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my cat diied this morning

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smilingthroughgrittedteeth · 06/01/2012 15:46

my beautiful cat Ollie died this morrning, she had been unwell for the past week and past away in her sleep, I am glad that she is finally free from pain but am absoloutly beside myself, and have already been inundated with comments such as "its just a cat" and "buy another one". Why can't people see that I don't want another one I want Ollie Sad

Sorry that my first post here is aa sad one

OP posts:
GiganticusBottomus · 06/01/2012 15:48

Oh, you won't get that on here, lots of lovely cat people here. I am so so sorry to hear about Ollie. I know I will be devastated when our old fella dies.
You have my sympathies, you have lost family member -animal or not - so be kind to yourself.

smilingthroughgrittedteeth · 06/01/2012 15:54

thank you she was 14 so has been part of the family for a long time

OP posts:
mankyscotslass · 06/01/2012 15:57

Oh, I'm so sorry. Sad

I know how you feel, we lost our beloved ginger tom last week.

what was Ollie like?

fruitshootsandheaves · 06/01/2012 16:00

Aww I'm so sorry

I have three cats and they are all related and now getting older. I'm dreading them all going in a short space of time.

Try to remember the good happy times with Ollie rather than the illness at the end.

Atropos · 06/01/2012 16:00

My senior cat died last November at the age of 16. He'd had a long, happy life and was much loved. I still have several more cats but continue to miss him, of course. I know just how you feel and how this is a loss of a family member. Just ignore those sad people who have never known the joy of having pets as part of their family and remember how lovely your Ollie was.

RhondaRoo · 06/01/2012 16:04

They are a part of your family, anybody who says 'it's just a cat' has obviously never had the pleasure of being owned by a cat (they don't own us - we may try and convince ourselves otherwise, but they are in charge!)

When you are feeling a bit better come and tell us about Ollie, I for one will happily chat away about cats/dogs for hours (this is the only place I am not made to feel like a geek for doing so).

Sorry for your loss


RhondaRoo · 06/01/2012 16:04

the do own us doh!

Pinkiemum · 06/01/2012 16:05

Sorry to hear about your cat, I still get upset 4 years after losing the first one my husband and I got together. You have every right to be upset.

RhondaRoo · 06/01/2012 16:05

grrrr they

can't type!

smilingthroughgrittedteeth · 06/01/2012 16:12

she was a tortishell, no idea what breed, I confess to actually being a dog person but she was just so cheeky that you couldn't help loving her, I found her at the stables. When she was a tiny kitten, no idea if she had been dumped there or born there but she came and sat on my foot and looked at me in a "feed me now" kind of way (being born a princess and all!) She then became a stable cat although a rubbish one as she was so spoiled she didn't have to catch mice/rats to survive and had a specially made bed with a canopy to keep her warm, she loved the freedom of being able to roam free and I have pictures of her sat on the horses back Grin. About 4yrs ago I decided it was to cold and she was getting to old to live at the stables so I brought her home, she sat on the front seat all the way home, then walked in and kicked the dog off the bed so she could lie on it, they came to an understanding and shared the bed but Ollie got the biggest bit!

Last week she stopped eating and drinking so I took her to the vet where she was put on a drip and had numerous tests done and the vet sent her home to wait for the results, with antibiotics, she seemed to pick up but yesterday stopped eating again and passed away in her bed sometime between 11-12 this morning

OP posts:
Sparklingbrook · 06/01/2012 16:16

I'm sorry to hear this smiling I would take comfort that she died at home in her own bed in her sleep. It sounds like you have lovely memories.

momnipotent · 06/01/2012 16:20

Ah, she sounds like a lovely cat. You have my heartfelt sympathies, we lost our tortoiseshell cat this past summer. I miss her lots and lots.

OrmIrian · 06/01/2012 16:22

So sorry. I know exactly how you feel Sad

'Get another one' is a crap response isn't it? Our old girl died about 4 years ago now. When we eventually got a new kitten - 6m later - I resented her, even though she was very lovely,just for not being Jenny.

be comforted that she died in her sleep, peacefully.

RhondaRoo · 06/01/2012 22:27

Oh :( I know it doesn't feel it now, but how special that she passed away at home and didn't have to be taken out of her comfort to a clinical and potentially frightening scenario to be PTS.

