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Monkey Bars

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GeekLove · 20/09/2016 13:19

They are the bane of my obstacle course races - my PB is two bars.
I can do the ones at the gym but any of the roof-type ones - forget it.

I am practising dead hangs and hand swaps but I can barely manage a minute tops.

So who here has been able to become Queen of the Monkey Bars?

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fishtankbrain · 16/11/2016 21:38


I am a keen obstacle racer and monkey bars were always my nemesis - until this year when I finally managed to complete two sets (including one up and down incline set) in race conditions. I am now the world's smuggest person as a result...

Three things helped with me.

Firstly, I had real confidence issues in races re the bars - could manage them in practice but always fell apart on race day and became convinced I could not do them. And it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Reading up on racing mind sets helped a lot with that.

Secondly - as much training practise as you can get so that it becomes ingrained as muscle memory and you can kind of out-perform your brain when it becomes fearful. I am lucky enough to have a set in the place where I train and it is no coincidence that I nailed my first race set about 2 weeks after they were installed.

Thirdly - heavy weights (bench press, kettlebells, overhead press) and lots of body weight exercises (chin ups etc).

Good luck!

GeekLove · 17/11/2016 14:11

I'll bear this in mind. I'm currently trying to get into the mindset of cranking off chin ups whenever I pass the bar but the reality of this is that sleep deprivation is killing my willpower!

I'll be more disciplined - I need to work on hangs as well. ALso fat grips too but I want to be able to do multiple good form chin-ups before I put the insulation on the bar again.

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