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August Challenge?

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Shaxx · 06/08/2010 13:34

Anyone want to join me in eating healthily and exercising 3 times a week for a good weight loss in August?

My eating plan is to eat 3 decent meals a day with no snacking except fruit. I'm hoping to lose 7lbs by the end of August.

OP posts:
kayah · 06/08/2010 13:40

sounds good to me :)
count me in

Shaxx · 06/08/2010 14:21

I'm going to kick start with 1000cals a day for a week and hopefully that will 're-set' my snacking habit and portion size.
I'm using the link below as a guide.

OP posts:
kayah · 06/08/2010 14:25

for me having hardly any snacks at home works best so far :)

kayah · 06/08/2010 14:40

1000 cal a day is a challenge - I wouldn't last on it at the moment

Shaxx · 06/08/2010 14:49

It is a bit restrictive but I need it as I've spent weeks eating masses of junk food and little else. I need to re-educate myself and have a good weight loss to motivate me.
I keep telling myself 'its only a week'!

For the rest of August, I just want to eat healthily.

Are you exercising? I'm hoping to go to the gym this evenin, depending on what time dh gets back.

OP posts:
kayah · 06/08/2010 15:50

going to the gym is not my favourite pasttime
but should really try
maybe today's the day :)

all depends how much yo uhave to loose I suppose
me - at least 3 stones :(

Shaxx · 06/08/2010 16:00

Yes, go for it! Grin

I have 1.5 stone to lose but if I lose another 10lbs, then I'm in the top end of 'normal' for my weight.

Btw, I started off the year with 2.5 stone to lose and have lost a stone through very half hearted on/off dieting. I also lost a stone last year like that too. I'm sure if I focus, I can look normal and healthy for my birthday in Sept! Grin

Lets do this! Grin

OP posts:
kayah · 06/08/2010 17:24

I lost two stones last year, but put one back on lol

I will go there tonight - I should loose 4.5 stones to be accordingly to Bmi on top of Normal weight, but that never worked for me as it was size 12 and I believe that would be perfect, not the wrong end of the scale :)

but 3 stones off needed to feel lighter :)

Timbachick · 06/08/2010 22:18

Can I join too? Need to lose between 3-4 st!!! Sad

Would love to have others to do this with?

LemonDifficult · 07/08/2010 20:03

Hello everyone, can I join too?

My target is to lose 5lbs by the end of August. I've been dieting since June and have lost 16lb so far Smile, but I've still got another 19lbs to go. At the start it fell off quite quickly but it's slowed down a bit hence the lowish target for this month.

I'm so excited that I've managed to lose more than a stone and a couple of people have noticed, which is great but I'm worried my momentum might be running out. I need to stay focused! Hopefully this thread will help and we can keep each other motivated.

Timbachick · 07/08/2010 20:50

What 'diets' are you guys following?

Just interested, as I have just been trying to eat sensibly.

SparkyMalarky · 07/08/2010 23:17

Can I join too? I failed miserably last month (only 2 pounds off all July!) but would love to do better before September - and I've got at least 3 stone to lose too.

I'll aim for 7 lbs by 7th September :)

LemonDifficult · 09/08/2010 12:42

I'm trying to stick to a low calorie low-fat diet. Something like 1500 calories a day but I don't really count them closely. Apart from that I'm just avoiding the obvious bad stuff like fried food, cakes, sweets, cream, bread and butter, etc.

The big one for me has been massively limiting my alcohol intake (not quite teetotal, but nearly) and boosting my water intake to at least 2 litres water a day.

SparkyMalarky · 09/08/2010 22:23

How's everyone done so far? I've been cycling a bit more and trying to cut down on snacks, but I'm thinking of digging out my copy of the Idiot Proof Diet and seeing if that will help refocus me....or maybe the Zoe Harcombe diet.

What's everyone else doing?

LemonDifficult · 10/08/2010 12:26

Stood on the scales this morning and have dropped 0.5lbs. I'm chuffed because it's really not coming off at the speed it was but at least I'm still going in the right direction.

I think I may have to exercise. I'm stupendously lazy but I really want to get things moving a bit faster so may have to face facts. 'The 10 minute solution - Rapid Effects Pilates' DVD came in the post yesterday. Do think I'll need to turn it on and actually do it for it to work? Any chance it'll work from the shelf?

