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The weights room

Dumbbell Questions

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Quickish · 22/05/2019 07:59

Complete free weights newbie here.

I need some sensible advice to tone my flabby upper arms and have seen some workouts that use 5kg dumbbells.

Firstly, will I get results if I stick to a 10 minute dedicated session?

How many sessions do I need to do each week?

And is a 5kg set the correct one to be using?


OP posts:
MsMartini · 22/05/2019 17:18

Hi OP, for weights work you tend to increase the weights/reps gradually and the right starting weight depends on you and how strong you are and how good your form is. What do you mean by tone - do you want to build muscle, lose weight or what? You can't really spot reduce weight. Could you do some classes at a leisure centre or something to start you off? I wouldn't recommend using free weights even quite light ones on your own as a complete beginner. I started with classes two years ago and for the last year have been more using machines and free weights, so not very experienced but enough to see how many ways there are to have bad form!.

Quickish · 23/05/2019 08:24

Thanks MsMartini, I appreciate the advice.

Which gym machines would help with toning upper arms, adding a little muscle definition? I don't need to lose weight, just firm up the flab, if that is possible.

OP posts:
MsMartini · 23/05/2019 15:32

If you use the arm curl machine at the gym, say, you may increase the size of your biceps but this may not be visible, depending how much fat and loose skin you have on top. So you may need to lose weight to show the muscles but you cannot spot reduce fat - where we lay down fat stores is mostly genetic. I am not sure what you mean by toning and firming.....people look toned because they have built muscle and lost weight usually.

Poppyinafieldofdreams · 23/05/2019 15:38

It’s far too heavy. Try a 2.3kg yoga weight. Alternatively try a heavy book or a few potatoes in a sack. You are on the right track though ( we have a bench and a variety of weights ). Also a good set of elastic bands. Or use your own body weight with yoga. Housework or gardening is a good exercise. Cycling helps with leg toning and cardio. Join a local exercise group, it’s good for sociability and motivation.

UtterlyUnimaginativeUsername · 23/05/2019 15:42

It's too light! I wouldn't bother with less than 7.5kg.

Quickish · 24/05/2019 07:27

Thanks all. Better get to the gym I think Smile.

OP posts:
ChocOrCheese · 24/05/2019 18:10

If going to the gym is an option then definitely do that, and get some advice from the trainers there. The weight you need depends on you and on what you are doing. For work mainly on my arms I use anything from 2kg to 10kg depending on what I am doing.

Quickish · 25/05/2019 08:50

Thank you Smile

OP posts:
Upzadaizy · 25/05/2019 21:23

For toning arms, I notice if I do daily Yoga with Adriene videos, and/or use a full arm plank (rather than on the forearms) in my training & stretching, my arms tone up.

Go for functional fitness, rather than the "bro" lifters who endlessly stand in front of the mirror curling biceps.

Tomorrowisanewday · 02/06/2019 14:49

I use a pair of 8kg dumbells or a 15 kg barbell for biceps, and 3 or 4kg dumbells for lat raises

fishonabicycle · 03/09/2019 15:44

Ps you can't 'firm up flab'. Fat is fat and muscle is muscle. You will want to lose fat and gain muscle 💪

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