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Measuring progress?

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ohfibonacci · 05/03/2023 17:43

My scales broke about 6 months ago I haven’t replaced them as I get fixated on weight. I lift three days a week and do HIIT two other days.

I feel bigger but I’m not liking it. I like the feeling of being strong and the look of my muscles when I’m lifting but I hate that my jeans are tighter on my bum and my thighs look bigger. More cellulite now compared when I ran more. What am I doing wrong? I’m focusing on protein, but not really counting calories. I have a PT in the gym. I do one upper body, one lower body and one whole body session pw.

I think I maybe need to get some scales as I’m getting anxious about just getting bigger and bigger and putting on lots of weight. How do others manage? I don’t trust my eyes! I need numbers.


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PrincessPeach100 · 08/03/2023 08:33

If you were gaining weight and getting smaller you would be gaining muscle and losing fat. It's very hard to get really big muscle wise as a woman. I'd buy some scales and callipers and start tracking. I'd track calories, if you're bigger than you want to be the first thing is to cut calories whilst maintaining a high (1g to 1lb body weight) level of protein.

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