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Welcome to the Mumsnet Disney World forum UK, here you can share your Disney secrets for planning the perfect holiday to Walt Disney World Florida.

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Walt Disney World in Florida

AMA: Share your questions about planning a holiday to Walt Disney World Resort Florida with Mumsnet Disney experts - £200 voucher to be won

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CeriMumsnet · 08/09/2022 11:33

Created for Disney


Have you booked your family’s first trip to Walt Disney World and are now looking for tips on how to squeeze every ounce of magic out of the experience? Perhaps you’re unsure how the park will cater for all members of your family or you’d like some advice on booking your trip?

Seasoned Disney Mums Charlotte and Jemma are on hand to answer your questions about planning a family holiday to Walt Disney World in Florida.

  • Everyone who shares a question on the thread below by 22 September will be entered into a prize draw
  • One lucky Mumsnet user will win a £200 voucher for a store of their choice
  • Charlotte and Jemma will be back online in a couple of weeks to answer some of your questions

About the experts:

‘Hi, I’m Charlotte (33) married to DH and we have a DD (7) and DS (4). We’ve been to Disney World Florida four times and it really does hold a special place in our hearts. In June 2019 Ben surprised me with a trip to Florida for my 30th birthday. At the time DD was 4 and DS was 1. This trip was an eye opener doing Disney with kids!
It’s our 10th Wedding Anniversary next year & we’re hoping to make our 5th trip - must save harder! My favourite things about Disney are the cast members and how they constantly go above and beyond to make your trip memorable, the atmosphere of knowing everyone there shares a love of Disney, and the nostalgia it brings. I don’t think I’ve made it through a trip to Disney without some happy tears!’

“Hi, I’m Jemma! A mum of two gorgeous little girls, aged 5 and
3, and happily married to my DH. We are a Disney obsessed family and enjoy regular trips to Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris. My Disney obsession started in 1990 at the age of six, when my parents took me on my first trip to Walt Disney World and I’ve been back 14 times. I will never forget seeing Cinderella’s castle and how magical that first trip was. Every time I go back, it feels like home and my favourite thing about the parks is that there is so much to see and do! Every trip is exciting, there are always new things to experience…it really is the most magical place on earth.”

Here’s what Disney has to say:

“The magic is... a fairy tale castle, a galaxy far, far away, pixie dust. It’s that look of amazement on your loved ones’ faces. It’s that family time you’ll cherish forever and ever. And now, book your dream Disney holiday now and you’ll not only lock in today’s price, but also get plenty of time to pay for it.

Simply put down a deposit from £50 per person, then pay the rest in flexible instalments - you decide how much and when. All with no fees or interest.'

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw!

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AMA: Share your questions about planning a holiday to Walt Disney World Resort Florida with Mumsnet Disney experts - £200 voucher to be won
Brokendaughter · 08/09/2022 18:16

Do Disney have areas for people who need a quiet space, such as those with autistic traits?

When are the quietest times of year that would best suit those who can struggle in noisy crowded environments?

2anddonefornow · 10/09/2022 19:59

With needing to book parks in advance, how do you realistically work out how many days your family would like to spend in each one? Also when considering dining options.m, how do you coordinate parks to match up? First timers and finding the logistics trickier than I think need be.

Wheretowhereto · 11/09/2022 23:07

How does the Disney Genie work? How do we get the most out of it as a family of 4?

LidlCinnamonBun · 11/09/2022 23:12

Can I have some advice about the food there?
I can’t eat lots of fried food (IBS) and I eat mostly vegan food.
Thank you.

Eccle80 · 12/09/2022 11:49

I’ve been to Disney World a number of times so have pretty good knowledge of most things, but having not been since 2019 I’m a bit thrown by Genie+. Have you found that it gives big enough benefits to be worth the extra cost, or is it not necessary if you plan your day well?

AdmiralButterfly · 12/09/2022 12:01

Are we going to spend the whole day in queues? I am kind of dreading it even though the kids so excited.

notyetpregnant · 13/09/2022 07:40

Hi! I have a trip to Disney World booked in Jan but have since found out I'm pregnant and due in February. So we're thinking of moving our trip to September when baby will be 7months- do you have any tips for travelling with a child of this age, managing jet lag etc?

Wargghhhh · 13/09/2022 07:55

We will be going to Disney in August more than likely - what are your tips for coping in the heat - not just the kids, the adults too!

Onthegrid · 13/09/2022 08:32

Have you ever been with a multiple family group, we are booking for next summer with 2 generations across 3 families. How would you recommend we plan the trip to keep everyone happy.

sborber · 13/09/2022 09:03

DH and I keep debating whether it's worth going with our 2 DS - but they're 2 and 1yo... The trip would certainly be for us more than them, but is it worth it? Can you save money with kids being younger? TIA

Fivemoreminutes1 · 13/09/2022 09:06

Out of Epcot and Animal Kingdom, which is best for older children? And which resorts are better for older children?

Richteafinger · 13/09/2022 15:21

What do you think the minimum age is for kids to really enjoy and appreciate Disney?

Nispero · 13/09/2022 15:32

If kids aren't familiar with Disney characters yet is it a waste of money to go or is it a magical experience regardless of Disney knowledge?

kateandme · 14/09/2022 06:22

How should we navigate with a disabled family member?

BristolMum96 · 14/09/2022 06:55

Are the parks physically accessible for wheelchairs? What about ‘wheelchair buggies’ such as maclaren major, are they taken seriously?

MyBestFriendKenny · 14/09/2022 11:40

I'd like tips on getting the most out of each day, my youngest DS is 7 so hoping that they'll all be up to long days of excitement!

susiesioux · 14/09/2022 12:36

We first went to Disney in 1994 for a once in a lifetime trip. We then returned 4 more times and even considered emigrating to Florida! My one piece of advice would be to plan plan plan. Find out which parks open early decide on your rides before hand. Check out which days the parks are busiest. That way you will get the most of your days in the parks instead of wandering from ride to ride and queuing Also break up your days with water park vital for down time

burwellmum · 14/09/2022 13:46

I've never been. I hate rollercoasters - at what age/height can children go on rides without an accompanying adult?

Fivemoreminutes1 · 14/09/2022 16:35

Do you have any tips for navigating the parks with a wheelchair? Or would it be better to use crutches?

ImStillMe · 14/09/2022 18:50

I feel sick on rides....but accidentally ended up on one which I thought woukd be more sedate. Where can I find out what a ride is like?

seperatedmum · 14/09/2022 18:55

what's the best way to spread payment out? I know I could get a credit card and do that but is there another option? also I've heard of the price being increased from time of booking is there any protection against this? thanks

ladyluck13 · 14/09/2022 20:01

I'm planning for the future. At what age is it best to take kids, so they enjoy it and not be too difficult to travel? I was thinking 7 or 8 years myself. Also I don't drive, is it easily accessible for non drivers?

DaisyDando · 14/09/2022 20:05

Which would be the best hotel to stay in for our family of three? Our son is seven; so we would ideally like him either in the same room as us, but in a slightly separate sleeping area, or perhaps in a small apartment.
I haven’t been to Disney in Florida since I was a teenager and my husband has never been, so I feel a little overwhelmed!

Cotswoldmama · 14/09/2022 21:00

How many days do you need to really explore the whole place? And what's a realistic budget needed each day for food and drinks. Thanks!

munchbunch12 · 14/09/2022 21:14

My DCs love fast, exciting rides, what would be the best ones for them? They are both over 140cm tall.

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