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Do your cats dribble and snore?

31 replies

GetOrf · 15/02/2013 14:14

My two black cats dribble as soon as you cuddle them. They just sit on your lap purring and then within a minute are drooling everywhere.

The two younger kittens don't. My dd is convinced it's a black cat thing. Grin

And the senior cat snores like an old man when he is asleep - really loudly.

OP posts:
Pascha · 15/02/2013 14:17

Its disgusting isn't it? The Ginger spends his time licking and slurping to stop it going down his chin. Mind you, he's pretty vile anyway. Like a gross old man who has missed life's lessons on hygiene.

The Snowshoe does no such thing. Far too well behaved.

GetOrf · 15/02/2013 14:19

It makes me laugh. The two black cats are so noble looking, and then they dribble and look like they have taken leave of their senses. They do have the grace to look slightly ashamed.

Oh dear. I am one of those sad sack cat owners who invest emotions in their cats which they probably don't possess.

OP posts:
MortifiedAdams · 15/02/2013 14:24

Boycat snores, like a whistly nosed snore. Its really sweet. Girlcat doesnt nor does she dribble but she does come for a cwtch right after having a drink and the water tends to drip iff her chin

Pascha · 15/02/2013 14:26

The Ginger isn't remotely noble looking. He's a bad tempered plank most of the day who turns soppy when there are no children about to annoy him. Thats when he climbs on the cushion on my lap and rubs his chin on my face, spreading the drool Angry

I love my cats!

GetOrf · 15/02/2013 14:26

Oh yes, one of mine drinks water out of the bathroom tap and gets water all over his whiskers.

OP posts:
Sparklingbrook · 15/02/2013 14:26

Sparkling Cat dribbles when she's having a fuss.

Pascha · 15/02/2013 14:27

Oh yes.

Cat emotions:

Snowshoe - Feed me, love me, rub me, notice me.

Ginger - Fuck off.

GetOrf · 15/02/2013 14:28

Do any of your cats get jealous (oh god perhaps I am mad).

If I am cuddling one of the kittens the elder cat jumps very hard on my lap and shoos them away.

OP posts:
GetOrf · 15/02/2013 14:29

The kittens, by the way, are 3 years old.

We will still be calling them kittens when they are in their teens. Grin

OP posts:
drinkyourmilk · 15/02/2013 14:29

My Mils cat does that. She's a terribly sweet old thing. As soon as you sit down she's meowing at your feet. She likes you to ruffle her cheeks and then dribbles happily. When you stop stroking her she head butts your forehead till you start again. She also likes to sleep under the duvet snuggled right up to your chest. She sleeps between my oh and I when we stay.

HerbyVore · 15/02/2013 14:32

My old dear departed boy snored and dribbled all his life, - he used to do that paw paddling thing on me too the instant he got onto my lap. And if I dared to move when he was sat on me he would tut, or pfft I suppose.

out2lunch · 15/02/2013 14:38

Oh yes the jealousy

I often have furry queue for my lap

aJumpedUpPantryBoy · 15/02/2013 14:41

My black cat, my white cat and my black and white cat don't dribble at all but the ginger cat drools as soon as you stroke him - it goes all down his chest. In fact he is the only cat I have seen who drips drool.

The tabby cat dribbles a tiny but but he gets embarrased by it and stops to clean his face.

greenhill · 15/02/2013 14:48

My black cat occasionally dribbles and purrs very loudly when stroked. She is 18 though and always washes afterwards.

TheSilveryPussycat · 15/02/2013 15:31

No dribbling from my black cat, but she is snoring on the bed as I type. Her snoring is much quieter than mine Blush

hugoagogo · 15/02/2013 15:37

Not much dribbling here, but she snores like something on a building site Hmm Grin

Fluffycloudland77 · 15/02/2013 16:51

Oh dear. I am one of those sad sack cat owners who invest emotions in their cats which they probably don't possess.

Lol, I have a book on my kindle that's a self help guide for cats, one of the questions is "what is your emotional response to situations?

A) predictable
B) varied
C) what's an emotional response?

ArielThePiraticalMermaid · 15/02/2013 16:53

Yes to both.

She also has a constantly blocked nose and kind of snorts.

ArielThePiraticalMermaid · 15/02/2013 16:54

If you stroke your car when they're dozing, do they make this lovely "brrrrruh" noise? I love that!

winemakesmeclever · 15/02/2013 17:01

Yep. His snoring has woken me in the middle of the night before (I am a very light sleeper though). His dribbling only really started when he had shedloads of teeth out. He's an old grandpa cat Smile

BadgersRetreat · 15/02/2013 17:29

no dribbling but she sure can snore

when we all settle down in bed at night she lets out this big snorey sigh that sounds like bagpipes deflating Grin

SecretNutellaFix · 15/02/2013 17:40

Boycat purrs and drools, his sister snorts and jerks every so often when she's asleep. They are ten next month and this has started happening as they have been getting older.

GetOrf · 15/02/2013 18:03

I do love cats. Smile

OP posts:
poozlepants · 15/02/2013 18:07

We have/had 3 or 4 black cats but no dribblers. Knew a grey one which drooled like a tap if you even said hello. We had a tabby who snored so loudly he was banned from the bedroom.

Moominsarehippos · 15/02/2013 18:13

Can, no.
Me, yes.

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