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Next Sale - how much did you spend ?

51 replies

Mojomummy · 23/07/2005 11:13

I spent £134 on DD (age 2) £66 on DH (33) & £7.49 on me !!! Still I did get a free pair of trousers which cost £14.99

It's all over the lounge floor & I'm about to decide what to keep

OP posts:
oliveoil · 26/07/2005 11:07

£0.00. Next = plop

Toothache · 26/07/2005 11:12

OliveOil - DUCK!!!

oliveoil · 26/07/2005 11:14

Sorry, but it all has NEXT emblazoned on it, poop la roop.

MIL has the catalogue and insists on sneaking items on my girls .

Toothache · 26/07/2005 11:16

OO - Oh I defintely make a concious effort to buy stuff for the kids that doesn't have NEXT on it. And the adult stuff doesn't!!! I got myself a lovely top for work.

Fio2 · 26/07/2005 11:17


i am with oliveoil on this one

Toothache · 26/07/2005 11:17


oliveoil · 26/07/2005 11:18

I'm a George at Asda girl myself

bubblerock · 26/07/2005 11:45

You can't fault the quality with Next stuff though!

starlover · 26/07/2005 11:47

oh nothing. went in and it was just vile in there.

full of crazy women dashing around and grabbing everything they can see and pushing people out of the way to get to the racks.

GET OVER IT! it's just clothes ffs!

we walked in the door, attempted to look around. and went out again. not worth the hassle.

alux · 26/07/2005 12:12

£13. All for dd in winter sizes. If it wasn't for this thread, it would have been £0 as I forgot a sale was on.

There is a Next outlet less than 2 mile from my village. So far it has come in v. convenient for maternity clothes and petite sizes.

I can pick up and take back at will.

I am with those who hate things emblazoned with Next or any other brand across my chest. I am paying for the stuff, not the privilege to advertise for them.

alux · 26/07/2005 12:13

not if you go at 10 am on a Tuesday starlover

starlover · 26/07/2005 12:20

what#s with the people who queue up at like 5am the day it starts?????/ it's not that great! lol

i went in yesterday around midday and it was just awful. not sure i am brave enough to venture ina gain! lol

flamesparrow · 26/07/2005 12:22

Next Sales scare me to death!!!

I prefer to face full price than all the scariness of it!

Toothache · 26/07/2005 12:23

Starlover - Our local Next opened it's doors at 4am on Saturday morning and they said it was MADNESS!!!! Are these people normal?!

I went in on Sunday at 11am and it was dead! No probs, no queues and plenty stock.

I got ds a fantastic furry lined winter coat for £10.99.

roosmum · 26/07/2005 12:26


included cords for dh, 2 cushions, t-shirts & tops (mercifully plain! detest the whole 'i'm trouble' etc thing) for ds.

my sil consistently spends abt £500 tho some goes back. she also always gets some fab freebies that they just forget to scan i think - eg suede boots...!

starlover · 26/07/2005 12:27

they're crazy aren't they! i mean the stuff is nice... but it's not THAT nice! lol

in ours they have someone on the door and once it is full in there you can only go in once someone comes out!!!

starlover · 26/07/2005 12:28

roosmum... how do you rate their kids trousers? i was going to get some for linus but didnt' look like they'd fit over his nappy

roosmum · 26/07/2005 12:30

christmas is worst imo....all those women cooped up with extended family for a whole, erm 2-3 days, desperate to part with their cash...!

i worked there for a bit part-time. the sale was soul-destroying to work at, plus i had to get up a 4am to be in work for 4.30. what was i thinking?!!

roosmum · 26/07/2005 12:33

sl, same as most shops imo...softer styles are fine, more structured stuff like jeans not so good. dungarees ok tho.

find m&s quite good, as is ladybird suprisingly.

ScrewballMuppet · 26/07/2005 20:03

Haven't checked, I did mine over the internet except the website had gone down so there were only lists of products in the sale and you had to ring up.

I ordered quite, none has arrived yet daren't see how much have spent. Inevitably lots will be returned

Whizzz · 26/07/2005 20:06

Went for a rummage today
Top for DS £3.99
PJs for me £7.99

didn't have enough time for further rumaging!
Might have a re-rummage tomorrow

loulabelle222 · 27/07/2005 10:18

i certainly am not going to spend anything in next in the new year sales.. their winter stuff is appalling! it is disgusting! i hate it! i hate it! i hate it!

ssd · 27/07/2005 10:34


Too skint!!

expatinscotland · 27/07/2005 10:35

Same here, ssd. Didn't even know it was going on. Was up the town to go the farmer's market and needed the loo. Set foot in there and stepped right back out before I got trampled.

Kelly1978 · 27/07/2005 10:58

£220 and none of it is going back

£124 on the twins, in 6-9 and 9-12 sizes.
£86 on the older two, few bits for autumn/winter.
£10 on socks and a belt for me!

I spent £200 in the Xmas sale too, and it was all big stuff for the twins which they are wearing now. I try never to pay full price or anything. Between Next and Mothercare the babies are sorted for the winter and nearly all of it half price.

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