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Next Sale - how much did you spend ?

51 replies

Mojomummy · 23/07/2005 11:13

I spent £134 on DD (age 2) £66 on DH (33) & £7.49 on me !!! Still I did get a free pair of trousers which cost £14.99

It's all over the lounge floor & I'm about to decide what to keep

OP posts:

Nemo1977 · 23/07/2005 11:15

nothing yet although i am stupidly trying to do it


QueenEagle · 23/07/2005 11:16

How long is the sale on for??


stacijc · 23/07/2005 11:18

£75 !!! still over budget but proud its not masses....may have to go again 2mo....anyone want a kidney???


trefusis · 23/07/2005 11:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

batters · 23/07/2005 11:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sparklymieow · 23/07/2005 13:34

I ordered a metal four poster kingsized bed for uas for when we move, Misdee put it on her card and is going to store it for me till we move. It was 95 pounds instead of 200


vickiyumyum · 23/07/2005 15:58

£4.49, i just went into town telling myself that i wasn't going to go to next as a protest for their extremley dull autumn/winter clothes for boys, but still once i was there found myslef drawn towards it, but could only find a shirt for ds2 that i liked. i did pick up a load of clothes for me and ds1, but when i was stood in the massive queue i changed my mind and put most of it back apart from the shirt!

then went down the high street and spent £300 in monsoon and £80 in Dune!


misdee · 23/07/2005 16:00

£39. just went to town, now gonna look online for soemthing i na size 16 to give me something to aim for.(i'm currently bordering on a 24)


saffy202 · 23/07/2005 16:49

£52.00 - 2 pairs of jeans for me and 2 tshirts each for the ds's. Went for about 10.00 ish and it was the quietest I've seen it - only a couple in front of me at the tills.


mandymoo · 23/07/2005 21:22

nothing - is there a next sale on or something then?


stacijc · 23/07/2005 21:26

its on 2mo as well


milward · 23/07/2005 21:36

Nothing - only shop when I absolutely have to


tassis · 23/07/2005 21:42


Bought for me, dh, ds and a few gifts.

For me I got 3 pairs of jeans, 3 pair of trousers, 3 tops and a skirt and only the skirt fits.

I'd say 90% os it is going back.


katymac · 25/07/2005 22:20

I think you are all mad - my local Next made £550,000 on the first day of the sale....WHY???

It can't be that good...can it?


expatinscotland · 25/07/2005 22:26

Not a jot! I went in there looking for the toilet, not realising a sale was on. NO WAY! Mob scenes are not for me.


serenity · 25/07/2005 22:35

£65, which is what I spent last time as well!

I go to get DSs school coats, as I find the Next ones take the abuse they dole out more than cheaper ones do.

So, I spent £30 on school coats for DS1 and 2, £15 on a jumper for DH, I got DS1 a t-shirt and DS2 a pair of trousers and the rest went on jeans and a couple of long sleeved tops for DD. Nothing for me as they don't do flabby mum sizes......


kid · 25/07/2005 22:41

I wonder if any MNers are going to offer their unwanted bargains on here to us that didn't get to the sale (because we are not mad enough to be queuing up at 5am)


80sMum · 25/07/2005 22:49

I've done what I usually do; ordered about £300-worth of stuff so that I have some choice - and with a bit of luck one or two things might be OK. I always think that if you're paying £3.50 for delivery (and returns are free)you may as well order loads of stuff and get different sizes, colours etc. then send all the rejects back. I usually only keep about 10% or so of what I've ordered.


hunkermunker · 25/07/2005 22:57

£33.41 Lots of things for DS in the next size up, a pair of trousers for me (wishful thinking - size 10, not maternity...but a bargain!).


hunkermunker · 25/07/2005 22:58

Spent that today though - not at 5am on Saturday


sorrel · 25/07/2005 23:22

which is success for me as i am broke!


Mojomummy · 26/07/2005 10:53

kid I've got some stuff which will be going back - girls 1 1/2 - 2 years mainly. + 3/4 length denim trousers in size 8 & 10.

Let me know if you, or if anyone else is interested - can post photo's too.

Will be returning to next on Friday otherwise

OP posts:

Lizzylou · 26/07/2005 10:55

Spent £45 online yesterday on maternity clothes for me as last time round I was so depressed looking like a beached whale!
Tried but failed to find anything for DS...nothing left! Will scoot on down to Next to Nothing soon for him......


Toothache · 26/07/2005 11:00

I spent a moderate £50.... on the visa coz I'm skint until I start my new job.


kid · 26/07/2005 11:05

Mojomummy - I love kids clothes from Next, but I have DD 6 and DS 3.

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