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Desperate for help

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stevienickstophat · 30/03/2015 18:02

I have no idea where else to turn, so at the risk of outing myself, I'm begging for help.

I have two Shetland ponies that believe it or not, came with my house. They were originally rescue ponies from the RSPCA.

For the last ten years I've given them a loving home, had one broken in, nursed one through laminitis twice, and really learned the ropes, being a first time horse owner.

Sadly, my marriage broke up and I'm now having to sell the house and buy something smaller. I've kept this place going for two years, but I just can't do it any more.

Unfortunately, my buyer is not willing to offer my boys a home, and I'm at a loss what to do with them.

They're sixteen, one has liver damage (caused before he was rescued by eating ragwort, we think) the other has laminitis, they're as awkward as Shetlands often are - basically nobody is going to want them.

The RSPCA are being very unhelpful. Livery is going to be mega expensive. I'd do it if I could, but I just don't think I can afford it.

I'm worried sick. Does anyone have any idea of what I could do with my poor boys?


OP posts:
lapetitesiren · 30/03/2015 18:14

Try horse rescue charities. There was a thread before where someone found rspca a bit unhelpful. I suppose it depends on resouces in your area.

stevienickstophat · 30/03/2015 18:17

I've been researching, and everyone is saying they're completely overwhelmed.

The World Horse Welfare site suggests euthanasia Sad

I'm at my wit's end.

OP posts:
lapetitesiren · 30/03/2015 18:20

Go round all the local stables with a poster and ask. Someone might know of a pony lover who would help out. I feel for you. Even when they are stroppy they are just so easy to love. I do hope you find someone.
The horse trust 01494 488464 open thursday to sunday 2-4.

stevienickstophat · 30/03/2015 18:22

I will try that, but I can't be sure that whoever takes them on will give them the complex care they need, and I can't pass them on without putting potential new owners in the picture re: their various ailments and age.

Thanks for the horse trust number, I'll speak to them.

OP posts:
Wolfiefan · 30/03/2015 18:22

I don't know where you are but what about Horseworld charity or retirement livery?

stevienickstophat · 30/03/2015 18:23

I'm in North Yorks.

I'll google those options, thanks.

OP posts:
lapetitesiren · 30/03/2015 18:23

Is renting a field an option- ag least temporarily-buy you some time.

stevienickstophat · 30/03/2015 18:24

The laminitis is an issue re: the field renting. We had a menage built for them, to limit grazing.

I've really done my best for them, I feel terrible that I just can't do it any more.

OP posts:
lapetitesiren · 30/03/2015 18:29

You might find someone willing to look after them if you agreed to contribute to vet bills. Depends how you feel about them really. I think someone might be more likely to help them if they were not being asked for vets fees. Some people are kind but skint.

stevienickstophat · 30/03/2015 18:31

I would contribute to vet fees. But then again, these could end up astronomical. One of them is getting really quite ropey.

It sounds as if I'm putting obstacles in the way...just thinking as I type, really...

OP posts:
lapetitesiren · 30/03/2015 18:49

You can't know what the future holds for them healthwise but if it starts to get out of hand you could think again. I'm not in a position to help but a time when I could have been knowing the vets fees were covered would have been a deal maker. They might get a couple more years. I do hope this has an ending thats not too hard for you.

stevienickstophat · 30/03/2015 18:51

Livery will cost 120 quid a week.

Vet bills, farrier bills on top of this.

I can't afford it. I earn very little and ex pays me nothing.

How could I live with myself if I had them put down?

OP posts:
lapetitesiren · 30/03/2015 18:54

Adverts on local paper, village shops around the area, horse magazines........?

stevienickstophat · 30/03/2015 18:55

Yes, I will. Just not feeling very optimistic. Who'd take them on, realistically?

Nervous about letting them go to just anybody, too.

OP posts:
lapetitesiren · 30/03/2015 19:04

If you try everything you can and there is no other solution you will just have to be kind to yourself. These are tough times when horses are getting abandoned. Advertise, ask around and hope. You might get lucky for them. You gave them 10 happy years. They've been luckier than some.

Maybe a livery would give a discount if they know their story? I'm really hoping something comes along for you.

Floralnomad · 30/03/2015 19:08

If you can't afford to keep them realistically they are better off being PTS in their own home than face an uncertain future ,you have done your best and the way I would look at it is you are doing the kindest thing for them ( that's how you live with the decision ) .

lapetitesiren · 30/03/2015 19:14

Are they calm enough to put on loan- you could recoup some of the costs that way.someone pays me 38 per month for a child to ride twice a week - makes a dent in things.I'm an accidental pony owner as well. We need some experts to come on the thread.
Its Easter holidays so a lot of people are away. Ihope you have a few weeks to play with.

lapetitesiren · 30/03/2015 19:19

Floral-you've put that so well.

Pixel · 30/03/2015 19:24

If you wanted to rent a field and carry on looking after them yourself then you'd only want a small patch (as you said, you need to limit grazing anyway) so I'd be asking farmers rather than livery yards if they've got anything you can use.

Philonema · 30/03/2015 19:25

Agree with Flora 100 percent

tattychicken · 30/03/2015 19:26

Please don't pass them on. With health issues and age against them, the best thing really is to PTS. Ponies like this can get passed from pillar to post, and I really think the best thing for them, though the hardest for the owner, is to PTS. X

PatioPonderer · 30/03/2015 19:26

Yes what Floralnomad said. Sometimes we have to make tough decisions, but they can be the right decisions.

These are elderly horses, expensive medical issues, not really suitable to be field companions, assume not rideable. I'm not sure what knowledgeable person would take these on? Sorry to be blunt, a tough decision for you, but you have given them 10 wonderful years. It may be kinder to pts rather than them face an unknown future and failing health in their twilight years.

stevienickstophat · 30/03/2015 19:30

Is that really the answer?

Goodness me.

A few weeks ago we were out feeding sandwiches laced with bute to one of them. It's not that I don't care for them, I really, really do.

Poor lads Sad

OP posts:
stevienickstophat · 30/03/2015 19:32

Would a vet be wiling to do that?

Just pts, just like that?

Oh dear Sad

OP posts:
choccyp1g · 30/03/2015 19:39

Could you possibly get in touch with the people who gave you the horses in the first place? Assuming they must have loved them and wanted them looked after, they may be in a position to help financially now..?

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