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The weights room

Over 50s weight training

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TheBullfinch · 30/05/2021 18:45

I'm 53 and not in bad shape. BMI is 24, with 30% fat and good lean muscle mass.

I've always done HIIT training (Gillian Michaels, Joe Wicks etc.) three or for times a week, using 5lb weights & a 4kg kettlebell and combined with a 1000 calorie a day low carb diet, Ive always managed to tone up quite quickly.

Ive invested in a pilates reformer too but have only used it a few times (it feels too easy and I love to lift).

Can anyone point me in the right direction in order to get ripped or even just toned in 6 weeks? I've got a beach holiday booked and I'm dreading it.

Things just aren't toning up like they used to.

OP posts:
IntoAir · 04/06/2021 20:44

Well, those weights are not really heavy enough by a factor of about 10! They're not going to do anything for you.

I started serious weight lifting (with a PT's guidance at my gym) at the age of 59, and at 62, I deadlift almost 90kg, regularly squat 40 to 50 kg, and was doing overhead presses at 30kg yesterday. I can pull around 275kg on the sled thingy at the gym.

I generally eat around 1500 calories a day. I'm not skinny but I am very toned and fucking strong. I don't have a visible 6-pack, but you can see the muscle over my ribs, and there's that line down the middle of my abs. My glutes are hard, and so are my quads - no wobble!

So, if you want to tone up, get on a proper weight lifting programme - have a look at MegSquats on Instagram or YouTube. Some people use the 5x5 programme. You can google these things.

The main thing is to have a programme of progressive overload - you have to train to muscle failure. But it won't all happen in 6 weeks. However, you could do a progressive programme over that time which might get you started!

Learn how to lift proper weights - it really is excellent for older women's health - strength, bone density etc.

I'm hooked. I love it - being strong, having triceps and biceps, and hard glutes and quads, and being able to do a press up and a chin up.

TheBullfinch · 04/06/2021 21:27

Very impressive! @IntoAir that's going some!

I used to use heavier weights at the gym but did my back in a couple of years ago so eased up. You've made me determined to get back to it, on a progressive program. Thanks.

OP posts:
IntoAir · 04/06/2021 21:45

Well it’s taken me 3 years and working out 3 times a week, plus once a week with a PT. But I really love love lifting heavy.

Although one of the staff at my gym is a national champion power lifter - she squats 90 kg just as a training weight. I’m in awe.

Cormoran · 07/06/2021 10:43

When you start lifting weight, you develop strength but not really muscle hypertrophy, because your muscles are degrading protein in the first phase of resistance training, so you would usually start seeing a visual difference after 6 weeks.
That pain you feel the day after a workout is not lactic acid but degraded proteins so don't despair if you are not being an improvement straight away. It will take some weeks, but lowering your body will certainly make a big difference.

This means changing your nutrition and really reduce calorie while working out every day . You need to work out while reducing calories otherwise you will lose lean mass (which by the way is not the same thing as muscle mass) .

You might have muscles but if they are covered by cutaneous fat, nobody will see it. You already have a base, you need to focus on lowering the body fat.

This website has a TON of free videos. I like the men's one better.

You don't have to go heavy to have great muscle definition. If you don't want "volume " you can do a lot with what you have at home or even with bodyweight alone. You can reach muscle failure with low weights. It just takes more repetition.

IN the same way we come in many shapes, there are different ways to be in shape and different levels of toning. @TheBullfinch

You might want to research "bikini competition workout" because they shred as well as toning. You can find several programs online.

I like toned and light. In addition to weights I do calisthenics and exercises like this one

and have a look at Tara Stiles , she has several yoga video for but I do several of her classic pga, and she kills me.

Have fun

TheBullfinch · 15/06/2021 21:15

Bloody amazing @Cormoran

Thanks very much for all the links.

I'm currently shredding but it's so hard to exercise at the same time, especially in heat. I'm getting there though.

OP posts:
Bilingualspingual · 15/06/2021 21:20

I’m over 50 and do one of Caroline Girvan’s various programmes on YouTube. It’s basic dumbbells but it’s pretty hardcore. I’m not at @IntoAir ‘s standard but I’m the strongest I’ve ever been, mainly because I actually do it rather than just think about it. Grin

TheBullfinch · 16/06/2021 06:51

@Bilingualspingual I'm guilty of that too sometimes!

OP posts:
FlowerArranger · 16/06/2021 06:57

I was going to recommend Caroline Girvan, but I see that @Bilingualspingual has beaten me to it. She is amazing. Her HEAT programmes have changed not just my body but my whole outlook! (And I'm 67...)

JosephineDeBeauharnais · 16/06/2021 07:01

I’m 58 and have been weightlifting for around 10 years. Started with BodyPump classes (low weights, many reps) which I still do and graduated to heavier weights with my PT. I’ve got 100kg deadlift, 60kg squat, 40kg chest press. I’m 163cm, weigh just short of 54kg, so pretty lean but I’m certainly not ripped.
I eat at least 100g of protein a day.
Whatever you look like, nothing beats feeling strong and it’s so good for you as you age. That’s my focus.

IntoAir · 17/06/2021 17:09

ooo @JosephineDeBeauharnais that's amazing!

I made a 1RM PB of 90kg deadlift last week - just a couple of months after getting back to the gym. My regular training weight is 75/80kg (did 5 sets of 6 at 75kg today). I think my body just loves deadlifts. Squats - I train at around 40kg, but 1RM PB at 64kg. A way to go on those. I'm 70kg (trying to get down to 65), and early 60s; I'm hoping to keep training for the gains, but there's going come a moment when it'll be about maintaining, rather than gaining.

I did a studio pump class yesterday for the first time in about 18 months. It was great fun! Lovely to whoosh the barbell (v. light - only about 10kg) up above my head for a gazillion times in time to loud music. Pump is fun, but it's not really about lifting heavy. And the technique errors I see ! Oof - if people were squatting more than 10kg they'd be damaged.

JosephineDeBeauharnais · 17/06/2021 22:17

Ha agree with that @IntoAir! Some of those folks are doing themselves more harm than good but if you try to tell them they won’t thank you for it.

IntoAir · 17/06/2021 23:23

I know! The instructor the other night gave really clear demonstrations of correct technique. He gave me a couple of corrections which was great. But there was one man who just did not take any notice and did his own (wrong) thing - and used quite heavy loads on the bar and I hate to think what he was doing to his knees in the squats and lunges. Mad!

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