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goody goody 'who rules the roost' tonight BBC2

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joanneg · 22/09/2004 19:28

Could be a repeat - but well, who cares! Still good viewing. For anyone who cares BBC2, 8pm - who rules the roost.

OP posts:
Whimsy · 22/09/2004 20:34

That's what I thought, seems a complete p**t

Caribbeanqueen · 22/09/2004 20:36

Would you leave your children with this man?

(Sorry, don't normally get this wound up by the TV!)

Tessiebear · 22/09/2004 20:39

Hi Blueteddy! How are you?

emmatmg · 22/09/2004 20:40

I think I've seen this one 3 times now and i's still as shocking as the first time.

What a prck!

But, Oh! how amusing at the end whenhe admits how good she is.

Also love the camera shots around the house of mess mess and more mess when he's in charge after he's always nagging her about it.


Twiglett · 22/09/2004 20:41

message withdrawn

mumbojumbo · 22/09/2004 20:41

I can't bear to watch anymore of this...........

KangaMummy · 22/09/2004 20:45

What is supposed to model?

emmatmg · 22/09/2004 20:58


"looking after the house and children is just not possible"


KangaMummy · 22/09/2004 20:59

Yes ok he has realised that being a SAHM or SAHD is hard work

Whimsy · 22/09/2004 21:00

Wonder if things have really changed

joanneg · 22/09/2004 21:02

OOOhhh - watching BBc3 - dying to know what has happened since

OP posts:
aloha · 22/09/2004 21:02

In shock - luckily dh is out so could flick between this a Property Ladder. My, there are a lot of loons out there...
Couldn't agree more with the MN consensus on this awful ar*e of a man.

blueteddy · 22/09/2004 21:03

Hi Tess, how r u?

Slinky · 22/09/2004 21:06

I'm watching the Update now over on BBC3

colette · 22/09/2004 21:08

And he complained about not getting any sex and he said he resented carys for being born or something like that - just don't understand why she is with him. Is anyone watching the update ?

JoolsToo · 22/09/2004 21:15

Hang on a minute - yes he's up his own ars* but he does have a point - there is no discipline in that house!

"I can't put her down she'll scream" Pleeeease! how to make things go from bad to worse in one easy lesson - let your kids rule YOU!

Bedtime is bedtime - the older one is certainly of an age to get the message - BED! NOW! the smaller ones SHOULD be too young AND too tired to argue - God! get a bloo*y grip woman! (or man!)

He was just a self absorbed waner - how they are still a couple beggars belief - yeah right - you'd really put with him going to the gym EVERY night - I thought modern women were supposed to smart, up front strong individuals - she's let him getaway with being a lazy bastad for far too long.

Quite frankly she seemed to glory in the chaos around her which made her indispensable - you can bet your boots there'll be no chaos at work. Children need discipline, order and guidance - they just looked bewildered all the time and no wonder!

This is the first programme in the series I've seen - I don't think I can take another!

lou33 · 22/09/2004 21:19

I'd have dumped him years ago. I couldn't believe my ears the way he talked about the little girl , bless her.

linnet · 22/09/2004 21:29

ggrrr just missed the update on bbc3 can anyone tell me what happened?

joanneg · 22/09/2004 21:31

basically things dont seem to have improved at all! He is still out a lot and feels neglected by her and she is still too soft

OP posts:
coppertop · 22/09/2004 21:32

OMG! Just watched the update and he's still as self-obsessed as ever!

aloha · 22/09/2004 21:35

I actually felt like crying over the way he treated the children. And when he said that he resented the fact that his daughter was front of her! Awful, awful man. I would have left him ages ago. As for no discipline, er, when she ran the house, the kids went to bed on time and the house was pretty tidy. When 'Mr Order and Discipline' ran it there was total chaos.

mckenzie · 22/09/2004 21:36

I've just watched the BBC2 programme and the update on BBC3 and I'm speechless really.
It certainly puts any problems in our house into prospective.

lalaa · 22/09/2004 21:37

depressing update. i feel sorry for the kids. no consistency and no respect between the two adults.

lou33 · 22/09/2004 21:38

I hauled dh off the pc to make him watch it.

Dump him I would say. He doesn't seem to contribute in any beneficial way to his kids, his wife or the house. Didn't the voiceover say he had only spent 2hours max at any time with them since they were born?!

And he was constantly running down the mum to the kids .

coppertop · 22/09/2004 21:40

One thing that stood out for me was that when the mother came home in the evenings the children practically dived on top of her for hugs and kisses. When the father came home they didn't seem to move an inch. Very sad.

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