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protein shakes

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MrsPerfect12 · 08/03/2020 09:26

I'm looking for some shake advice. I'm trying to incorporate more protein into my diet. Ideally first thing as I don't eat before the gym as not hungry. Wonder if that would help my sessions and lean me out a bit? My diet is still quite carb heavy as easier to grab toast when trying to get 3 kids to school in the morning

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HenleyNutrition · 10/03/2020 15:42

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Rollerbird · 14/03/2020 06:21

A shake could be a good option
It won't sit heavy in your stomach

Pupsiecola · 03/05/2020 15:18

I use Optimum Nutrition's Hydro Whey.

It's really good quality and has had the lactose removed. The amino acids have already been predigested. Tastes okay too, as protein shakes go. I have it with almond milk.

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