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'Gifts' your cats have brought in.

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curlyclaz13 · 27/08/2013 21:47

What gifts have you had from your cats ? Small cat has just 'caught' half a sausage, we have also had a live mouse this week which dp had to rescue from inside the piano after the cats spent all of sunday staring at it !
Other memorable gifts include fish x 2, a birds egg, a birds nest (the cat moved it and hid it in one of mum's shoes ) and the leg from a stuffed toy. There have been the usual animals mainly dead including squirrels and live frogs and birds. bless 'em !

OP posts:
NotAnotherPackedLunch · 29/08/2013 15:10

A used teabag.
It was bin night.

cozietoesie · 29/08/2013 15:17

A used teabag?

Lordy - if that's the pinnacle of his achievements, poor lad.

NotAnotherPackedLunch · 29/08/2013 15:47

There are some daddy long legs as well as the tea bag.Grin

TooTabooToBoo · 29/08/2013 16:19

Large stuffed owl!? Wow.

(not quite as impressive as a tea bag though....)

soaccidentprone · 29/08/2013 16:52

A mouse.

Yes quite common.

But with the back of the head bitten off and placed lovingly next to the bottom step so that when you came downstairs ini the morning you stood on it.

Exh had mouse brain on his footGrin told him he should wear carpet slippers!

cozietoesie · 29/08/2013 16:58

I've always taken the view that it's quicker and cheaper to wash feet than to try to deal with slippers. (The same holds true for any accidents that you stand on while going to the loo in the dead of night.)


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