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The litter tray

Stupid things your cat does.

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Fluffycloudland77 · 04/01/2013 20:14

Tries to sniff a lit gas fire.

Tries to smell lit candles (theme emerging)

Tries to chew razors (more careful these days)

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 04/01/2013 20:15

I'm wondering just how many lives he's actually got left?


Fluffycloudland77 · 04/01/2013 20:25

He's doing his very best to get through all 9 lives.

He's not doing my heart any favours either.

OP posts:
Frostyfoxy · 04/01/2013 20:27

My cat sits by the patio doors in the rain, getting soaking wet, meowing to come in and waits till someone reminds him that about 5 pawsteps away in the back door is an open catflap!! In fact it is the same catflap that he went out to get to the patio door to meow at to come in!!

bootsycollins · 04/01/2013 20:30

Not particularly stupid but always makes me laugh, I love coming home and seeing him sat on the upstairs windowsill like a news reader, his default facial expression is like he's just had some bad news. I just love him.

bruffin · 04/01/2013 20:33

Mine runs full tilt out of the house and launches herself at the tree, lands with all 4 legs spreadeagled hanging by her claws. She looks like a splat cat.
She also spends a lot of time staring down the loo.

Pascha · 04/01/2013 20:33

Sits near my toddler. I mean, just how thick must he be to imagine he will get away unscathed from DS's kissing and tickling attempts?

lljkk · 04/01/2013 20:38

Mine are pretty canny, have me wrapped around their little fingers claws for sure.

there is a very funny MN thread in archives, competitive cat stupidity. I can't top anything in there.

Sparklingbrook · 04/01/2013 20:41

My Mum's kitten watches the TV. She likes the cricket and Countryfile best. we got her a DVD of Underwater World for Christmas so she can watch the fishes. Grin

MrsPoglesWood · 04/01/2013 20:49

She likes to sit on the stairs and shout us through the rails. We then have to go and stick our faces through them so she can lean against us whilst she purrs and occassionally rubs her face against ours.

She will actually sit in the hall miaowing until we go and see what she wants and then she will run up the stairs and wait expectantly for a 'leaning' session. A bit odd but the other day I saw a tv report about some lions in a wildlife park and they were doing exactly the same thing against the wire fence where the keeper was standing. Moggies are fab Grin

Musomathsci · 04/01/2013 20:52

Latest silliness is consumption of (stolen) dried apricots, with predictable results... He also likes broccoli, potato peelings and mango!

Cailleach · 04/01/2013 20:59

Sneaking into open drawers / cupboards as silently as possible, then sitting there in silence whilst the human closes the door, not knowing a cat is secreted within.

Then waiting, say, twenty minutes or so until the humans are nicely settled on the sofa / in the bath, then letting out an almighty wail of "I WANT OUT AND I WANT OUT NOW" causing said humans to run frantically round the house trying to locate you.

(Mine also sniff at lighted candles, giving them the dreaded Frizzy Whiskers effect."

CMOTDibbler · 04/01/2013 20:59

cat1 (mad, v damaged from long time in rescue) - goes out catflap at back of house to go to the front of the house and meow at the front door to be let in. Will mither for food, take one mouthfull, and then attempt to bury the bowl before walking off.

cat2 (skinny malinki, eats anything furry/feathery) - likes to run up trees in the woods and scare people.

cat3 (ginger Greebo) - tries to stare down cars. Sticks his head in all sorts of places it shouldn't be.

JustFabulous · 04/01/2013 21:01

DH says -

Sits on the newspaper while you are trying to read it.
Carries her toy around and cries.
Yesterday we were playing Rummikib and she sat on all the tiles!

bruffin · 04/01/2013 21:03

Mine sits in front of the computer screen when im on MN. She know we talk about herGrin

VisualiseAHorse · 04/01/2013 21:07

My old cat used to wee in the shower tray. Would position himself very carefully over the plughole and piddle.

rockinastocking · 04/01/2013 21:10

Mine's just revealed a hitherto unknown passion for mint Matchmakers Hmm

maxybrown · 04/01/2013 21:12

ours have their food near a cabinet that has glass front. They both do this but mostly our female, spends AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGEEES hitting the glass in an attempt to cover up their have to shout their names a couple of times eventually as she especially, will just keep going and going...........drives you crazy! Grin

She also goes out of the front then by the time you get back into the kitchen at the back she is sat at the window shouting to come in Hmm

The male (her kitten, who is now bigger than her at 6 months!) also likes to get in plastic bags and gets his head stuck through the handle then tears round the house desperately trying to escape from this scary noisy thing that is following him everywhere Grin

Myliferocks · 04/01/2013 21:14

Mine likes to play fruit ninja on my iPad although she's not very good at it! Grin

tigerdriverII · 04/01/2013 21:17

Cat 1 - loves to knock magnets off the fridge, over and over again, thank goodness DS likes putting them back

Cat 1 - has got very worried about DS's new furry hottie bottle

cat 2 - stays in all day then craps without even trying to get to the door Xmas Angry

StuffezLaBouche · 04/01/2013 21:17

Waits until I'm leaning over to look into the fish tank, then leaps on my back and grabs on, so I can't straighten and have to get down on all fours to let him jump off.

Rubs against my legs the second I get out of the bath, then giving me an outraged look when he realises he's WET.

Thinks I can't see him hiding on the stairs then leaps onto my leg and thinks he's scared me.

Oh and he has this BRILLIANT meow reserved for when I catch him doing something bad, like licking something on the worktops - it sounds EXACTLY like he's saying "ohNOOOOO!"

I love the little thing and cannot believe I've only had him 2 months or so!

bottleofbeer · 04/01/2013 21:32

Brings enormous rats home and drops them by my bed at 6am.

Said rat runs up the back of a chest of drawers and hangs out with my knickers.

Cat gets locked in bedroom till she sorts it out.

curlyclaz13 · 04/01/2013 21:33

loads of stuff ! rubbing round me when I am wet from the shower or bath. sitting on newspaper or any paper on the floor, I cannot use the bathroom without being checked on one in particular sits on the edge of the bath while I am in it, old ginger takes the huff if we are home late and dissappears off somewhere. one licks me far too much and two hit me for attention. I could go on.

AlexanderS · 04/01/2013 21:40

Mine wake me up at 6 in the morning by butting their heads against my hands (to get me to stroke them, then give them breakfast). They don't seem to have realised I absolutely refuse to get out of bed before 7am!

AlexanderS · 04/01/2013 21:43

And bringing worms in. No, I do not want your worms, especially if they've been bitten in two [queasy emoticon].

aJumpedUpPantryBoy · 04/01/2013 21:52

If I don't replace the fireguard Cat#1 likes to climb into the fireplace and sleep in the cold ashes. He then leaves an ashy trail of devastation behind him.

Cat#3 likes to go in through my neighbour's catflap and leap onto his bed at night, while yowling loudly, frightening the life out of him - he never does this to us

Cat#5 recently got locked in the greenhouse because he climbed into the open bag of compost and fell asleep

We had a lovely little cat who used to scream loudly if the cushions on her chair weren't arranged to her liking.

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