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The weights room

Does anyone do kettle bells? *beginner klaxon*

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flamingofridays · 18/06/2018 20:51

I've just bought a kettle bell.

Had a baby 2 years ago. Got chubby. Lost it, however am still flabby. Thinner but flabby.

I want to tone up. I tend to hate cardio. Don't have the willpower or the time to run an hour every night.

Discovered kettle bells. Seems like my kind of thing. have bought a 6kg bell (I am a real weakling) And done my first workout. I've done a 12 min workout by the body coach on YouTube. I watched the technique video first too.

Just want to know how often I should be doing this and will I see results at all or will it make no difference unless I completely overhaul my lifestyle? (Not massively unhealthy but partial to a doughnut)


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Babybearsporij · 03/07/2018 19:48

I do kettlebells as part of a wider exercise program, probably 2-3 times a week. Bodyfit by Amy on YouTube is my favourite. I think they definitely tone you really well and I see results quickly but I tend to build muscle quickly.

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