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Little Angels

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JuniperDewdrop · 18/10/2004 20:41

I don't know why I watch this - I'm in tears already

I know why because the end is always happy

OP posts:
Twinkie · 19/10/2004 10:55

What I am not questionning is her choice to breatfeed - I think breastfeeding is great and get highly pised off at some of my family who say its unnatural and stuff but at 4 it was a way for this child to control and dictate to her mother - she was violent and even got through 4 tops that this poor woman put on to try and keep her away!!

codswallop · 19/10/2004 10:56

i owuld thinka kid drinking form a bottle at that age is a bit naff but hrere you re

JuniperDewdrop · 19/10/2004 10:56

Marialuisa my DS1 (6) loves to say fanny and it drives me nuts but I try to ignore him. I call it a flossie but he prefers his word.

OP posts:
ScummyMummy · 19/10/2004 10:57

Sorry, sPacemonkey!

Well, I can't speak for others, emkana, but I don't think it's weird in a healthy relationship at all. It's just that particular relationship wasn't very "healthy" really (until Tania worked her magic, that is!).

snmum · 19/10/2004 10:59

i like little angels, it makes me feel normal and my children

ScummyMummy · 19/10/2004 11:00

LOL, jd. My son tries to say fanny but has trouble with the "f" and it comes out as "vanny" which for some reason usually cracks me up...

JuniperDewdrop · 19/10/2004 11:09

It's the look on DS1s face when he says it that gets to me!

OP posts:
marialuisa · 19/10/2004 11:13

Actually DD just refers to the whole area as her bottom.Not convinced that my mum's insistence on vagina was the way to go but just can't bring myself to say fanny.

Coddy-I'm with you on this! But so long as my dd doesn't have a bottle

codswallop · 19/10/2004 11:15


ScummyMummy · 19/10/2004 11:23

What, cods?

I don't like fanny either, ml. There's no good word really. Vagina sounds too formal and I know my sons would be repeating it all over the playground because poo, bums, willies, penises, vannies, winkers, etc (and believe me they didn't learn most of this at home- winker, ffs?) are all he and many of his friends seem to talk about atm. Does this phase EVER end?

aloha · 19/10/2004 11:31

This child's breastfeeding was definitely a control thing. The minute the women's attention went elsewhere for one second that kid was up her jumper like a rat up a drainpipe.

ScummyMummy · 19/10/2004 11:36

Everyone's making me laugh today! at your simile aloha.

spacemonkey · 19/10/2004 11:59

cackle @ "winker" sm

no i don't think that phase ever ends does it? aren't all men obsessed with their cocks?

sis · 19/10/2004 12:37

Emkana, I don't know what to say but, as someone who bottlefed and lived with the daily guilt of 'not doing the best for my son' I just wanted say how sad I am that you feel that you have to curb breastfeeding in public after a certain age because of disapproval from others.

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