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Deadlifts - how to structure training

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caffeinatedmornings · 05/01/2024 17:04

One of my goals this year is to hit a 100kg deadlift.

I have a home gym but don't have a barbell, so go to the gym twice a week, where 1 session is push, the other session is pull (loosely speaking).

What's the best way to structure the deadlift training in the 'pull' gym day, do you think?

I haven't tested my 1 rep max. But, have deadlifted 85kg this week for 3 reps. I'm actually not even sure if I'm being too conservative with my 100kg goal, but it's a really nice round number!

Thank you very much.

OP posts:
RayKray · 06/01/2024 06:52

If you can deadlift 85kg for 3 then you're probably being conservative unless you've been doing it a longer time when increases are harder. But I'm guessing not as then you wouldn't be at 85kg.

When I got my deadlift over 100kg we were doing linear profession. So every week I added 2.5kg to the bar until that stopped working. I don't recall reps I'm afraid, I reckon 3-5. But if you google linear progression it's a thing.

In all my seasons I do the compound at the start. Then accessories to work on weaknesses. So in terms of structuring sessions I'd do 3 sets of deads at the start, then whatever else i was working on. I only deadlift once a week.

If you get stuck you'd need to work out where you're weakest and work on that point, eg off the floor, quads. Lockout, glutes, hamstrings etc

And don't test 1RM too often. Stick with what you're doing for a block before testing. I only do 1RM just before comp (and at comp). Overtesting isn't helpful.

Good luck! I'm sure you'll get there in the year, and likely a lot sooner. And enjoy it!

caffeinatedmornings · 06/01/2024 10:48

Thanks @RayKray! I've only started tracking the barbell deadlift for the past couple of months or so (although been training for quite a while but not with low reps/heavy weight). Adding 2.5kg every other week sounds.... a little intimidating... ! But, perhaps feasible if that's one of the focus areas of training and it's structured around it??

Do you do warm up sets first - or are you including 1 warm up set in the 3 sets?

OP posts:
RayKray · 06/01/2024 14:07

2.5kg a week is easy! You won't even notice. I'm saying this after failing yet again to add 2.5kg to my squat today 😂

I don't do many warm ups. For example if I'm working at say 115kg I'd do 70x3, 85x1, 95x1, 105x1, 115 top sets. Something like that. Basically 10-20kg jumps and singles.

And I was trying to recall the timescales for getting to 100kg and I think in the Feb I did 82.5kg x 5, then 100kg x 1 at the end of March. So you're close!

My programme is all focused around getting a bigger squat, bench and deadlift though, and by someone who knows what they're doing. It's a very focused goal so don't lose heart if it takes longer. I can't do a pull up, or a handstand, or lots of other cool things other people do in gyms.

caffeinatedmornings · 06/01/2024 18:44

Perhaps it's more of a goal for this quarter. I guess I liked the nice round figure of 100kg - which sounded pretty cool to me 😎, ha!

That being said, I'm a bit of a Jack(ie) of all trades, so I'm not entirely focused on the big lifts. But, I definitely wanted to work on the deadlift - as well as get a 10k run PB & get 10 pull ups. As you can see, I definitely like those nice round numbers!

Do you like the 5 x 5 rep schemes?

OP posts:
RayKray · 06/01/2024 19:23

Yeh you see I couldn't run for 10 mins let alone 10k!

If you like numbers, can I tempt you with pretty bars? Assuming you're using standard coloured bumper plates and plastic collars, 2 reds on either side is 120kg. 2 blues is your 100kg so your next goal could be 2 reds?

I don't think I've done 5x5. I don't know why, I just follow instruction. I did do 2x5 deadlifts for a while but I didn't progress as much so maybe that's why. Sounds like a lot of volume though. And my coach does talk about volume.

caffeinatedmornings · 07/01/2024 09:44

Well, I’m sure you could run for 10 mins - if you really wanted to, that is!

Hmmm, that’s a nice idea with the coloured plates… might just have to steal that, thanks! 🤩

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