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Pony! Squeeeee!

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bonzo77 · 04/10/2021 17:22

I had to post here as there’s no one in my real life who would give a shit. I’ve wanted a pony for 40 years. FORTY YEARS! And someone I know has got one, and I’m going to share it and if it works out I might buy it. She’s the sweetest natured and rather zippy mini cob. Massively fat after basically being abandoned after a riding school closed. Black but looks like she’ll end up roan. With white feet and face and belly. One wall eye and just gorgeous. Completely different than the OTTBs I’ve been riding. Fingers crossed she’s the safe but fun beastie I’m hoping for.

OP posts:
ThePlumVan · 04/10/2021 21:18

Well how very exciting !!!
Why have you waited 40 years ??

Sarahlou63 · 04/10/2021 21:25

Wow!!! So happy for you! I remember the feeling - I got my first horse 11 years ago this week after a 40 year wait Grin

Now have five, with two more arriving in two weeks!!

Enjoy every moment of it 😁 🐴

bonzo77 · 04/10/2021 21:49

@ThePlumVan so many many reasons. my parents wouldn’t get me one, then uni, travelling. Then a brief period when I had the money and the time and did share. Then babies. And years of not really needing to as I was riding someone else’s for free. But the one I’ve been riding is getting on, he was off lame for 3 months in the winter / spring. Was sound and is off again. I’d been thinking about it since he first went lame. The owners other horses are all OTTBs and really far too hot for me much of the time.

I’m not really properly horsey, and lack the confidence choosing something. I’ve really been waiting for something by word of mouth via someone who knows me and I trust.

OP posts:
bonzo77 · 04/10/2021 21:50

@Sarahlou63 wow. 5! DH would be deeply unimpressed. How do you find the time?

OP posts:
Sarahlou63 · 04/10/2021 22:04

We had 10 at one stage! Living in deepest rural Portugal with very cheap agricultural land and a steady supply of fabulous volunteers is the key.

DP had never had anything other than a goldfish when we first met... 🤣

Sarahlou63 · 04/10/2021 22:06

@bonzo77 - do you have photos yet?

bonzo77 · 05/10/2021 06:50

I shall get pics of the fluffy baby hippo on Friday.

OP posts:
bonzo77 · 08/10/2021 18:23

Only really rubbish picture of pony. Owner suspects she’s younger than they’ve been lead to believe. Probably around age 6.

Pony! Squeeeee!
OP posts:
bonzo77 · 08/10/2021 18:26

I hacked her out with 2 people at my other yard (they’re across the road from each other). She was good as gold, ignored the spooking from the TBs and managed to close a gate that one of the others opened. Despite having little legs she’s really not bouncy, and really forward going except when she was tired from a long trot (about a mile). Completely happy going through puddles and ignored the dogs being walked.

OP posts:
User198724 · 10/10/2021 07:41

Congratulations! That is so exciting!

Mysa74 · 10/10/2021 08:08

Looks and sounds like a good one! Enjoy every minute op, I'm excited for you 😀

krustykittens · 12/10/2021 23:45

Cobs are fab! We have a full feathered 13.2 Gypsy cob we bought from the RSPCA for £200. She matured into the most beautiful girl and is a joy to ride. Forward going, loves to have fun, very talented (does flying changes naturally) and yet put a child on her back and she will plod along, gentle as anything. I am constantly getting offers for her, but if I sold her, I would never get her again! I wish she was a hand bigger but no one is perfect! Congrats on your boy, he looks wonderful.

XelaM · 13/10/2021 13:11

Aww looks very similar to my daughter's new pony! Congratulations!! Cobs are the best Grin

bonzo77 · 15/10/2021 15:41

@krustykittens she’s just a lovely breath of uncomplicated fresh air after the big throrougbreds. I used to ride a cob that was sluggish and I don’t enjoy that, but this one is very forward.

Lovely ride today. She tried in on with me about the mounting block, but I got on eventually and had another practice go when we got back. Something to work on! I’m having to use the mounting block as she’s so round the saddle will spin if I mount from the floor! We hacked with one of the people from last week and went over a motorway bridge, which she was fine about. Had a couple of canters including one where she jumped over every puddle: she’s got a great jump on her!

Photo of her other side, her chest is massive!

Pony! Squeeeee!
OP posts:
bonzo77 · 26/10/2021 18:34

Well. Update here. I was told that owner was going to advertise her next week. I said don’t bother, I’ll get her vetted and take her myself. Totally over excited and slightly bricking it, much the same as every time I’ve looked at a positive pregnancy test 🤣.

OP posts:
krustykittens · 27/10/2021 14:27

Oh, congrats! I am so glad it is working out well for both of you!

Crunched · 27/10/2021 14:32

She looks like she is smiling Smile Congratulations

Mysa74 · 14/11/2021 20:31

How are you doing op? I hope she passed her vetting and you're both having lots of fun?

bonzo77 · 24/11/2021 22:10

Oh yes. Update! She passed the vetting and I bought her the Monday before last. She’s fabulous and I adore her. Yesterday she came to me when I called her in the field, it sounds ridiculous but it made me feel quite emotional. There’s quite a lot of background to this story. My parents always said no to ponies, were dismissive of my interests. Skilfully convinced me that I was both not worthy of following my interests and that they were an inconvenience , yet my interests were beneath me. Really odd. Anyway, years of therapy, and medication and I’ve finally done it. I’d planned to get a sharer, but actually I don’t want to share her! She’s even more fun to ride now she’s thinner and fitter. Her schooling is starting nicely. I’ve had a lesson on her and another booked. She’s opinionated on the ground, so there’s a lot of work to be done there. And luckily, the yard owner who takes a distinct dislike to certain horses and humans, seems to like her too. Previous owner sees her most days and is pleased to see pony so loved. All very happy.

OP posts:
GreyhoundG1rl · 24/11/2021 22:11

Beautiful pony Smile How lovely that it's finally happened!

claymodels · 24/11/2021 22:16

Oh she is lovely, I hope you have many happy years with her Grin

blowtheroofoff · 24/11/2021 22:30

Exciting! I'm like you - loved horses and ponies as a teenager, but never allowed one of my own so spent my time hanging out at the stables doing chores for rides. I love watching YouTube vids of mustang rescues, could watch them all day long - just love watching horses!

One day, I may make the same move as you or maybe volunteer at a rescue centre. Need to retire first though to make the time for it

Rzoxsnryj · 27/11/2021 17:01

So exciting! She's gorgeous 😍 I have a pony who is the apple of my eye, and even after 18 years I look at him sometimes and I'm so happy that I've got my own pony and do a little happy dance 🦄

Rzoxsnryj · 27/11/2021 17:06

Said pony is retired now and I mainly act as carrot bearer and all round servant, but he's with me for life (of course) I'm never happier than when pottering about with him at the yard. I enjoy all the chores that go with having a pony, and he owes me nothing after the years of fun and love he's given me and my family. I particularly enjoy it when he assists with the poo picking by following me about and attempting to knock over the wheelbarrow.
He's keeping me fit as I enter my 60s and is the best thing ever for good mental health. I take sad friends up for a sob into his mane sometimes. He's an excellent listener and never betrays a confidence ♥️

Flixon · 30/11/2021 16:39

How lovely. Last November I bought my first horse aged 56 after wanting one for at least 40 years..

Its been a joy, a deep money pit and a huge commitment - but I wouldn't change a thing :-)

Enjoy x

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