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What not to wear - why has it become so nasty?

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MeanBean · 06/10/2004 21:13

I felt really angry watching it tonight. All these women bearing their souls in front of millions of people and then being told to p* off because they hadn't made it into the programme. It was a really interesting programme this evening, about the invisibility and depression engendered by menopause, but this new format where extremely vulnerable women expose themselves to millions of people on TV and then get nothing from it seems really exploitative and unpleasant to me. Am I being over-sensitive?

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nutcracker · 06/10/2004 21:23

I suppose it was a bit nasty yeah.

I would still love them to help me out though


SueW · 06/10/2004 22:18

I don't like the new selection procedure either. But since it clashes with when I'm putting DD to bed, I video the whole thing then fast forward to the bit when they go shopping.


SecondhandRose · 06/10/2004 22:33

They know what's gonna happen, they've got a 40% chance of being chosen so the odds are pretty good. Still think the big one looked like a bloke in drag.


aloha · 06/10/2004 23:04

Hate the selection process. Just gratuitiously nasty to keep up with Pop Idol/X Factor etc. But what annoys me even more is that it clashes with Property could they do this to me?


Lonelymum · 07/10/2004 13:59

I didn't think it was too bad last night. I know what you mean about the selection process, but I thought T and S were very kind and sympathetic towards the two women they picked. And neither of them looked too bad when they were in their underwear which was a huge surprise. But who willingly stands in their underwear in front of millions of TV viewers? one wonders. If they are prepared to do that, the selection process must seem pretty harmless.

Did it make any of you think about the menopause in a new light? I have never given the menopause much thought before, but now I am going to try and sort myself out before I hit that time, otherwise I will never survive the experience!


suzywong · 07/10/2004 14:01

can someone please explain the new procedure to me please?
Do S & T still sporadically squeeze their victims' and each others bosoms? Does the thin one look less like a man these days?


Lonelymum · 07/10/2004 14:03

Yes lots of boob squeezing. Last week, S ripped the pants off one of the women's bottoms as she was standing outside the changing room looking at herself in a dress with a VPL.


motherinferior · 07/10/2004 14:04

And bottoms, Suze, don't forget bottoms. In fact they squeeze anything that's going.

Keep missing it as it's my Work Late night.


suzywong · 07/10/2004 14:05


Lonelymum · 07/10/2004 14:05

The programme starts with a crowd of women wanting to be helped each giving T and S their home video of themselves. From this, T and S select five women to interview and then they choose two of them but do so by making them stand in a line as if in a police ID parade. The two they pick, get the usual treatment, the other three get sent packing.


Hulababy · 07/10/2004 14:10

Yep, still lots of squeezing going on. Didn't one of them grab Jonathan Ross ina particularly delicate place on his show recently too?


suzywong · 07/10/2004 14:10

isn't it distressing, the competitive depths people will, presumably volunatarily, go to to get on the bloody tv.
Surely this desparate exhibitionism has got to come to an end soon.

I mean really (she says while watching a fab Aussie programme like Batchelor only with one girl and 12 guys and the twist is some of them are gay and she has to find out which ones!!!!!)


bundle · 07/10/2004 14:11

suze, presumably the ones who can help match her handbag to her shoes???


suzywong · 07/10/2004 14:14

they had a challenge like that, they had to pick a frock for her, but now it's getting a bit bitchy as there are only 5 left. I put my money on the one who cried when he lost a race to sheer sheep and has an Enrique style woolly hat and a slight lisp. Dya know whaddImean?


motherinferior · 07/10/2004 14:17

If things are the same Down Under (oh dear, am finding it hard not to snigger at everything this afternoon, sorry), surely she justs weeds out the ones she finds interesting, attractive and sympathetic?


suzywong · 07/10/2004 14:20

well that is what is happening, you see if she picks a gay guy in the end, the guy gets $100k, so three gay guys so far have admitted they are just in it for the money and that they feel bad decieving her.

Anyway back to the bossy fashion women


bundle · 07/10/2004 14:20

well, even if she can't s**g him, at least he'd be a good shopping companion..


bundle · 07/10/2004 14:21

haven't seen any of the trinny & tranny this time round, quite glad by the sound of things


suzywong · 07/10/2004 14:29

he was straight! they just did the Survivor style elimination and now the girl's mum and turned up and the guys have to convince her.

anyway .... what is in fashion this season?


motherinferior · 07/10/2004 14:30

Looking like a Laydee. Brooches. Both v suitable to the harrassed mother of small children, I find.


suzywong · 07/10/2004 14:31

brooches? really? oh my word.
What colours are they pushing on people?


SueW · 07/10/2004 14:34

see here


SueW · 07/10/2004 14:36

Trousers so long you can't wear them without taxi-to-table heels.


bundle · 07/10/2004 14:43

purple, green, tweeds particularly. plus coats that don't match. and round-toed shoes with heels. I'm still in my bloody birkies most days


MeanBean · 07/10/2004 14:44

Hmm.. men come and go, but a good handbag is for life. I could go with that...

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