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What horsey job do you irrationally hate most?

44 replies

curlew · 17/01/2014 11:16

I LOATHE filling haynets. I would pay someone to fill haynets..........

OP posts:
Mitchy1nge · 17/01/2014 11:53

hate hanging haynets! they are so heavy and annoying

so I just put the hay on the floor instead

also hate picking out muddy feet of stiff, cranky old horse who has to be coaxed into lifting them up

and I hate forking up the muck heap or whatever you are meant to do to stop it creeeping all over the yard so that it has sheer sides like a cliff, why can't it just magically fuck off more frequently?

ExitPursuedByTheRoyalPrude · 17/01/2014 11:55

Me too. Bloody hay nets.

As an aside. What gloves do you wear for doing jobs? I have arthritis in my fingers so wear ski gloves which last about two weeks.

Littlebigbum · 17/01/2014 13:12


willyoulistentome · 17/01/2014 14:14

Sweeping the yard. hate it.

Littlebigbum · 17/01/2014 14:24

Non horsey job is putting food shopping away, hate that

5OBalesofHay · 17/01/2014 15:27

And I thought haynet hatred was just me!

sanschocolat · 17/01/2014 15:31

Pls can I please ask? Are you all soaking hay atm? Helping out at a riding school/livery atm where my dd rides and this is all new to me. [Well, soaking hay only got popular towards the end of my time when I was riding 'properly' (only amble about now on safe leg on each corner types now).

[Sorry for hi-jack]

ExitPursuedByTheRoyalPrude · 17/01/2014 15:35

We use haylage - some of which can be very very heavy.

Soaking - aargh - used to hate that - get soaked yourself tying them up.

Floralnomad · 17/01/2014 15:42

Clipping and bathing ,can't stand doing either . I agree about putting the shopping away as well .

elastamum · 17/01/2014 15:49

Soaking hay is a horrid job. am feeding haylage ATM to avoid soaking hay. Have about 20 bales of hay which needs to be soaked before it is fed as it is a bit dusty, so am saving it for use when the weather is a bit warmer or i run out of money

Littlegreyauditor · 17/01/2014 16:06

Yep, hay. We are on round bales at the minute and I hate pulling hay out of the bale then trying to get it all on a fork for transport. I think deep down this is because I know there are spiders, and I really do not cope well with spiders.

Pixel · 17/01/2014 16:31

I don't do haynets, I have a hayrack in the shelter and just chuck it in the top - takes 2 seconds! I only use it to make dhorse's hay last longer anyway, my sister nags me that it is better for them to eat at ground level. My argument is that that's probably true if they are stabled but he's only eating out of the rack for one hour out of 24 so what's the harm? (Sis likes to invent problems and conveniently forgets that her last pony lived to 35 whilst eating out of haynets Hmm)

Exit we use the thermal workman's gloves that you occasionally get for a couple of quid in Aldi (a very fetching blue and yellow). They have the rubberised palms and fingertips so we can poo pick with them but they really do keep your hands warm whatever the weather. They last forever as well.

Jobs I hate, anything to do with electric fencing is always a pain. It doesn't matter how carefully I store the tape it always forms into a giant knot the second I want to use it. I also hate ragwort pulling/digging and trying to do anything where mud is involved.

Lovesswimming · 17/01/2014 16:55

picking out feet when solid! and lifting water buckets when still full but have been poo'd in!!! Grin

willyoulistentome · 17/01/2014 19:33

Oh god yes, pulling soaked hay out of the ' Bath thing' we had at one yard. Worse in winter when was icy and not possible to change the water every day. I got a weird arthritic thing in my hands doing that.

Mirage · 17/01/2014 21:26

Worming.Even though I've never had a problem with worming the ponies,I still hate doing it.I psych myself up to do it and it is always a doddle,so I don't know why I hate it.

There isn't anything else I dislike.I'd rather do the worst and smelliest horse jobs [like applying cream to dpony's backside every day for the past month] than putting shopping or laundry away.

We only use haynets in the trailer so rarely do them.

Plomino · 17/01/2014 21:37

Used to hate dragging soaking haynets about with a passion , till DH made a contraption when we had the yard redone . Now , we have two 1000 litre tanks which contain rainwater , which are on a plinth in front of which is a bath in a wooden frame . Attached to which is a sloping length of corrugated steel (recycled from the old yard) . Now I just put a whole bale in the bath , soak it for as long as needed , then pull the plug , let the bale sit there until it's emptied , then hoik it onto the drainer . I then put each horses trug at the end of the drainer , cut the bale , and drop the requisite number of sections into each . Easy peasy .

willyoulistentome · 17/01/2014 21:45

We also had a soaking hay contraption. It was quite simple really. There was a scaffolding pole set horizontally above an old bath. We could empty the bath into a gully when the water got too rank. So pretty much daily. We put the haynets in the water in th he bath while we mucked out and then pulled them out using the haynets string over the pole and tied them there y o drain until they stopped dripping when we would hang them outside each stable ready for use later.

Pixel · 17/01/2014 21:46

I hate repairing rugs, but that's not irrational because they always seem to get broken when they are filthy and stinking.

Mitchy1nge · 17/01/2014 22:09

I love unrolling a new 'sheet' of fresh haylage from the massive round bale

it smells so delicious it makes me salivate a bit Blush

Pixel · 17/01/2014 22:12

We are not talking about things you love otherwise I'd have to admit I always have to sniff the cornucrescine when I go into a tack shop.

Mitchy1nge · 17/01/2014 22:18

oops, spreading my toxic positivity everywhere again Grin

I don't know what prompted that

um, when bringing them in I hate trying to hold the horses still while I do the gates up behind us - one is sort of wobbly and you have to lift it with a spare foot and the other has a horrible cold rusty chain that always catches on a sharp bit of hedge

more in keeping with spirit of thread? Grin

Mitchy1nge · 17/01/2014 22:20

I don't know why I said horses because I hate bringing them in together, it doesn't work

everyone else on the face of the earth but me is perfectly capable of leading two horses at once :(

Pixel · 17/01/2014 22:41

More misery, that's better. Tut tut, you giddy youngsters...

I hate unlocking the big main gate because someone has put a stupidly short chain on it, and you have to struggle to get the padlock back on at the same time as stopping the heavy gate from swinging open cos it's on a slope. Also it's a combination lock so you have to line it up exactly right and you can't see any of the numbers in the dark. And if you drop the padlock it goes in the brambles.

I hate it when dhorse needs his sheath cleaned because he tries to kill me.

Mirage · 18/01/2014 10:45

Mitchy I prefer not to lead two.I can do it,but dpony hates other ponies being in her space and will pull faces and threaten them,so leading her plus another up or down a muddy slope while she is grumping away and the other one is trying to get away from her is not fun.Luckily she will follow me anywhere,so I just catch DD2's pony,shout to dpony and she'll tag along up the yard and wait to be tied up.

Notaddictedtosugar · 18/01/2014 13:44

Currently I bloody hate poulticing! Horse has the biggest heaviest feet imaginable, and trying to hold one up, while getting myself tangled up in bits of tape, is not my idea of fun! Mitchy, you are not the only one. I have never worked out how to bring in two at once. I always end up with one pointing the wrong way, and them trying to kick each other as I try and get out of the gate.

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