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Talk to me about X Box 360

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Rizzlekicks · 22/11/2014 21:55

I am very new to all this. Thinking of getting one for my son for Xmas. Amazon has a bundle with Xbox 360 console (500GB) and Fifa15 for £189.85. Would I need anything else in addition to this to have it up and running? What do people mean when they talk about Xbox Live? Thanks

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ilovepowerhoop · 22/11/2014 22:04

xbox live means you can interact with friends online and play the games with others. You have to pay extra for the membership.

Rizzlekicks · 22/11/2014 22:12

Is the bundle of the console and the game all I need? Or do I need other items too?

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RJnomore · 22/11/2014 22:15

Nope that's enough to play, on his own or with someone inthe same room.

Just a tip and it may not matter - have the same bundle for £199 but the are usually £30 codes for first time purchases if you google and you can pay it off over a few months.

ilovepowerhoop · 22/11/2014 22:17

spare controller?

gamerchick · 22/11/2014 22:17

You can get a 360 miles cheaper than that.

Is your son wanting to play online? If not then you can set a silver account up for free.

If so then go to a gaming shop and buy a pre paid gold. Don't hook a card up to his account. You'll also need a headset if you go down this route.

360s are cheap as chips.. go to grainger games online and have a look. Avoid the 4 gb ones though.

ilovepowerhoop · 22/11/2014 22:25

its got a new fifa game with it though which is why it is more expensive. Grainger Games is selling the same bundle at a more expensive price

gamerchick · 22/11/2014 22:33

Bundles are always more expensive. Buy a 360 for 80 quid and spend the 40 quid for fifa. Job done and maybe another controller and game to make the price up to the bundle quoted.

RJnomore · 22/11/2014 22:35

It's also the larger memory size that pushes the price up.

ilovepowerhoop · 22/11/2014 22:48

you'll not get a 500gb xbox 360 for £80

Rizzlekicks · 23/11/2014 00:07

What is the difference between 500gb etc if we are not going online? Or does the bigger GB give better images?

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cococandyfloss · 23/11/2014 00:16

Just so you aware there is a new xbox out- Xbox one. Majority of my DS friends are getting this for xmas it is very expensive and I am :o as DS got the 360 last year so has been told that there is no way he will being getting the xbox one. (not that he asked to be fair).

The 360 is good as all his friends can speak to one another on it and play games together ......apart from now they are all getting bloody xbox ones and it isn't compatible with 360's so DS won't be able to join in with his friends -which does make me feel a bit bad but not bad enough to fork out a ridiculous amount of money when he just got a console last year.

cococandyfloss · 23/11/2014 00:17

That wasn't the face I put in I am not Grin but Hmm

cococandyfloss · 23/11/2014 00:18

Oh and to answer your original question you may want/need a headset thing so he can speak/play with his friends on some of the games.

FelixTitling · 23/11/2014 00:23

Im also gathering information about this. DS is has asked for either a 360 or a wii U.

I've set dh on the job as I haven't got a clue.

that's useful coco, ds only wants it to play with his friends. I'd better check what they've got.

gamerchick · 23/11/2014 08:46

You don't really need a 500.. A 250 does the job perfectly well.

It's par the course with the upgrades. Some parents put off allowing something for years and when they do the world moves on shortly afterwards. I have an X box One that's sitting unused atm, there are more games out worth playing for the 360.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes · 23/11/2014 08:55

We're trying to decide between the One and the 360 this Christmas too, keep changing our minds. DS mainly wants to play on his own or with friends when they visit, but that could all change, I think most friends have the 370. But I don't want to buy a 360 and find in a year or two you can't get new games for it any more as happened with the Wii.

ChillySundays · 23/11/2014 22:29

If he wants to go on online and all his mates have the 360 it will be fine. If all his mates have the Xbox one then he will need a Xbox one to play online with them.

When my DS wanted the xbox one we put £200 towards it and he had to pay the rest.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes · 23/11/2014 22:31

I need to check with his friends parents and make sure they're not all upgrading this Christmas! I think they generally only got them fairly recently so hopefully not.

Rizzlekicks · 24/11/2014 00:44

Does anyone know the best deals on the Xbox 360? Ds will not be needing to go online - as long as he can do Fifa 15 and Minecraft, he will be happy. If he wants to play with anyone else, what do I need to get? New consoles?

OP posts:
Rizzlekicks · 24/11/2014 19:40

Any goo deals out there?

OP posts:
cococandyfloss · 28/11/2014 00:43

Amazon black Friday-selling 360 for £99. With games too I think.

FelixTitling · 29/11/2014 01:17

can you link coco, I cant find it.


FelixTitling · 30/11/2014 21:57

Cheers coco got a pre-owned with 12 mth guarantee for $110 so all's good.

springalong · 30/03/2015 01:16

How did you all get on with your various decisions? I am just looking now at the X box for a 9 soon to be 10 year old. Looking for minecraft at the moment. I like my technology to last so when I finally buy something tend to buy top of the range so hopefully it lasts longer without the bugs!!

Someone mentioned 360 not being compatible to One and more games for 360.....

What is the 370?

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