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The litter tray

I'm getting my cat today - but ermm - a quick question......

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BaroqueAroundTheClock · 21/01/2011 09:02

if you wouldn't mind.

I've got all the stuff for him, CPL lady is bringing him to me (in about 1/2hr) so I don't need to take him on the bus (bit of a trek as she's not in town and lives in a village that isn't on a good bus route).

I've done all the reading on how to settle him in, and after all your fabulous help on the thread I started a few weeks ago and I was just going to go and put his litter tray and stuff in his secure room when it dawned on me.......

How much litter do I put in the tray????

I am very Grin about finally getting Jambo (we've renamed him as suggested) - it's felt like and age since I had the home visit - but had a minor panic about how deep the litter should be.

OP posts:
HettyAmaretti · 21/01/2011 09:05

About 3 or 4 cm should be fine. Do you have the same litter as his previous home? Some cats are funny about that (others couldn't give a toss).

Excited for you (and the DSs).

winnybella · 21/01/2011 09:07

Few inches-4 or 5- I usually fill it up to 2/3 depthwise.

HettyAmaretti · 21/01/2011 09:08

I was assuming a kitten but if it's an adult listen to winny.

BaroqueAroundTheClock · 21/01/2011 09:12

Thanks Hetty - was one of those "yes I've got everything sorted.........oops I've forgotten/not checked something really silly"

No I don't have the same little (well I don't think I do - she didn't actually say what he was currently using) - but I spoke to her the other day and she said he wasn't a fussy cat - he'd use whatever he was offered, and that he'll also eat anything I put in front of him as well.

She's had him since September, reckons he takes everything in his stride, I only got a little bag though to start with (because I had such a manic week and it was on the middle of the mahem with other stuff that I spoke to her and didn't have a chance to get to Morrisons anyhow) so if he does decide he's going to be a stubborn little man I can pop and get something else.


DS3 got up this morning and said "how many sleeps until Jambo".

Told him none and his face lit up Grin

(but he's my cat the boys will just help me look after him - every time I say that I get scowls from the boys lol)

OP posts:
BaroqueAroundTheClock · 21/01/2011 09:14

ahh - x posts with winny - yes he's a big bolshy 2yr old not a little kitten waiting to be squished by well meaning but excited boy Wink

OP posts:
BitterAndTwistedChoreDodger · 21/01/2011 09:16

I knew this would be you!

He sounds gorgeous, enjoy him. Smile

BaroqueAroundTheClock · 21/01/2011 09:17

boy???? I mean boys - I haven't bumped off 2 of my children I promise Grin

Shit - just seen the time - I thought it was only just before 9 - I'm sure DS1 and 2 only went to school a few minutes ago........

OP posts:
BaroqueAroundTheClock · 21/01/2011 10:07

he's here Grin

I can now officially post on The LItter Tray

OP posts:
wendihouse22 · 21/01/2011 10:19

Oh, how lovely for you........and him!

Welcome to LitterTray.

It can never be underestimated, can it? The love of a good feline friend?

I wish you luck. x

BaroqueAroundTheClock · 21/01/2011 10:28

thank you Wendy - he's already exploring and if there's one thing he can't be described as it's "shy"

I am SO excited and happy Grin

thoughh he's such a little porker I can hear him running up and down the stairs - even DS3 makes less noise than that lol

OP posts:
BlingLoving · 21/01/2011 10:31

It's wonderful isn't it? We got our 2 yo from the cat protection people a few months ago and he has changed our lives. We absolutely adore him.

He's also a bit on the porky side though and I laugh every morning when I hear him fall off the couch with a thump in an effort to get upstairs to remind me it's breafast time!

coatgate · 21/01/2011 10:36

Have fun with him. This all just sounds so lovely. I have just posted on a thread in the dog house where an OP wants to get rid of a 9 month old Jack Russell. Your post has cheered me up (except had my 21 year old puss put to sleep in November, and I still miss her so much).

wendihouse22 · 21/01/2011 10:39

Coatgate......sorry to hear about puss.

I had to have mine put down 2 yrs ago and have to say, I was truly bereaved.

You thinking of getting that Jack Russell?

futurity · 21/01/2011 10:40

Lovely! I love it watching a new cat exploring the house :) Got any photos?

BaroqueAroundTheClock · 21/01/2011 10:42

yes hang on - need to switch my profile back to my current name (still under my Christmas name - my profile).

OP posts:
Longtalljosie · 21/01/2011 10:45

Can I recommend "Kittens / Cats for dummies" - we found it very helpful. We had kittens since ours was a weeny one, but I'm sure Cats for dummies is just as good...

BaroqueAroundTheClock · 21/01/2011 10:48

ok - photo on my profile Smile

OP posts:
Longtalljosie · 21/01/2011 10:50


BaroqueAroundTheClock · 21/01/2011 10:53

he such a little poser - took that photo about 10 minutes after he arrived. He was coming back down stairs and I had my camera ready. He looked at me, looked at the camera and then stopped and starting posing on the step he was on

OP posts:
futurity · 21/01/2011 10:54

He is SO handsome! :)

BaroqueAroundTheClock · 21/01/2011 11:32

he is - and he's ALL MINE (well and the DS's haha)

OP posts:
wendihouse22 · 21/01/2011 11:34

Share nicely, Baroque! Didn't know you could post photos to the site.

How'd we get to see that photo?


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FelicityParpworth · 21/01/2011 11:34

AWWW! He's gorgeous and just like my cat, dark and light fur so it will show up WHATEVER you are wearing Grin

BaroqueAroundTheClock · 21/01/2011 11:36

click on my user name on any of my posts - you can then click on photos.

OP posts:
wendihouse22 · 21/01/2011 13:20

Hey, thanks for that tutorial. Have now been able to see photo....

He's a fine looking young fellow.


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