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best toy farm for an 18 month old

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mrsjuan · 09/10/2010 17:18

I am thinking of getting a toy farm for DD at Christmas but am stuck as to which one to get.

I like the look of the oldfield farm and have heard good things about the ELC one but wonder if these are a bit old for her and I'd be better off getting her a happyland one or similar.

I like the idea of having a nice one and being able to add animals and tractors etc. over the years but maybe am being a bit romantic in my thinking?

Any ideas welcome - budget is flexible but not unlimited (not stretching to full set of Britain's as one friend helpfully suggested!)

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mrsjuan · 09/10/2010 19:48

little bump for post bedtime crowd

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stirlingstar · 09/10/2010 19:57

We got the ELC one for DS1 Christmas before last (he would have been 22 months).

It's OK but not great. Looks nice. But the buildings don't stay together very well (the flipside of it being flat-pack-awayable) and are too difficult for him to assemble even now at 3.5. It doesn't get that many play requests - he likes the idea, but can lose interest by the time the buildings are sorted out. And there are nice touches - like a ladder and pulley on the barn, but nothing to keep them in place so diff for young child to use.

Animals and tractors, however, are a BIG hit. Also seem to be popular when other children visit, and a have good unisex appeal.

I'd get a good big set of animals (inc some family groups), a tractor AND TRAILER or two, maybe some fences, and build your own set of cardboard box buildings. (We've built a collection of cardboard box stations etc that are usually used alongside train set, and they get HOURS and HOURS of play by both DS's and look cute too as they are customised with their own names etc)

JaynieB · 09/10/2010 20:00

We bought some fancy french thing - which is nice I grant you.
My Mum bought this plastic Fisher Price one with bits that make noises, fences that fit together, funny little people.
I have to say, I think DD preferred the Fisher Price one. It also has animals and tractors.

blueberryboybait · 09/10/2010 20:02

We got,default,pd.html this one for DD1 for Christmas when she was 15 months old, she loved it then and still loves it a year later - we bought a few extra animals but it comes complete, we took the tiny bits out for when she is older.

stirlingstar · 09/10/2010 20:02

NB - tractor with trailer should be large enough to fit animals in trailer and take for rides all over house - even if this means it is well out of scale with animals/buildings... this very important IME!

blueberryboybait · 09/10/2010 20:02
moaningminniewhingesagain · 09/10/2010 20:14

We have this one and its very nice but some bits are a bit too fragile, eg the windmill brach bits.

Lovely wooden set though

mrsjuan · 09/10/2010 20:25

Thank you for all the ideas.
I do like the rosebud one - hadn't seen that one before but is is a little bit girly (not sure if that bothers me but something to think about)

Stirling - I like your thinking -eminently sensible & I can definitely see the attraction of tractor rides Grin.

Lots to think about!

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SophieBooosie · 18/10/2010 14:20

Le Toy Van they have 6 or 7 different sizes and shapes of farms! they also have wooden animals to go with it and a couple of tractors!! value for money buy


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