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The weights room

Pure gym

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EmbarrassedAndEnraged · 20/01/2020 20:43

I've heard there's a Pure Gym opening in my local area soon. Obviously I'll go and have a look once it's opened but I wondered if anyone used one?

I guess I'm wondering if they'll be enough free weights to make it worth the saving from my current gym membership. Thanks.

OP posts:
TheBuggerlugs · 21/01/2020 16:07

I've used Pure in the past and found there to be plenty of weights etc however as they're cheap I found that there were a lot of groups of young men who went, had dreadful form and generally got in my way. Also a lot of slim girls in matching gym shark kit without a bead of sweat on them.

I just stick my headphones on and get on with it but it does as times annoy me.

Echobelly · 21/01/2020 16:11

I've found it fine, I'm not fussy! I haven't been to any of the classes but equipment does for me. There's a lot of young people, have found them to
be no problem to work out alongside but also quite a mix of ages and demographics as well.

EmbarrassedAndEnraged · 21/01/2020 18:24

Oh great, thanks for responding.

I'm already used to navigating the youngsters at the gym I use currently, so it sounds like it may not be too different.

OP posts:
emmathedilemma · 23/01/2020 11:50

I've only used PureGym as a guest when away from home but my experience was exactly as TheBuggerlugs describes! Also no one tidies up so trying to find an actual pair of dumbells can be a workout in itself and people do really inconsiderate things like leave the squat rack loaded with more than my own bodyweight at a height I can't even reach! I'm probably spoilt by the gym I go to now which is just the opposite with a generally older clientele and staff in attendance all the time who will ask people to put things away if they don't.....our dumbells are always on the rack and in weight order!!

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