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Hunting for the first time, I'm terrified

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FirstHunt · 26/01/2013 18:14

Am hunting on Monday it.l be the 4th time I've ridden the horse though he has hunted, I've popped over some small jumps in the school but I've never ever jumped a hedge, will I have to jump? if I don't jump am I likely to be left behind massively that's something he really doesn't like. I don't mind popping over small stuff but not huge hedges etc.

OP posts:
jade80 · 26/01/2013 22:45

Yes, and the gamekeeper can still do just that, and will need to, as currently hunts are not hunting foxes with hounds.

ravenAK · 26/01/2013 22:46

Well, I think it's all eloquently been said by earlier posters.

Your proposed behaviour disgusts me, OP.


BinarySolo · 26/01/2013 22:46

It's not selective. Just because you catch the fox it doesn't mean it was ill or injured or old or whatever it is you tell yourself. It's just the hounds were faster.

Foxes have gone to ground then been dug out and thrown to hounds. How was that selective?

Unless you're trapping foxes, medically examining them, then killing the weaker ones, you are not being selective.

Also, 'efficient' when talking about keeping down the fox population would imply a certain 'hit' rate as it were, so I do find your arguments contradictory and illogical.

As for your mind could be changed, I think it's pretty obvious that this isn't true as you're breaking the law due to the strength of your beliefs.

frustratedworkingmum · 26/01/2013 22:47

Sharpkat, thats horrible for you - not to mention the cats that are often killed by foxhounds. I daresay the huntsmen and their nags do far more damage to farmers land than a few foxes.

LineRunner · 26/01/2013 22:48

To go back to OP, you have just bought a horse and you are inexperienced and you want to point it at and jump hedges and walls in the countryside?

Fuck ooooooooff.

SabrinaMulhollandJjones · 26/01/2013 22:48

I'm a vegetarian too.

I find that I also don't like partaking in activities that are likely to lead to the cruel death of a live animal.

Funny that.

FirstHunt · 26/01/2013 22:51

No liner inner,mi don't want to jump hedges and walls that's what I said in my op. I also didn't say that I'm inexperienced I've ridden for years, I can jump but haven't done a lot of jumping recently.

OP posts:
FirstHunt · 26/01/2013 22:51

Terrible typos there, don't know what happened.

OP posts:
BeerTricksPotter · 26/01/2013 22:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jade80 · 26/01/2013 22:52

Binarysolo. I am not breaking the law. I hunt with a pack that operates within the law. Even people hunting with a pack that did break the law would not be charged themselves. Perhaps a master who broke the law might be charged, but I don't think a follower of a hunt has ever been charged with breaking the law?!

jade80 · 26/01/2013 22:53

Leave landowners to what, sorry?

SabrinaMulhollandJjones · 26/01/2013 22:54

OP - I may have missed it, but if this hunt is not hunting live foxes (even if "oops accidentally" and thus "within the law" Hmm ) why are you ashamed to tell your family what you are doing?

TheOriginalSteamingNit · 26/01/2013 22:54

If only nature had some way of disposing of sick old foxes by itself, eh?

FirstHunt · 26/01/2013 22:54

Am dipping out of this now. Thanks for those who gave advice.

OP posts:
frustratedworkingmum · 26/01/2013 22:55

I'm not a vegetarian, i am very objective about animal welfare - I do not however take any pleasure about participating in an animals death and do not understand anyone who does. I extend this to people who go shooting, and whilst i understand that certain animals need controlling, to do it for fun? Hmm

I don't think it matters whether the OP is a troll or not actually - its a valid debate.

But as someone pointed out, new, young horse, unconfident rider - its an accident waiting to happen and i genuinely hope that niether the OP or her horse sustain an injury as a result of her foolhardiness. Also, if he is nappy and strong aren't you putting other riders at risk?

jade80 · 26/01/2013 22:55

Well quite, theoriginalnit. However, the fox has no natural predators in this country.

QuickLookBusy · 26/01/2013 22:56

Hahaha a vegetarian fox hunter.

What a load of shit

Feelingood · 26/01/2013 22:57

Oh I'm lates but another big fat hairy troll

< leads goats over with the v's>

Mmmm nice untrodden grass over here

LineRunner · 26/01/2013 22:57

OP, put the horse back in the stable and do not ride it in a hunt.

ThatVikRinA22 · 26/01/2013 22:58

i hope you are suitably put off this vile sport then when you see the reality of it.

and its illegal i know the law - ive spent the last 3 years studying it - im a police officer.

vile vile and vile. how anyone can sit and watch dogs kill a smaller wild animal is beyond me.
foxes - if you actually do the research - are self regulating.

if you want a jolly hack cross country then do it - i adore riding and i adore my time at the stables - i want my own horse and i love everything horsey. except hunting.
i will never ever stoop to that.

TheOriginalSteamingNit · 26/01/2013 22:59

Yeah, and sick old foxes tend to live indefinitely, right?

Butkin · 26/01/2013 22:59

OP you won't need to jump at all. Introduce yourself to the Field Master at the meet and they will point you in the direction of whoever leads the no-jumping group.

I'd have thought you'd need more experience of riding/jumping your new horse. However if you're set on it then put on your flash and reins on the lowest ring of your gag just in case. Consider parking up a distance away and hacking to the meet to get him a little tired and relaxed.

At the meet keep him moving and once they start keep towards the back.

Don't forget your Cap (you should have called the Secretary in advance to say you'd like to come and find out how much) and say good night to everybody when you leave. Finish as soon as you find that he is tiring - probably less than 2 hours - you'd be unwise to keep going to the end or past second horses.


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BeerTricksPotter · 26/01/2013 22:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

QuickLookBusy · 26/01/2013 22:59

Will MNHQ let us Troll Hunt the Fox Hunt, just this once? Pretty please?

jade80 · 26/01/2013 22:59

Frustrated- I don't take pleasure in deaths either, why would I, that would be sick. I do support fox hunting though, I don't believe this means I take pleasure in foxes dying. It means I believe it is the best method of controlling them. Although obviously this is theoretical as hunting as it used to be is currently illegal.

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