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Lardy Ladies Club Weigh in Week 10, 28th Feb

43 replies

Furball · 28/02/2006 08:00

It's Tuesday girls, good luck.

PS - Is this the last week, or do you want me to carry on?

OP posts:
pindy · 28/02/2006 08:33

Let's carry on please - need a bit more time to lose!!!!!

IE: no change again - but did have a big party and relatives staying for 2 weeks!!! so still
10st 10lbs :(

HeavyBee · 28/02/2006 09:50

Oh, please let's carry on, I'd never have the willpower to resist cake if it weren't for the thought of the Tuesday weigh-in. I'm so impressed by the weight people have lost and the way people are managing to keep going! Although I haven't managed to lose any more this week I haven't put it on again post-flu either. I'm still 9 stone 9lb, but I just feel so much lighter and so much more comfortable in my clothes. Good luck to everybody and thank you for doing this.

figleaf · 28/02/2006 10:02

Im 12st 6 lb so thats a 3 lb loss for me! Id like to take total credit but I cant. Whole family have had bouts of a D+V bug starting last Wednesday and still continuing - sort of like a horrid game of baton passing but using the bug as the baton. I was off Mumsnet whilst dealing with crisis so didnt do the PDF chart for everyone - sorry. I`ll defo do it this week or get Mr Figleaf to do the honours.

Lets carry on for a while Furball, I think it helps.

WharfRat · 28/02/2006 10:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Furball · 28/02/2006 10:28

I can still do the weigh ins, don't worry. It's just that originally we all said the end of Feb.

What I think I'll do is start a new chart for next week and have a bit of a clear out of people who have stopped.

OP posts:
busywizzy · 28/02/2006 10:28

No loss here, still 10st 3lb Sad However, not a big surprise as I haven't been super dooper good (not too bad though) but I think those final few pounds are going to take a really fantastic effort to shift.

So, extra trying hard for me this week. I'm determined to crack the one stone mark and get to 10st and maybe even less [in your wildest dreams emoticon]

Yes please to carrying on Furball so long as you don't mind.

HeavyBee · 28/02/2006 11:11

If it hadn't been for the Lardy Ladies and the 'flu combined I would still be eating a bowl of muesli every morning which in retrospect was big enough for the entire family. I've cut it down to about a third of what it was and I'm still not hungry by lunchtime. I used to eat toast and marmalade and cheese (yes, altogether) but that always left me hollow by 11.00 and in need of chocolate tiffin. If anyone wants to know, by the way, the muesli is a basic mix of jumbo oats, rye, wheat and barley flakes, with a small handful of dried fruit and half a dozen hazel nuts, eaten with soya milk (the unsweetened stuff with extra calcium and vitamins). For some reason this simply stops me feeling hungry at all before lunchtime, even if lunch is late. I don't know if it would work for anyone else but it does for me.

tangerinecath · 28/02/2006 11:14

I'm glad we're carrying on, I'm only really getting going this week...
I out on another lb last week, now 16st Blush but I went back to the gym yesterday for the first time in ages so I'm hoping that things will start moving now and I'll have the motivation to stop overeating.
Thanks again Furball and Figleaf for all your good work.

pindy · 28/02/2006 11:22

Thanks Furball - reall big effort this week - I promise

CorrieDale · 28/02/2006 11:55

Much as I would love to carry on, DS's sleep is really crappy atm. Even more so than usual. Separation anxiety + tooth coming through + cot aerobics at 3.30am = zombie like mummy unable to do more than just get through the day without crashing the car! Counting points no longer an option I'm afraid. But this group really helped me focus and I wish everybody else good luck. Once this non-sleep phase has passed (as I am assured it will Wink, I shall try again!!!!!

chickenrice · 28/02/2006 12:41

Lost 2lbs Smile. I have found this thread really motivating so please let's keep going. There are times when I indulge but then I get back on track reminding myself of the weigh in so it does work for me. Good luck everyone with this week!

me23 · 28/02/2006 13:51

lost 2lbs so 10st 3 now Smile. To be honest as my weight loss shows {4lbs loss since jan} i haven't been doing this properly, but i more determined now than before. I really want to get down to 8st 7 but getting under 10st will be a start.

unicorn · 28/02/2006 13:53

I have lost weight!!!!Smile but fraid it's due to the sickie/fluey/lurgy..Sad

I am apparently 10.10 Shock
now (but we'll see what this really is when I get better)

well done all..
let's keep it up ?(well not the virus thing obvously!!!)

Loobz · 28/02/2006 14:25

I've stayed the same but it's time of the month so okay with that

Dustanyone · 28/02/2006 16:29

Stayed the same!

Lucky really because I had a couple of nights out at the weekend.

Back on track this week!

vicmum · 28/02/2006 16:48

Yeahhh ! Grin Am 10 st 13lbs - have finally made it below the 11st mark - but it has been hard work - I still have another half stone to lose so would be pleased to carry on for at least another moth.
Congrats to all so far and let's keep it up!

tortoise · 28/02/2006 18:52

Sadstayed the same.Sad. know i have not been that good this week.will try harder.i have my Davina work out dvd now(thanks for recommending it busywizzy) hope to give it a go later tonight.Yes,lets please keep the chart going.well done to all the losers.good luck to all for the next week.Smile

Milliways · 28/02/2006 19:01

I have put on 1lb :( and it pancakes today!

Not been a good week here - must get more motivated.

busywizzy · 28/02/2006 19:35

Wow, there have been some terrific weight-losses this week so well done everyone. Well done to Chickenrice, Figleaf and Unicorn in particular. Also well done to Vicmum for getting under 11st, that's great news Smile

Come on Tortoise and Dustanyone. I know we didn't loose any this week, but we're soooo close to loosing that stone. We can do this Smile Good luck Tortoise with the DVD, hope you like it.

niccick · 01/03/2006 07:45

well no change here for me furball, I hate my scales this week.

If your still interested in doing it furball then i would love to keep doing it, its keeping me honest

Smalline · 01/03/2006 08:02

12 stone has decided that it doesn't want to let go of me yet, stayed the same this week but it is the time of the month so I am happy with result. Please lets continue with this, if I didn't have the tuesday weigh-ins I would go back to my old ways! and would not be 61bs lighter.
Thanks everyone.

JenumGeranium · 01/03/2006 08:30

Sorry, late again!

I have put on a 1lb Sad

I am finding this really hard, despite my best efforts I am still not losing anything.

I am thinking of maybe doing the slim fast or cereal diet for a week or 2 to kick start my weight loss and then hopefully that will spur me on to keep losing weight! Well you never know Wink


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tortoise · 01/03/2006 12:55

Well i did the exercise dvd last night for the first time.was really good.legs are killing me today!Smile. will try and do it again tomorrow.fingers crossed for me,busywizzy and dustanyone for that one stone loss this week.

jambuttie · 01/03/2006 13:13

12 stone 12 lb for me

busywizzy · 01/03/2006 14:03

Well done Tortoise. I'm going to exercise tonight now you've inspired me Smile

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