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goody goody 'who rules the roost' tonight BBC2

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joanneg · 22/09/2004 19:28

Could be a repeat - but well, who cares! Still good viewing. For anyone who cares BBC2, 8pm - who rules the roost.

OP posts:
lou33 · 22/09/2004 21:41

They were terrified of him thats why. Git.

joanneg · 22/09/2004 21:42

My stepdad was just like him. Makes me shudder - he will miss out in the end if he continues like this because they wont be close to him.

You just get the feeling that their marriage is in real trouble.

OP posts:
nutcracker · 22/09/2004 21:43

OMG I am almost speechless.

What a w**r, a complete and utter arsehole with a capital A.

She on the other hand was lovely, and i have lots of admiration for her as i could not do what she did.

I know she was a bit soft on them but i think she was trying to compensate for them having such an awful father.

They would all be better off without him thats for sure.

Was it me or did he remove her arm when she had it round the little boy who was moaning about his dinner ???

aloha · 22/09/2004 21:46

He felt nothing for his kids except resentment and jealousy. A truly horrible, horrible man with not a single redeeming feature that I could spot.

coppertop · 22/09/2004 21:48

Every sentence of his contained the words "I" "me" or "my". When his wife said she was unhappy about something it immediately got turned around into "but that makes ME feel....". T*sser!

oneofeach · 22/09/2004 21:52

This man was hideous. I actually cried when he made the mum go and take away the kids treats that she had brought home for them. Some people really don't deserve to have children, and those children seemed pretty lovely to me.

Whimsy · 22/09/2004 21:52

Yes, he said something like 'remove your arm." it was not so much as what he said but how he say's it. He is a complete t**t

blossomhill · 22/09/2004 22:12

Watched the unpdate on bbc3 and he is still a complete a*hole.
By the way what does he model, crash helmets?

Whimsy · 22/09/2004 22:14

Lol blossomhill

littleweed · 23/09/2004 08:30

did I imagine it or did he say at one point that he'd only regard the experiment as a success if his wife jumped on him and dragged him upstairs for rampant nookie? What a complete t**t. leave him he'll never love anyone as much as he loves himself.

JoolsToo · 23/09/2004 08:31

aloha - were you watching the same programme? - when she was in charge the children went to bed at 9.45 pm still running around like lunatics.

Talk about sisterhood - can't any of you see she had no control whatsoever? She even said to that excuse for a man she called her husband that she was treated like a doormat - well! what are you going to do about it? - Looks like they're all still wiping their feet on her and she's no-one to blame but herself!

joanneg · 23/09/2004 08:35

jools - I think that she was a bit of a wet lettuce! But he was resentful and detatched and came across as not a nice person.

OP posts:
JoolsToo · 23/09/2004 12:02

joanneg - can't argue with that!

Slinky · 23/09/2004 12:07

Although he was awful, I did find myself shouting at the TV when mum was standing outside older son's bedroom asking if he wanted a drink/snack/some cheese etc. I don't understand why she would do that!

Have to say, I am a bit of a "stickler" for bedtimes, still have story/bath etc etc but when I say it's time for bed, then it's time for bed -no standing outside bedroom doors offering drinks/snacks.

I don't know why she didn't stand up for herself and the kids more - if my DH spoke to me or the kids in the way that bloke did, then he get a mouthful back.

edam · 23/09/2004 12:25

Joolstoo, I think she's just too bloody knackered to stand her ground - raising four kids on her own (because hubby doesn't lift a finger, selfish vain pig) and a full-time job. No wonder the kids go to bed late, I can't imagine how she manages to get home after a tough day at work and look after all four of them on her own while her husband lazes around in a different room.
At least on the update husband had built a relationship with his gorgeous little girl. But he's clearly not worried about the risk that when his wife does finally take a look at their lives she'll realise she'd be better off without him seeing as he doesn't contribute any effort, any time or, as far as I could see, much financially. At least if she was a single parent she wouldn't have to worry about looking after him on top of everyone else.

color · 23/09/2004 13:24

4 children why? She gave birth to 4 children with a **>

cat82 · 23/09/2004 13:30

OMG! i've seen it before but i still cannot believe it second time round. What a complete and total p*k!!!!!!

Bagpuss30 · 23/09/2004 13:35

My favourite episode by far. DH even said "Oh let's leave it on, we can hurl abuse at the telly again" . Agree with you there Slinky, I still cannot understand why she would want to do that at bedtime. The son wasn't even asking for a drink etc. The kids they had were so lovely too, esp the little girl - I did feel sorry for them.

I couldn't believe the update when the husband was talking about reactions he had from strangers. He said some other men had come up to him to comiserate with him over his situation. Why? How? Even my dh, who is less than hands on most days, thought that he was an arrogant to**er.

yingers74 · 23/09/2004 13:35

saw this last night and am sad to read that things have not really changed. I honestly don't understand how she can be with him. He seems so horrible, perhaps he is different off camera.

I have complaints about my own dh sometimes but compared to him, my dh is an angel, I am so glad I don't know this man, he is a tad scary!

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