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The litter tray

Cat owners quick I need help!!!!

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Mrschocolate · 12/08/2013 19:12

FIL went to his bosses house today with some documents. His boss is on holiday for 3 weeks and asked FIL to take the key from his next door neighbour (a mutual friend) and to leave the documents in the kitchen.

When FIL got their he found a cat. It was yowling and he said it looked very distressed. There was no water in the cats bowl and no food out. FIL called his boss to tell him about the cat because he assumed that whoever was supposed to be watching the cat hadn't turned up. (the neighbour is housebound so wouldn't of been looking after the cat)

His boss said that know one was looking after the cat. He got it two months ago for a girlfriend who then left him. She didn't want the cat and he didn't want one in the first place so he just left it there whilst he went on holiday. He left the cat flap open and assumed that when it got hungry it would leave and not bother coming back. However the cat is a house cat and his boss guess that is why the cat hadn't left yet.
FIL was horrified and told his boss he was taking the cat. His boss said do what you like with it.

The cat is black and white (like Jess the cat off postman pat) it's a female and it doesn't look full grown though it is thin. It has drank a lot of water and FIL fed him some chicken out of a packet that he bought from a local garage on his way home.

The cat is asleep on the sofa cushions. PILs called me around for some advice because they have never owned a pet. However I have only owned dogs so I have no idea either. I have called my vet and they are taking the cat in first thing in the morning.

Could you please give advice on what to do for this cat. FIL is going to go to the supermarket to grab some cat stuff so I am hoping you can give us some advice as to what to get

OP posts:
ToffeeWhirl · 12/08/2013 19:16

I can't believe anyone would behave like this and just abandon a cat Sad. I'm no expert, but I'm sure the lovely Litter Tray lot will be along to advise you shortly. Poor cat. Thank goodness your FIL found him and has done the right thing.

Any chance your PIL will want to keep the cat?

OldLadyKnowsNothing · 12/08/2013 19:16

Are pil plsnning on keeping the cat? They need food (wet and/or dry, doesn't matter much) and a litter tray, and some litter. Other than that, a check-up at the vet and follow advice from there.

Wineandchoccy · 12/08/2013 19:17

How can people be so cruel!

Anyway you need wet cat food and biscuits, mine has Felix as good as it looks 1 pouch a day + biscuits are always out for him. Fresh water, no milk it makes them sick. And a pack of dreamies will make her love you forever!

trixymalixy · 12/08/2013 19:19

What an absolute twat leaving a cat to starve!

Hassled · 12/08/2013 19:20

Litter tray (put newspaper underneath because it gets scattered) with cat litter and liners if possible (otherwise put some newspaper below the cat litter. Some wet food - Felix/Whiskas, and maybe some dry. And that's it - they're pretty self-sufficient. Poor thing.

Tabby1963 · 12/08/2013 19:24

Your vet will know of a cat shelter where you can take her, unless you want to take her on yourself. Don't feel that you have to though because it is a bit commitment. Thanks for rescuing her.

OnaPromise · 12/08/2013 19:25

I think FIL should get a new job. I wouldn't want to work for someone like that. Why didn't he just give it over to a rescue ffs.

Tabby1963 · 12/08/2013 19:25


p.s. not surprised girlfriend left your boss. He sounds like a dick.

SummerRain · 12/08/2013 19:27

Jesus, what a cunt ShockAngry

Anyway, as for what they need, food and a litter tray. If it is female she needs to be spayed asap and based on the shitty treatment I doubt she's been vaccinated so ask the vet to do that tomorrow. Cats are easy really, they don't need much apart from food and love which it sounds like she's getting now the poor thing.

Good on your fil for taking her, he sounds lovely.

Mrschocolate · 12/08/2013 19:32

PIL have never had a pet before however I think the cat has stolen FILs heart. MIL said that she could hear him earlier calling her his baby girl and saying that he will take care of her now. MIL is pretty taken with her too, she is a lovely little thing and she just let FIL pick her up and take in the car with know fuss. I think they want to get her checked out at the vets first and then they can talk properly about keeping her.

FIL has gone to the supermarket now for cat supplies. If you can think of anything else keep it coming and I can text FIL whilst he is there.

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 12/08/2013 19:34

Thank goodness it looks like she's found a proper home. What a complete stinker to abandon her.

Mrschocolate · 12/08/2013 19:37

FIL is shocked that his boss has done this. He and his boss are on good terms and are pretty friendly with each other.

OP posts:
Sparklingbrook · 12/08/2013 19:38

Sad They will need to keep the cat inside for at least 3 weeks, also it needs a trip to the vets for flea and worm treatment, vaccinations and a general check up. If the cat has a microchip the details will need transferring.

I wonder if she has been spayed?

I am so glad that she has found a home, what a callous act to just leave the cat like that. What a git.

ToffeeWhirl · 12/08/2013 19:38

Sounds as if FIL has fallen in lurve and that puss cat has fallen on his/her feet at last.


Mrschocolate · 12/08/2013 19:47

I doubt the cat was microchipped because otherwise the bosses plan wouldn't of worked because someone could of found the cat after it had escaped and traced it back to him.

If cat isn't microchipped is it likely that it has had other vaccinations? Something makes me think that it is unlikely that he will have gotten the cat vaccinations.... What a dick

OP posts:
OnaPromise · 12/08/2013 19:47

Fingers crossed for puss. Your PILs sound lovely.

Sparklingbrook · 12/08/2013 19:51

I doubt the cat will be vaccinated too. Hadn't thought of the microchip thing-very true. It will need to be microchipped to your ILs.

Bakingtins · 12/08/2013 19:52

What a git. It's an offence to leave an animal without food and water. I'd love to say report him to the RSPCA but I guess that would put PIL in a v difficult position. Good on him for taking action to rescue her.

fackinell · 12/08/2013 19:55

Awww your PILs sound lovely. I'd just add to this a nice cosy blanket or bed so she feels totally at home. Lucky little girl. Grin

Mrschocolate · 12/08/2013 19:56

Does anyone know how much it would cost to get her vaccinated and microchipped? ILs are going to pay for whatever she needs they would just like a rough idea

OP posts:
deliasmithy · 12/08/2013 19:58

How horrible and thank goodness your pils have taken her in. Vets is a good idea - see if the vet can administer flea and worming treatments. Perhaps the boss can shed light on vaccinations etc.

It would be tempting to feed her lots but little and often is best as she may be so hungry she overeats. It will take her a while to build her back up.

mumofone25 · 12/08/2013 19:58

Wow I cannot believe somebody would actually do this! So glad that your FIL took her out of that horrible situation. Hope everything goes well at the vets!


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cozietoesie · 12/08/2013 19:58

Microchipping is around £20, I think. Vaccinations (a full initial course) - maybe £60 or £70? Their local vet will be able to confirm because costs can vary according to location.

deliasmithy · 12/08/2013 20:00

Some vets have prices on their website.

About a tenner for chipping, and my cheap vet is £25 for first injection against 3 illnesses, but others charge more.

ratbagcatbag · 12/08/2013 20:00

It's worth ringing RSPCA or cats protection for info. My cat was a stray, fell in love with her but as I was keeping her rather than adding to RSPCA workload they speyed (well didn't as turned out done, but knocked her out and attempted too) for £20. They sometimes have offers on for chipping too.

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