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Urgent Help! Something is wrong with my cat

31 replies

Kladdkaka · 27/07/2011 19:37

Please can does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this.

My cat came in with a cut on her neck about a week and a half ago. It was very swollen and gooey. I cleaned it up and sprayed it with pet anticeptic from the chemist. The next day it looked like it was starting to heal. The following day she had a massive bald patch where she was sprayed. I haven't see her since.

I was a bit worried, but as her food was gone every morning, I thought she was fine. Just a bit annoyed at whichever neighbour was keeping her.

I've just spotted her for the first time in a week. She's been sleeping rough under the neighbours house. She looks dreadful, thin and matted, like a stray. (Dunno who's been eating the food). I've spent ages trying to catch her and I can't. She won't come to me, but she's crying at me.

What shall I do? How do I catch her?

OP posts:
Shitter · 27/07/2011 19:39

i expect you have already, but put some food out?
or throw a jumper over her and grab her.

SoupDragon · 27/07/2011 19:41

Tempt her with something like fresh fish?

ThatVikRinA22 · 27/07/2011 19:44

I would throw a Blanket over her and wear gardening gloves.... She might fight you...hope you manage to grab use some tuna or something really tempting to coax her so you can get close enough . Good luck.

Kladdkaka · 27/07/2011 19:44

No I didn't think of that. I think I'm panicking and being daft. I've been chasing her from under one car to under another and now she's gone into hiding under the house again.

Husbands going out with some pilchards and blanket now.

OP posts:
Shitter · 27/07/2011 19:48

Reckon t will be straight to the vet when you o catch her though Sad probably got an infection in the wound and has gone away because she is suffering?

Fingers crossed all ill be well.

Kladdkaka · 27/07/2011 20:14

Thank heavens, he caught her. Thank you everyone.

I'm not sure what's going on though. All the dirt is superficial and the wound looks ok, scabbed over with no swelling. She's thin, but she's tiny anyway. She's scoffed down 2 tins of fish and she hasn't stopped crying since caught.

Do you think I should still take her to the vet, or just keep her in and feed her up? Husband has been sent out again to block all the escape holes and to buy some litter.

OP posts:
OldLadyKnowsNothing · 27/07/2011 20:19

Could she be in season?

Shitter · 27/07/2011 20:19

oh that is good. Clean the wound up and review in morning. She will proably stay home for a bit now anyway Smile

Kladdkaka · 27/07/2011 20:29

She's been spayed, that means she can't be in season doesn't it?

OP posts:
OldLadyKnowsNothing · 27/07/2011 20:35

No, she can't be in season if she's spayed. It was just the constant calling that made me wonder.

mumtoted · 27/07/2011 20:42

My cat has been spayed and she still calls. Its very unusual, granted, but she does. Been checked out by 2 different vets and still calls.

tabulahrasa · 27/07/2011 20:44

What sort of cut was it? Is it possible another cat has beaten her up and has been eating her food and she's been too scared to come back?

thefirstMrsDeVere · 27/07/2011 20:45

She might have wondered off and got trapped someone hence the thinness. Something else could have been eating her food.

The crying could just be cos the poor thing is upset and glad to be home Sad

Keep her warm and fed and see how she is tommorow. If the wound is not swollen/red/hot its probably ok but just keep an eye on her.

Glad you have her back Smile

Kladdkaka · 27/07/2011 21:52

She's settled down a bit now. 2 tins of tuna, 1 bowl of cat food and half a plate of chicken noodles later. I managed to get her to sit on my lap for a while and I can see now that her neck is still very swollen. Nowhere near as much as before. Also she's quite hot. I think she's got a bit of temperature.

So my theory is that she has been quite poorly with an infection so has hidden under the neighbours house for a week. (It's has a crawl space underneath only accessible to small, fugitive minded cats) I think that she's a bit better today, although still poorly, which is why she's appeared again all hungry.

So she's off to the vets tomorrow for a checkup and probably some antibiotics. I'm just so relieved she's found. Our other cat died a few months ago and my daughter has been devastated. This one going would have finished her off. (She's away at Nanny and Grandad's so is blissfully unaware of her cat's shenanigans)

OP posts:
thefirstMrsDeVere · 27/07/2011 22:05

It might be an abcess. If the original wound was due to a cat bite. They nearly always get infected. Poor lickle cat Sad

hope she is all better soon.

hellymelly · 27/07/2011 22:17

I thought abcess too.That bald area happens with abcesses.I had a cat die from one so they should always be checked out asap. I also wonder if she is terrified of whichever cat bit her,or what it was that hurt her.Cats react like this when they've had a big fright,ime. hopefully she will settle down now,but yes,get the vet to check her over too.

Kladdkaka · 27/07/2011 22:38

I've uploaded a picture of her pre-poorliness. I don't think she likes mumsnet. She lay on the keyboard as I was trying to do and attacked me and took a chunk out of my hand when I tried to move her. She's not a happy bunny.

OP posts:
mycatsaysach · 27/07/2011 22:42

please take her to vets first thing - sounds like she might be still in pain

mycatsaysach · 27/07/2011 22:43

i've got a cat just like yours btw Smile just seen the pic

hellymelly · 27/07/2011 23:18

She is very pretty.And you are in Sweden! Lucky you.I have close friends in Helsingborg and Borstad.

Kladdkaka · 28/07/2011 09:27

Yes I'm in Sweden. She's a Norwegian forest cat and normally spends her day asleep somewhere up the big apple tree. She's off to the vet at 1.00. Poor little puddin.

OP posts:
Kladdkaka · 28/07/2011 11:03

Oh for crying out loud. She's up in the attic somewhere but I can't find her and she won't bloomin come out. I think she's squeezed down into the darkest, inaccessible to humans, corner. She doesn't appear interested in tuna today. I can't take an empty cat box to the vets.

OP posts:
Kladdkaka · 28/07/2011 12:53

Ever so nice vet didn't mind that I turned up without a cat. From what I told him he thinks it's an absess too. He says he needs to drain it so I have to try and recapture her and can take her down whenever, no appointment necessary. In the meantime he's given me penicillin to put in her food and he didn't charge me for the appointment.

OP posts:
OldLadyKnowsNothing · 28/07/2011 12:54

What a lovely vet! Good luck for catching and treating her. :)

ThatVikRinA22 · 28/07/2011 15:34

your vet sounds lovely! hope she is on the mend soon.

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