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Pony! Squeeeee!

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bonzo77 · 04/10/2021 17:22

I had to post here as there’s no one in my real life who would give a shit. I’ve wanted a pony for 40 years. FORTY YEARS! And someone I know has got one, and I’m going to share it and if it works out I might buy it. She’s the sweetest natured and rather zippy mini cob. Massively fat after basically being abandoned after a riding school closed. Black but looks like she’ll end up roan. With white feet and face and belly. One wall eye and just gorgeous. Completely different than the OTTBs I’ve been riding. Fingers crossed she’s the safe but fun beastie I’m hoping for.

OP posts:
Drowninginpoo · 30/11/2021 19:11

Ahhh, how lovely and how beautiful is she!!!

I did the same thing - bought my first pony January 20 after waiting 40 years :) Mine is an OTTB but I've somehow ended up with six others since then, one of which has a wall eye and another is a mini cob!

Enjoy, they are one of my happiest places. So much so that I've retrained as a (nearly qualified) EFL practitioner X

bonzo77 · 30/11/2021 20:31

@Drowninginpoo I think with 7 horses, your username is probably quite apt!

The yard is indeed my happy place. My routine is such that I tend to be there when it’s quiet. It’s wonderful. Today her old owner came and clipped her for me, as she’s been a disgraceful madam about it with me. She was pretty awful for her too, but she got enough off that I can work her harder without it being a welfare issue! She’s just the nicest ride, so comfortable, so willing. Point her at random things and she hops over them (fallen branches, brambles that have over grown the track). Starting to listen when I do the exercises my instructor set.

I realise she’d be a money pit, but fuck it. I can afford it, I have savings for the big up front costs (her initial purchase and a saddle) and the regular costs (livery, farrier, insurance etc) are more or less what I was spending on child care till recently.

OP posts:
liveforsummer · 01/12/2021 22:43

Just seen these updates now. What a beautiful pony. Remember that muzzle will need a good amount of suncream come the summer months. Glad you're enjoying her so much

RedDeadRoach · 01/12/2021 22:47

Lovely update op how exciting!

bonzo77 · 02/12/2021 06:57

@liveforsummer yes, her nose is so pink, we have started practicing as she has opinions on various things! She may well need a grazing muzzle so that will help, assuming she keeps it on!

OP posts:
liveforsummer · 02/12/2021 16:23

@bonzo77 , yes she does look an opinionated sort 😍😆

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