My mum's dog had to be PTS last summer, he was 12 (big dog though) and had been ill for a month. Mum and dad kept putting the inevitable off as they couldn't think about life without him, in the end they went on holiday and sod's law - my brother and I had to take him to be PTS as he took a turn for the worse.

We all wished he'd have passed at home, but in the end he was too far gone to really know what was going on :(

It's only 7 months but it still hurts and I still get teary when I think about it.

What we have to remember is that pets that are loved often have a much more comfortable life and know more love, than some human's could ever wish for.

This thought makes me realise that pets I have owned have passed on safe in the knowledge they have had a bloomin' good innings!

Ollie sounds like a right character, thank you for sharing.

BeckyBendyLegs · 07/01/2012 11:11

Oh poor you, I am so sorry for your loss. How sad to hear someone say 'it's only a cat'. We lost our lovely 18-year-old Liquorice last Friday and I cried buckets all day, couldn't sleep, it was hard. Big hug for you xxx

It sounds like Ollie had a lovely life, treasure the memories.

I was fine after the first couple of days until I got an 'in sympathy' card from the vets two days ago - made me cry again!

smilingthroughgrittedteeth · 07/01/2012 14:28

thank you for your lovely replies, I have cried non-stop but am taking comfort in knowing that she was where she wants to be and we have permission to bury her under her favourite tree at the stables so I can viisit her everyday

OP posts:
Millicano · 07/01/2012 14:45

oh i am so sorry to hear this. Went through the same not long ago with our 16 year old boy. It is a painful time, but as time passes you will remember lovely things, without so many tears alongside. RIP Ollie x

AprilAl · 07/01/2012 15:55

So sorry for your loss. We lost our beautiful Bubbadub this morning and I feel utterly exhausted after a long night of worry and tears. I'm taking comfort in the fact he had a very good, long life and in the end he wasn't ill for long. He's now buried in the garden he always loved to sleep in. Sleep well Bubba x

Ignore all the "it's just a cat" comments and take comfort in your memories of Ollie, safe in the knowledge that you gave her a good life.

yellowraincoat · 07/01/2012 15:56

You poor thing OP. And AprilAl.

Course they weren't just cats, they're part of your family and it hurts when they go.

bishboschone · 07/01/2012 16:03

I get so annoyed with comments like this . I got told by a friend yesterday I was weird because I liked animals too much . Err no you are weird because you don't like them enough . I told her so too . I Adore my carts and can't walk past a puppy without touching it . Sorry about ollie Sad

snowmaiden · 07/01/2012 16:08

I feel sad for people that have never experienced being owned by a cat (or a dog), they have really missed out on something special in their lives- but they won't understand unless they have a pet of their own.

Our cat is approaching 18- will be sad when she finally goes and I hope she dies in her sleep like your cat- hate it when they have to be put to sleep by the vet.

Sparklingbrook · 07/01/2012 17:20

I hate hearing the 'it's just a cat' people. I was unfortunate to see a cat get hit by a car last week. I got out and tried to help with another lady but the cat died. I think when we stopped the traffic there was probably a few 'it's only a cat' people being held up for 5 minutes. Hmm

gomummygo · 07/01/2012 17:31

I'm so very sorry for your loss. :( Ollie sounds lovely. My beloved cat is 16 and is suffering some health challenges atm. Just thinking of losing her is heartbreaking. I hope you are comforted by the fact that she was at home when she passed away, I bet she was. Sounds like you have some wonderful memories of her.

LetUsPrey · 07/01/2012 17:42

Sad for Ollie and Bubba. Anyone who says to you that it's just a cat is to be ignored.

Sparkling - can I just say thank you for what you did. My cat, Cassie, was knocked down in the summer of 1998. Some people living across the road from where it happened saw it. They tried to contact me but I was out. They wrapped her up and took her to the vet. I got their messages a short time later and my sister came to collect me to take me to the vet. Sadly Cassie's injuries were too severe and she had to be put to sleep. But it was thanks to the kindness of those people - just like you - who took her to the vet that Cassie didn't suffer any more than possible. So a big big thank you.

Sparklingbrook · 07/01/2012 18:23

Thanks LetUs it was horrible. but I would like to think someone would do the same for Sparkling cat if it was her. The distraught owner came running out. Sad

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