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Little Angels

39 replies

JuniperDewdrop · 18/10/2004 20:41

I don't know why I watch this - I'm in tears already

I know why because the end is always happy

OP posts:

cuppy · 18/10/2004 21:10

ooh i missed it tonight - was it good?


alibubbles · 18/10/2004 21:17

I only caught the end of it, but he was a very intellligent articulate little boy for 4 years old.!


Twinkie · 19/10/2004 10:16

Did you see the vile one the other week where the little girl was breast feeding at 4 years - thats wasnlt the thing that was most vile - she called her mums boobs titties and when she wanted a feed said - I WANT TITTIE!!!! Yuck almost pornographic - why would you teach a child to call it that??


spacemonkey · 19/10/2004 10:18



Bagpuss30 · 19/10/2004 10:25

Ooh, yes Twinkie, I haven't been able to watch it since the "Tittie" episode .


JuniperDewdrop · 19/10/2004 10:29

It was a good one last night. I really felt for them all. What a lovely ending though, made me all warm inside

OP posts:

emkana · 19/10/2004 10:35

Maybe that name for the breasts just evolved in a perfectly innocent way, and is now just one of those family expressions - don't we all have them - without any sexual implication whatsoever.

If extended breastfeeding is not for you, then that's fine. But it really gets my goat when labels like 'almost pornographic' are put on it.
Just for the record: The World Health Organisation recommends breastfeeding for two years, and after that for as long as mother and child wish.
So it can't be all bad, can it?


codswallop · 19/10/2004 10:37

yes but sorry 4 is weird.


marialuisa · 19/10/2004 10:39

Think she must have been nearer 5 actually as it said she was in Reception and it was filmed in the summer...


emkana · 19/10/2004 10:40

No it's not.
Worldwide the average age of weaning from the breast is four.
So it's only perceived as weird in our society.
In other societies it's seen as weird to let your child sleep in a different room.

I just wish people were more tolerant.
It would never be acceptable to criticize somebody on here who bottlefeeds from birth, for example. But longterm breastfeeding is fair game! Not fair, IMO>


Twinkie · 19/10/2004 10:44

Emkana - I am not questionning the breastfeeding at 4 I am saying that it was distasteful the way the child demanded it!!

If anyone said to me 'I want TITTIE' I would be appaled let alone a 4 year old!!


emkana · 19/10/2004 10:44

And so what if she was nearly 5?
If the whole family is happy with it, then it's nobody else's business.
It's not like giving beer to a child, like they did on "Who rules the roost" the other night.
Breastmilk contains antibodies and other good stuff right up until breastfeeding ends. So it's good for the child.


JuniperDewdrop · 19/10/2004 10:45

Have you had experience of this emkana? I have friends who still do it late. There used to be lots of complaints and M&T groups when the child/ren walked over and lifted mummy's top for a drink but I just used to say it's up to them?

One friend's son was allowed to go a bit far though IMO. He would tell mummy what top to wear whilst they had their tea time bf and cuddle. She had to lie in a certain position too. He was over 5.

OP posts:

emkana · 19/10/2004 10:45

But Twinkie you wrote the fact that she was still breastfeeding wasn't what was "most vile" - so you're saying that it is vile, aren't you?


emkana · 19/10/2004 10:47

I b/fed dd1 until she was 2 years 3 months and am still b/feeding dd2 who is 14 months. Will go on for quite a while if she wants to, even though I will gradually try and reduce b/feeding in public as I am conscious of people's disapproval .


spacemonkey · 19/10/2004 10:48

You're right emkana, we should be tolerant, and bf an older child isn't harmful so what's the problem. I suppose it's a cultural thing. I find it a bit weird to see an older child bfing, but I guess that's my problem!


spacemonkey · 19/10/2004 10:49

I bf dd until she was 2 - was starting to get funny looks even at that age.


ScummyMummy · 19/10/2004 10:50

emkana- it wasn't the breast feeding per se that was horrid, not at all. It was the controlling behaviour of the lttle girl and the way she grabbed and pulled at her mum breasts, hurting her, whilst whinging and screaming for a breastfeed. The cycle of hostility and despair between mother and child (of which this seemed to be a definite symptom) was a million miles away from a good thing, IMO. Really not nice- did you see it? I was in awe (yet again) of the FANTASTIC Tania Byron who refused to be downhearted or judgemental and found solutions in her usual inimitable and workable way. The woman is a genius.

Alibubbles- was that the Keanu kid? I thought he was EXCEPTIONALLY bright, too.


JuniperDewdrop · 19/10/2004 10:50

Awww don't let others opinion bother you hun xx Just think of you and yours. People will always have differing opinions on whatever subject of child rearing we discuss. We need to support one another no matter what. I have friends who think bf per se is vile but I don't say anything to them as that's up to them. Although I do say things to people who smoke over their babies but I won't go there .........
please don't get upset (((hugs))) stress isn't good for the milk flow!!

OP posts:

Bagpuss30 · 19/10/2004 10:51

Emkana, you say that BF can carry on for as long as mother and child wish. If I remember correctly, the mother in that programme didn't wish to carry on but was giving in to the child, I think that was what shocked me TBH. This is a difficult subject and one on which opinions are always likely to be divided, sadly.


JuniperDewdrop · 19/10/2004 10:52

You're right SM she is a genius. Do you know if she has kids?

OP posts:

emkana · 19/10/2004 10:52

I didn't see it, and that really does sound bad, scummymummy.
But then people should focus on that, and not on the breastfeeding aspect of it.
Personally I would prefer to stop feeding dd2 when she's between two and 2 1/2, but if I feel that she needs it for longer I will carry on, and I hate the fact that people will think it's weird when it happens in a healthy and loving mother-daughter relationship.


ScummyMummy · 19/10/2004 10:53

Yes, she has two, I believe, jd. I wish she could do a mumsnet live event. Can you get her for us, scacemonkey aka tech2?


marialuisa · 19/10/2004 10:54

Emkana-the point of the programme was that the mum was far from happy with the situation and that child-led weaning wasn't happening.

BTW, I find lots of words people use for various bits of their anatomy weird, MN has been a real eye-opener in that way. but i'm sure that lots of people would find it weird that i was taught to say vagina at 2.


JuniperDewdrop · 19/10/2004 10:54

Oooo yes that'd be great

can u can u can u can u can u can u can u can u.....I can go on

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