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Hunting for the first time, I'm terrified

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FirstHunt · 26/01/2013 18:14

Am hunting on Monday it.l be the 4th time I've ridden the horse though he has hunted, I've popped over some small jumps in the school but I've never ever jumped a hedge, will I have to jump? if I don't jump am I likely to be left behind massively that's something he really doesn't like. I don't mind popping over small stuff but not huge hedges etc.

OP posts:
frustratedworkingmum · 26/01/2013 22:23

I have experience of hunting, and have witnessed it first hand - its vile although most the people on their horses are probably genuine in their "lovely day out" mentality don't tend to see the kill. It is the terrier men and hangers on that get down and dirty and take their spades to the foxes. They are usually the ones who take out the fox hounds when they are old and of no use anymore.

FlouncingMintyy · 26/01/2013 22:23

Oh come on, don't engage. No one would come and post on Mumsnet about this without wanting to start a bunfight. It is a construct!

Greensleeves · 26/01/2013 22:24

Getting people like you to change your minds requires a transplant surgeon, not a reasoned argument. Which is what's so great about parliament having criminalised fox hunting.

BinarySolo · 26/01/2013 22:24

You're basically spouting this 'humane' crap in order to defend something you enjoy doing. I'd have far more respect for fox hunters if they just admitted that they didn't give a shit about some random bit of wildlife being ripped to pieces because they got to have a jolly nice day out in the process.

Ah wait, actually, no. I'd still think you were cretins.

SabrinaMulhollandJjones · 26/01/2013 22:25

Anyone that thinks chasing a live animal to exhaustion for sport can be justified in any way, shape or form, is utterly repulsive.

SabrinaMulhollandJjones · 26/01/2013 22:27

*...chasing a live animal to exhaustion, to then suffer a cruel death being ripped apart by hounds, can be justified....

Lost a sentence there somehow.

jade80 · 26/01/2013 22:29

Beertricks, I'm not dismissing you as anything, as I said I'm happy to listen to the views of others and if I hear a convincing argument I may adjust my views.

Greensleeves. Great- so you're happy that parliament criminalised fox hunting. I'm happy to continue supporting my local hunt, riding across lovely countryside with some interesting, lovely people.

Binarysolo, I can't speak for others, but I don't agree with your assessment of my motive at all. I won't resort to calling you a cretin though!

Greensleeves · 26/01/2013 22:30

You're happy to continue breaking the law and torturing wild animals. Why doesn't that surprise me?

jade80 · 26/01/2013 22:31

I have done neither of those things, thank you very much.

BeerTricksPotter · 26/01/2013 22:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pickledparsnip · 26/01/2013 22:32

Fucking disgusting. I hope you tell your family, and they are suitably horrified and ashamed, and tell you so.

ThatVikRinA22 · 26/01/2013 22:34

im a bobbie (at least i am for now)
i love horses and i love riding but hunting foxes with dogs is illegal. im sick and tired of going over the legalities of this.
its illegal to intentionally hunt a fox with dogs and horses. illegal and wrong morally in my opinion but opinion is just that - the law is the law. why the chuff do people think this is a law its ok to break?

im anti. i love horses. i love riding. i hate cruelty.

FunnysInLaJardin · 26/01/2013 22:35

we used to go to the town hall in Loughborough and heckle the Quorn hunt on Boxing Day. I can still see my Dad shouting 'You'll need your Dutch courage' and they sat on horseback in the centre of town sipping sherry.

We don't have foxes here and so it has always been drag hunting, and rightly so

FlouncingMintyy · 26/01/2013 22:36


BinarySolo · 26/01/2013 22:36

You just keep repeating yourself, jade. Same old humane argument which simply isn't true. Oh but that's right, your vegetarian, so it must be humane if you hunt.

As Beertricks has said hunting is inefficient. So how is it still the best method of control?

SabrinaMulhollandJjones · 26/01/2013 22:36

The 'convincing arguments' in parliament are surely what caused the changes in the Law in the first place.

jade80 · 26/01/2013 22:37

Hunting with hounds is the selective way to do it. Sick foxes are killed, leaving a healthier population. Shooting, trapping and posioning are all totally unselective. For me, this is the nub of the whole argument. The most 'efficient' way would be shoot the buggers, all of them! But extermination of foxes is hardly desirable, is it? (And who cares if many are wounded but left alive to suffer for weeks?) I find this idea much less pleasant than foxhunting.

Thanks for the comments about my 'game little nag' I still think he's fab!

Just out of interest, what is the 'old knowledge'?

Sharpkat · 26/01/2013 22:37

Please ensure you only go over land you have permission to if you do decide to undertake this barbaric pursuit.

I spent one year delivering stillborn lamb after lamb as the Hunt went across our land without permission and caused all the ewes to miscarry as they went so fast.

It doesn't matter where the fox or trail goes. Just make sure you have permission. And it wasn't only the one time.

jade80 · 26/01/2013 22:39

Binarysolo- to reiterate, I think it is better because it is selective. 'Efficient' is just about numbers killed- more killed=more efficient. 'Selective' is about leaving a healthy fox population, not cutting numbers as much as possible!

BeerTricksPotter · 26/01/2013 22:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Greensleeves · 26/01/2013 22:40

Hunting with hounds is illegal jade. Even if you think it's better.

Mentioning that you are a vegetarian was a bit odd, given that you are so wholly convinced that you are doing nothing wrong. Are the dogs veggie too?

jade80 · 26/01/2013 22:40

I'm sorry to hear that sharpkat, how awful, I hope it never happens again.


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jade80 · 26/01/2013 22:43

Beertricks. Again, I can only speak from experience. I have seen foxes outrun hounds several times. I have never actually seen one caught.
Vegetarianism mentioned purely to illustrate that I'm not a dyed in the wool animal killing, steak knawing, right wing toff (you'd never get a veggie one of those!) No, the hounds aren't vegetarian. Nor is my pet dog!

BeerTricksPotter · 26/01/2013 22:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jade80 · 26/01/2013 22:44

Oh and I know it's illegal, I'm sure I've referenced that myself once or twice this thread!

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