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The weights room

Someone give me a pep talk!

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Proteinpudding · 01/09/2023 16:01

Going to an urban festival tomorrow, just tried on a couple of dresses from my wardrobe and none of them fit. Two I haven't even worn - they're vintage style items that are unusual so it's not easy just to find something similar in a bigger style. My arms don't fit, my back I think is wider.

99% of the time I'm really positive about weight training - celebrating my body for what it can do rather than how it looks - but occasionally I revert to an insecure teen self. Anyone else feel like this occasionally?

I can't talk to anyone IRL because they wouldn't get it - I was smaller before I started resistance training (ie I didn't get into it for weight loss/fat loss) so if they already don't understand the appeal of training, their reaction would likely be 'stop doing it then/what did you expect'.

I might try and get the dresses altered, but it's not going to help me for tomorrow, I really don't have much left that fits right now! Maybe I'll just wear gym gear 😂

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MistyTrains2 · 01/09/2023 21:14

@Proteinpudding I get it, I think your main issue is finding something to wear that you're happy with for tomorrow, and don't beat yourself you say they can be altered. It is annoying not having something you were hoping to wear though.

Most clothes aren't made for muscly frames. In a way it's made dressing easier for me, I'm happy for things to drape rather than them having to cling in all the right places.

My bum is a lot bigger, I mean I did deliberately train glutes, so dresses don't hang the same.

I love the gym gear idea.

Proteinpudding · 02/09/2023 07:43

Thanks @MistyTrains2 I think it wasn't helped by me feeling a bit PMS-ey, so while I know it's down to exercise, I don't feel particularly muscly right now! I did cheer myself up by doing a gym session and hitting a PB... These days I don't get the opportunity to dress up very often (which is probably why I hadn't realised the clothes were too small) so I probably put too much on it without realising.

I'll find a way to glam up in something!

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