 1lb last week but was too late for the chart.

It's coming off slowly but surely, just wish the weather would warm up a bit. I find it so much easier to eat less when it's warm

teacups · 11/04/2006 22:46

Got back from holidays about an hour ago and feeling very fat - fat jeans are too tight. Will weigh tomorrow and then let you know the damage.

Happy birthday misdee, hope this year brings good things for you Smile

Smalline · 12/04/2006 08:55

No change this week. Thanks Busywizzy for taking over from Furball, hope the move goes well Furball. Would like to keep this going as long as possible because at this rate its going to take me the whole of 2006 to lose a stone:( if you like Busywizzy I'll take over once you've had enough. Good luck everyone.

jambuttie · 12/04/2006 16:04

tootsy for me this week

3lb on must have been all the alcohol at the weekend

busywizzy · 13/04/2006 19:08

Right ladies, I've e-mailed the excel chart and as I haven't seen Figleaf for a while, I've been trying to work out how to save this as a PDF file as well so everyone can see it. Can't figure it out though Blush so will ask DH once he is home, so please bear with me.

Thought I'd summarise how well we're doing as a bit of inspiration -

Chickenrice - 1st 3lbs
Dustanyone - 1st 2 lbs
Jambuttie - 1st 1lb
Tortoise - 1st
Me23 & Busywizzy - 13lbs
Misdee, Sleepyjess & Vicmum - 11lbs

Wow - that's fantastic isn't it when you see it written down. And there's lots more people still plodding away, loosing a little bit each week which eventually all adds up.

Well done everyone and to anyone who's struggling or finding it hard - it can be done and here's the evidence Smile

OP posts:
teacups · 13/04/2006 19:29

Thanks for this Busywizzy. Am embarrassed to be one of those who are plodding away losing a bit and then putting it back on. I am feeling suitably shamed into doing something serious Blush. Have had a stining cold for a couple of days and so haven't eaten much. Am trying to stay off the chocolate for easter too.

What are everyone's plans for the weekend?

busywizzy · 13/04/2006 20:11

Teacups, I'm like you and trying to stop myself eating copious amounts of chocolate. DH has been out today and bought DS (12 months) a cycle helmet so we can take him and DD (8 years old) out for a bike ride or two this weekend. I'll need to cycle about 100 miles as I've already eaten 2 cream eggs this evening and shortly plan on opening a bottle of wine I was given as an Easter present Blush

You'll get there in the end and we'll do all we can to cheer you along. Think how good it will feel when people ask you if you've lost weight Smile

PDF file isn't looking too good. DH tells me you've got to have an application on your PC to create these and we haven't got it. He's gong to have a look for me later and see what we can do.

Me23, the e-mail keeps coming back to me from your account. Can you let me know if you've had it.

OP posts:
teacups · 15/04/2006 20:00

Thanks for that busywizzy, really encouraging. Hope your bottle is open - I had 2 beers at lunch today and they were great ! it is easter hols after all so if a girl can't have a glass or two now I don't know when we can.

We went for a long walk today - trying to find a new house and checking out some new areas. Probably did about 7 miles in all. My back started to ache as we got home though (am an old bird now and not as supple as I used to be !) so I hope I have lost some weight in the process. No doubt more walking on the cards for tomorrow.

Happy Easter everyone, hope all are well and hope to hear from you soon. Smile

busywizzy · 15/04/2006 21:14

Went out for a short bike ride yesterday and a much longer one today - well 3.5 miles is long in my book as I too am an old bird Grin Had DS on the back so that made it harder. Hope it worked off the two Cadbury's cream eggs I scoffed last night (again) and the bottle of wine I'm still slowly working my way through Blush Honestly, I'll be lucky not to have put weight on the way I'm going this week.

OP posts:
Furball · 15/04/2006 21:31

Busywizzy - some of the girls who couldn't read excel don't post here anymore. So, Is there anyone here who can't read Excel? If not no worries.

If you do need to send it as something else, put the chart up in excel, press 'Alt' & 'print screen' together then paste it into Word. You'll obviously have to scroll down and do it again to get the info thats further down.

You're doing a great job, thanks once again for taking over.

Upsadaisy · 16/04/2006 09:57

Is it too late to join?
I'm desperate to loose a stone and am not managing to well on my own.

ninaar · 16/04/2006 18:38

oh, i'd love to join, but i have a 9 week old baby and fully bf. is it okay to join and exactly what do we do?


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teacups · 16/04/2006 20:03

Ladies, welcome. We weigh in on Tuesdays and post our losses / gains Blush on the thread. There is a new one each week. Then the marvellous figleaf and busywizzy convert it into a chart which gets emailed around all the lardy ladies so we can see how we are getting along.

There have been some fantastic losses among the ladies since Christmas. I am one of the not fantastic ones who lose a lb then put it back the next week, often with another to keep it company.

I don't think BF is a bar to dieting but you need to keep your calories up. I think for fully BF you get an extra 500 a day? When I fully BF, I did weight watchers and they let you have an extra 10 points (usually women get 18). So you can eat loads and still lose weight. Am thinking now that my bf is slowing down that I should hire myself out as a wet nurse ....

jambuttie · 16/04/2006 20:52

nervous about this weeks weigh in me.

I gained 3 last week need to up the ante this week- make that next Blush

Upsadaisy · 17/04/2006 07:36

Thanks {smile]
I saw a few friends yesterday that I haven't seen in some time and I was embarassed by the weight I'd gained.
I'm fed up and feel more determined to shift the weight and become fit. I just hope I can keep the motivation up this time.

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