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Worried about the boy

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Elgoogreven · 16/05/2010 22:25

Who is the actor playing boy george and what do i know him from?

OP posts:
mrspink27 · 16/05/2010 22:30

Douglas Booth - Burberry model and actor

wintera · 16/05/2010 22:33

Really enjoyed that but missed the beginning. Who was the blonde lad?

KillerCleavage · 16/05/2010 22:44

This was excellent.

The blonde guy was Kurt Brandon who was lead singer with Theatre of Hate and then Spear of Destiny.

I longed to be a Blitz Kid but being 5 years too young and living oop north it was never going to happen...

aristocat · 16/05/2010 23:06

i watched this too .... am still an 80s girl, loved the clothes, the music


joorla · 16/05/2010 23:37

missed this, is it repeated?

DramaInPyjamas · 16/05/2010 23:41

Was just about to ask if it's repeated as well!
Forgot about it being on, and everybody on Twitter is banging on about how great it is. I feel left out!

KillerCleavage · 16/05/2010 23:48

I dunno sorry. The BBC website isn't listing any repeats. You should be able to watch it on iplayer tho.

tootiredtothink · 17/05/2010 00:42

It'll be on i-player.

I'll be watching it again, twas fabulous.

Makes me long for the decent music of the 80's...........good god, how old am I? I've finally started to talk like my mother .

mamatron · 17/05/2010 00:43

The 'blond guy' was Kirk Brandon, not Kurt. I read that Douglas Booth who played George is only 17. He was really very good, and the styling was amazing, really accurate and authentic. I loved it. Made me feel v nostalgic.

KillerCleavage · 17/05/2010 00:50

You are quite right, my mistake I was a big Spear of Destiny fan back in the day.

Douglas Booth was on BBC Breakfast last week talking about the programme. What a very mature young man for his age and what a great peformance he delivered.

TheFoosa · 17/05/2010 08:18

Douglas Booth is so beautiful i could cry

BendyBob · 17/05/2010 10:18

Wasn't this excellent? Fantastic piece of drama.

Douglas Booth was just amazing. What a gorgeous looking man but such good actor too. I was sorry when this ended.

noddyholder · 17/05/2010 10:21

I loved this but am a huge BG fan.I agree it was authentic and v much my era.kirk brandon lives up the road from me now but doesn't quite look the same!Agree the actor was amazing

BendyBob · 17/05/2010 10:26

I loved the chap who played Steve Strange in it too. What a character he was. All those massive egos.

Aah those were the in make up. I def like all that.

Prolesworth · 17/05/2010 10:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

4andnotout · 17/05/2010 10:35

I watched it too and loved it, some of the one liners were fantastic!! I think it was fab that you didn't have to remember the 80's to enjoy it, I wasn't born till 82 but enjoyed it just as much as dp who was in his late teens -early twenties through the 80's.

Honeymum · 17/05/2010 10:43

It was amazing. I can't believe that the actor who played George is only 17. He's going to be mahoosive! God bless the BBC.

noddyholder · 17/05/2010 10:44

When i see excellence like this in film and actors writers etc I wonder why we are subjected to bloody Simon Cowell and the like when there is so much real talent in this country!

vanloadtovenice · 17/05/2010 11:10

I loved it too. Brilliant. Boy George must be terribly pleased they found such a beautiful actor to play him!

That was the only thing really, I never had a crush on BG, but would have done if he looked like that!!!

It made me feel desperately nostalgic, and rather ancient at the same time...

wintera · 17/05/2010 11:22

I will certainly be watching this again on iplayer as I missed about 1/2 an hour. What I did see was great. Really impressed with it. I had a crush on Jon Moss back in the day. Couldn't believe it when someone told me he was involved with George! The prog after it was great too wasn't it?

I thought it was funny when he walked into that place and the guy from League of Gentleman was there with the mad red hair. Straight away me my husband said "Malcolm McLaren".

Species8472 · 17/05/2010 11:46

Thought it was fantastic too. I was 10 in 1980, so it really brought all the fab early 80s music back, fashions etc. The actor who played BG was gorgeous, and it was all so well done and authentic-looking. Marc Warren as Steve Strange was really funny and the guy palying Marilyn was good as well.

LostArtOfKeepingASecret · 17/05/2010 11:50

I loved it too. I was never a fan of Culture club, so wasn't intending to watch, but I was hooked. I didn't think Boy George was that big or influential, so was surprised that they chose him as the central character. I'd thought that others would have made better stories, but I think it worked really well.

The music took me right back - I'd forgotten all about Bow Wow Wow. And Malcolm McLaren was hysterical.

I agree that BG would be feeling very flattered by the casting - he never looked that good!

CornflowerB · 17/05/2010 11:57

Will you Hazel O'Connor

God this brought back memories. Thought the guy playing Boy George was wonderful, but I hate to say it, some of the others were too old to be convincing, especially Steve Strange...

BendyBob · 17/05/2010 12:43

'When i see excellence like this in film and actors writers etc I wonder why we are subjected to bloody Simon Cowell and the like when there is so much real talent in this country!' Amen to that noddy.

When they get it right the quality is excellent but so often I despair at what passes for entertainnment. Usually I'm reminded of what looks like a load of sealions clapping and baying for fish whenever I've watched 10 seconds of Saturday night tv.

Mind you BBC4 - that's a cracking channel. Def more hits that misses on that one for me

tulpe · 17/05/2010 18:00

A truly fabulous piece of drama. I loved it from start to finish. Am also surprised to hear that the actor who played George was just 17. Amazing. Felt very nostalgic and in need of a school disco moment

We definitely need more drama on tv rather than all these dance/singing/reality tv shows. I am so bored with them.

I am looking forward to the rest of the 80's series now - will they be shown each Sunday?

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