What's the Idiot Proof Diet? I think I need to refocus too.

Shaxx · 11/08/2010 14:08

I need to refocus too.
I am terrible at dieting. What is wrong with me?
I stood on the scales today and I've put on 3lbs due to my recent bingeing!

I've been sticking to a calorie controlled diet since Monday

OP posts:
LemonDifficult · 11/08/2010 16:51

Shaxx - How many calories are you on?

(And did you know that M&S choc teacakes are only 67 calories each...?)

Shaxx · 11/08/2010 17:12

Well, I was going to do 1000 as a kick start but it is too low so I'm just going to stick to 1200 (Foodfocus said to Smile)

I love m&s for their food. I'm actually buying quite a bit from them. They're doing really nice salads 3 for £5 which are brilliant for lunch.

I've not done any exercise yet. I was going to join a local beginners running club yesterday but it was raining a lot so will go next week. They meet every tuesday. I'm due to go to a body pump class tomorrow.

Lemon - pilates is brilliant but you need to do something energetic too Grin

OP posts:
Timbachick · 12/08/2010 14:05

Hi All, hope you are all having good days?

After a very shakey start ... read: binging on everything I could find, I have taken the bull by the horns and started being realistic.

So, here we are: day two of eating like a normal person. Coping quite well, snacking on fruit when the cravings just get too much.

Hope to start Nordic Walking tomorrow and will be signing up for pilates soon.

Shaxx · 12/08/2010 21:54

I had a bad day today mostly due to no planning of meals and rushing around too much. Ate waaay too much chocolate cake.
Someone bought it for me and I am one of those people that just eat it if its there.

I'm going shopping first thing to buy more decent food.

OP posts:
LemonDifficult · 14/08/2010 12:31

How's everyone getting on?

I've eaten a curry, drunk two bottles of wine and mislaid my bathroom scales since I last posted. I'm guessing this week won't be a record loss for me!

I put my tracksuit on yesterday and walked about the house in it (small steps and all that).

Shaxx · 14/08/2010 13:40

I went shopping and stocked up on salads, fruit and a couple of healthy looking ready meals.

I've still not done any exercise yet Blush
All my plans this week have fallen through and I've just been too lazy to get out any exercise dvds.

I've been eating healthier and trying to get 6 portions of fruit and veg a day. If I focus on that, there's less room for junk.

I've really got to get back into that healthy living mental state. The jeans that were getting loose on me are starting to feel rather snug again Angry

Lets all start afresh!

OP posts:

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Timbachick · 14/08/2010 17:49

Hi Lemon and Shaxx.

Isn't it always the way - as soon as you say, right, that's it, sensible eating form now on you go mental and eat everything?? Hmm No? Must be only me then ....

Have been v good so far [halo emoticon] but not managed to get any exercise done. Am hoping that I will get to it tomorrow/monday. I have those nordic walking sticks and though people look at you like Hmm or Shock it is quite relaxing and a good workout - just got to get up when the alarm goes off now.

Tip: when you feel hungry, drink a glass of water first. Often times we are thirsty rather than hungry and also, keeps you hydrated Smile

Shaxx · 15/08/2010 19:57

Thats a good tip Timba. I'm going to try to remember to do that.

I'm intrigued by this Nordic walking!

I'm properly starting tomorrow! I have been ok over the past few days but probably just maintaining.

From tomorrow, no more junk. Aim for 6 portions of fruit and veg. Stick to 1200 cals. 3x exercise!!

OP posts:
Timbachick · 16/08/2010 10:40

Shaxx - Nordic Walking is popular in the northern european countryies (Sweden, Norway etc). You walk at a pace that you can maintain good form with, with the use of walkig sticks Shock. The sticks are specific for the exercise (Leki do them) and strap around your wrists so they do not fall off. You use them lightly as you walk and they provide extra oomph and a little bit of upper body workout as well. I used to run most mornings but can't do that anymore due to physical limitations but can walk so, I go nordic walking!! My DH thinks I look like a twit but then, what do I care what he thinks?

If you google nordic walking then you can go on the main UK website and they offer a directory of trainers who offer lessons - they will often offer a free taster lesson and provide sticks so you could try it out, no obligation.

Here's hoping we all have a good week ... as Buzz Lightyear says "to infinity and beyond" - lol

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