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Worried about the boy

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Elgoogreven · 16/05/2010 22:25

Who is the actor playing boy george and what do i know him from?

OP posts:
sharbie · 20/05/2010 20:10

I don't remember that bit either - maybe it was cut.
Now we're all talking about it I want to watch it again.

kittya · 21/05/2010 08:55

I remember reading about it at the time. Have you read George's book? Its fab!! I preferred it to the drama, abit graphic though!

sharbie · 21/05/2010 09:23

No I haven't but I will order it on Amazon.(Might skip graphic bits tho.)

kittya · 21/05/2010 09:51

If that was your era you will enjoy it.

thegirlwiththemouseyhair · 21/05/2010 10:00

Watched it last night - loved it
Laughed so much. Marc Warren - FAB!
Mark Gatiss doing Malcolm McLaren - hysterical.

But if you were BG (and he was advising on the show - it's in the credits so all that Sun nonsense IS nonsense) wouldn't you want such a beautiful boy playing you?

I was really moved. Fantastic stuff!

dittany · 21/05/2010 23:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

galletti · 21/05/2010 23:54

Heard an interview onthe radio this week with Gary Kempe. Really intersting about Blitz. They were all there. He said it only housed around 150 people, usually the same people,, and roughly 100 of them went on to be famous - in fashion, make up, acting, bands etc. He thought the programme was true to life apart from Blitz being portrayed as mainly a gay club - there were gays but mainly heterosxuals.

Gosh, the programme really makd me wish I had been a Londoner then and part of that set, even though we were doing the same thing up north.

sharbie · 21/05/2010 23:56

Yeah me too I 'd have loved to have a night there.

kittya · 22/05/2010 00:38

Galletti, we were doing the same thing up north!! My friend actually was on her way to the Warehouse in Leeds and asked Depeche Mode for directions, nearly fainted when she realised who they were. I went to a club in my town exactly like that. God, hanging around gay bars at 14!! but, thats the way it was. They werent exactly gay clubs once people started to realise what fab nights out they were. When you could dance to Kraftwerk and Yello and Bowie. It seems like only yesterday. I laughed when someone on the programme after said about builders wearing makeup. Thats exactly what it was like!! It seems like only yesterday. Mind you I dont know if any of us Northerners wouldve got into Blitz. Does anyone know where it was?

thegirlwiththemouseyhair · 23/05/2010 19:47

Great Queen St - Covent Garden

kittya · 24/05/2010 10:15

What is it now? I wonder where they filmed the drama.

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