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The weights room

Band-assisted pull-ups

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NamedyChangedy · 13/06/2017 17:06

Can someone talk me through these in very simple words please? What type of band? Also, where exactly do I put the band, and how do I attach it!?

I used to be able to do 10+ pull-ups with ease but life happened and I struggle to do 2 now. Would like to be able to get back to doing them without looking & feeling like a n00b as I work my way back... Blush

OP posts:
GingerHanna · 16/06/2017 20:26

Have you seen the big stretching bands sometimes called resistance bands? They come in different colours depending on their thickness - the thicker and heavier ones are the more resistant. Google resistance bands if not.

Loop those around the top of a pull up band so you affix it through itself. You'll then end up with it dangling down and you put one knee through the loop so you're resting your weight on the band - this then supports your and takes some of the weight off your arms, the thicker the band the more weight it takes. Hook your other heel behind the one in the loop and off you go. As you get stronger you use a thinner band.

Hope this helps. If not, theorems always YouTube!

Agoddessonamountaintop · 16/06/2017 22:57

I use the chin abd dip machine at the gym, but I think the purple bands are strong enough to take bodyweight - I do a shoulder stretch which pretty much hangs my whole weight off the band. Think the black ones are stronger again.

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