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Grand Designs Abroad

53 replies

discoinferno · 06/10/2004 21:41

Does anyone know where the project is tonight. I presume in Ireland but where.

OP posts:

pesme · 06/10/2004 22:30

co. mayo


pesme · 06/10/2004 22:34

Kilmeena, Co. Mayo. Looked lovely.


serenequeen · 06/10/2004 22:35

i must stop watching grand designs as it always has me in paroxysms of envy


JoolsToo · 06/10/2004 22:38

MMmmm I didn't like this weeks project much - I mean all that gorgeous scenery and most of the windows were way up high! It struck me as quite a depressing building. It was nice inside but I am not a fan of open plan living either. A job well done though!

The one in France last week - that was magic!


fairydust · 06/10/2004 22:40

I thought it was such a shame that it was only a holiday home


discoinferno · 06/10/2004 22:43

Thanks pesme thats not too far from me.

OP posts:

Waswondering · 07/10/2004 10:22

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NomDePlume · 07/10/2004 10:34

I wasn't massively enamoured wiuth this one either. I really didn't like the grey of the stone and it just didn't seem warm or homely enough for me. I have pretty much been throughout this series, so far. This one just didn't do it for me.

Anyone remember the one on a hill up north (nr Leeds, I think?). It was a massive converted waterworks, the couple did pretty much everything themselves and the result was magnificent ! It was really open plan but it still had a comfortable homely feeling about it. I think that's one of my favourite ones.


Nome · 07/10/2004 12:18

NomDePlume, Was that the one where he turned a mini into a desk? that was stunning! (The house, not the mini!)


Twinkie · 07/10/2004 12:23

Didrn;t like that waterworks one - thought it cold and uninviting - thought the one that couple did the other week in Italy was great though - the artist who literally built the place himself with his wife and family and friends!!

Thought this one was a bit un honely sort o - couldn;t imagine living there or bringing up children there but it was nice looking and rather impressive if thats what you like!!


DelGirl · 07/10/2004 12:25

the waterworks is definitely my top favourite. what a fabulous place and they worked sooooooo hard, all credit to them.

There are loads that I quite like but one that sticks in my mind, not sure I would have done it but there was a house, I think it was in Edinburgh and it was surrounded by flats. It was an old delapidated house which the couple sympathetically restored (sound like an estate agent) on the outside, but on the inside they just created one bedroom upstairs with a rail going round. Anyone remember that one? I quite liked the one last night though I wasn't that keen on the kitchen tbh. It's a shame they didn't show more of it.


binker · 08/10/2004 09:51

I can't decide whther I like Kevin McCloud or not - why does he have to show off speaking French or Italian ?


Twinkie · 08/10/2004 09:53

Think he has a funny peanut head myself - mind you can't hate him that much most of our house is covered in his paint range!!


BooMama · 08/10/2004 09:59

The French and Italian speaking has made me really fancy him now!


Clayhead · 08/10/2004 10:06

Snap BooMama, was discussing exactly that with RL the other day...


Clayhead · 08/10/2004 10:06

RL friends!!


Twinkie · 08/10/2004 10:11

OOohhh yep agree that speaking french or italian is sexy - DP speaks both and makes me melt (although on the eurostar its not that attractive!!) - mind you think K Mcloud would need a head transplant for me to fancy him!!


throckenholt · 08/10/2004 10:13

Delgirl - I liked the Edinburgh one as well - but would have had a complete upper floor if it was me.

I have a vague memory of a fantastic one looking over a loch on the west coast somewhere as well.


binker · 08/10/2004 11:29

it is sexy to hear someone speaking French or Italian, it's just that he is rather smug,it seems to me,and it seems a bit uneccessary to be off asking the French neighbours what they think or the English people building next door...don't fancy him remotely.


throckenholt · 08/10/2004 11:31

I don't find it a problem him speaking the lingo - I assumed he just took it for granted that he could and so they included those bits. I think it was quite useful for the Italian one - or am I imagining that ?


krocket · 08/10/2004 11:34

Don't think it's showing off in the slightest, he can speak french so it's natural that he should do so to french people! I think he's a great presenter and I love this prog so much. I missed Wed's but it sounded gorgeous.

my all time favourite was the bloke who lived in teh forest and built his home out of wood.


binker · 08/10/2004 11:48

nope, I still think he's being smug...


DelGirl · 08/10/2004 11:49

I don't think he's smug. If you can speak the lingo in the country you're in, you're not going to then speak in English are you?


DelGirl · 08/10/2004 11:50

don't fancy him though but I dod think he's a good presenter


Twinkie · 08/10/2004 11:51

People always like you more and treat yuo with more respect when you are in their country if you at least r=try and make an effort - having DP who is Mr Clever Pants is very handy!!

(Am off to college next year to learn Italianand swot up on French again at home with a tape thingy and book and DP helping me!!)

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