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'Gifts' your cats have brought in.

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curlyclaz13 · 27/08/2013 21:47

What gifts have you had from your cats ? Small cat has just 'caught' half a sausage, we have also had a live mouse this week which dp had to rescue from inside the piano after the cats spent all of sunday staring at it !
Other memorable gifts include fish x 2, a birds egg, a birds nest (the cat moved it and hid it in one of mum's shoes ) and the leg from a stuffed toy. There have been the usual animals mainly dead including squirrels and live frogs and birds. bless 'em !

OP posts:
Islagiatt · 27/08/2013 22:08

Long time ago, lived in new housing and my lovely cat brought an actual £5 note one day and a pasty in a bag another day. Convinced from builders on site!

Now moved out to country and we have had an actual pigeon (live) and to this day I still don't know how - but an actual pheasant (again live - and big!) - can't even think how they managed to get through cat flap.

We have had lots of shrews (my lord they stink after a few days under the sofa), lots of mice and sadly 100's of baby rabbits - well what gets left of them.

Cats are such a joy Hmm

Pascha · 27/08/2013 22:13

Rat. A headless frog. Many small squeaky things. Nothing actually alive.

SmallBee · 27/08/2013 22:17

We've had live birds, dead birds, half of a bird, voles, mice (alive and dead) frogs and a leaf. Its like the massacre at Farthing Wood in our back garden, I'm amazing he keeps finding things to bring in. Annoyingly, he'll happily murder anything small and fluffy but when I want him to kill spiders for me can you find him anywhere?

sonlypuppyfat · 27/08/2013 22:17

My last cat used to bring in live birds ugh they used to get caught in the window and shit everywhere

somethingscary · 27/08/2013 22:21

Mice, voles, birds & the occasional frog!

Runrogrogrun · 27/08/2013 22:22

My cat has brought in a couple of live rabbits (not fully grown), many mice (sometimes got bored and would just let them go in the house - thanks), dead and live birds (and I have a fear of birds), a mole and a bat. She has slowed down now she's getting on a bit.

moonbells · 27/08/2013 22:37

Today we got our first gift from Mooncat. A Lime hawk moth caterpillar Hmm

Fortunately neither Mooncat nor Moonkitten have noticed the trio of frogs in the pond, or the ancient well 'ard goldfish. Yet.

2kidsintow · 27/08/2013 22:38

Half a frog.
Dead mouse (which I trod upon in the dark).

Live mouse (which ran up my trouser leg when cornered)

Thanks cat.

clareyfarey · 27/08/2013 22:41

My 3 year old ginger moron hasn't ever caught a thing! Saying that, he steals clothes that fall off people's washing lines. And he bought me a dishcloth from the sink this morning.

Oh Ginger Alan, how I love thee.

TeamEdward · 27/08/2013 22:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

itstooearly · 27/08/2013 22:43

Frogs, mice, birds, crisp packets , sausage roll, chicken drumstick, roast potato,half an apple and a half used pouch of whiskas kitten food. He keeps us on our toes.

WhispersOfWickedness · 27/08/2013 22:48

A mole was the most exciting thing ours brought in, I'd never seen a mole up close before!
I know someone whose cat brought in another cat!!! It was dead and the other cat managed to drag it through the cat flap Confused

Wineandchoccy · 27/08/2013 22:52

We have had our cat 8 years and until we moved house last year he never brought us anything but things must be tastier in this town because we have had dead birds, rabbits, frogs legs (not sure where the other bits went), 1 squawking bird in the kitchen, a mouse in the lounge (dead thankfully) and a child's sock.

moonbells · 27/08/2013 22:54

Neighbours' cat a few years back was coming down the steps from our house one day when we got home. He was dragging a dead squirrel.

We gave him a round of applause.

Our old cat's best one was a live mouse that she dropped proudly in the middle of the living room. It shot under the telly (old weighs a ton CRT) and stayed there. Took me two hours to get the bloody thing out (and then it died of shock). Most of which time the cat was watching me and not helping one little bit. Git.

SabrinaMulhollandJjones · 27/08/2013 22:56

A live fish from next door's pond. Oh yes.

The fish survived the experience - despite a trip over a 5ft wall Shock

Devora · 27/08/2013 22:56

This is my least favourite part of cat ownership. Our cat is quite markedly unintelligent and boasts almost no sense of smell (I have to put his food two inches from his eyeballs before he gets it) and also has no territory of his own, yet manages to regularly bring in semi-massacred wildlife. Hideous. I always know it's coming because he runs in miaowing excitedly, the only time he displays any emotion other than blank-eyed sorrow.

I keep a bell on him which I like to think balances the odds a little. But clearly not enough.

Vajazzler · 27/08/2013 22:57

My cats have gifted me many mice, usually they bring them in alive, play with them for a bit then get bored and let them run off in the house. You only realise a week later when it dawns on you that he cats have been sat staring at the gap next to the washing machine/under the sofa etc for several days!

There was also the time boy cat bought home a cygnet fresh from the egg. It was still wet and sticky with eyes closed. I wrestled it away from him and disposed of it and less than 10 minutes later was back with another one, also still wet and sticky.

GemmaTeller · 27/08/2013 23:00

Grin at pasty in a paper bag.

Kittencat is a prolific hunter and as we're semi-rural has a whale of a time.

I'm waiting for the inevitable squirrel encounter.

starsandunicorns · 27/08/2013 23:01

Baby birds still alive that dd then 5 saw it blink so had to take to vets sigh

we had a cat that brought live toads and frogs boak and mice too

had cats when growing up which brought in dead rats one sadly died from the rat poison after eating half of it amd brought the other in house mother wasnt pleased got dad to clean up

BonaDea · 27/08/2013 23:02

Most of the mice we get are alive. It is so annoying!! The culprit comes through the flap with his 'I'm a hunter!' Meow and DH jumps to the ready with the dedicated mouse catching Tupperware pot which lives in the living room. Cue 'hilarious' scenes of us trying to catch the thing and release it (unless badly maimed in which case DH does the decent thing).

Worst ever was a rat which then somehow made its way down the loo where I found it one night on a midnight pee trip. shudders

itried · 27/08/2013 23:03

Dead mice, living mice, frogs and a baby seagull

fortyplus · 27/08/2013 23:03

I have 2 cats. One is a tigress, the other an inept fool.

Tigress cat once brought a live magpie into the house - my God their beaks are huge and sharp when you see them close up! She also once had a brown rat (dead, thankfully) that was as large as a rabbit. Oh yes - rabbits - some of those, too.

Inept cat is 4 and so far has managed a few mice and a baby bird.

edam · 27/08/2013 23:04

Isla, I'm very impressed by your fiver, why can't my cat bring back something useful like that?

Our daft moggie brings live mice in, then drops them. Saturday night I heard a kerfuffle, cat ran in with a mouse in his gob, drops mouse as soon as he sees me - then wanders around shooting puzzled glances as me as though I'm supposed to know where the dratted thing as gone! I couldn't see hide nor hair of it, pulled all the cushions off the sofa and looked underneath but no joy. Half an hour later more scrabbling, cat emerges triumphantly from under the sofa with the mouse, only to drop it again. Grrr. Wasn't until the next morning I found the dratted thing, fortunately (for me) deceased.

Kithulu · 27/08/2013 23:05

My kitten brings home worms! I find them dried up in odd places. Shock

soaccidentprone · 27/08/2013 23:06

Stale sandwich in a paper bag, old pan scrub and a racing pigeons foot (complete with pile of corn. I assume the rest was in ginger cats tummy!

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