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See through white trousers with no knickers....

80 replies

fastasleep · 12/07/2005 18:37

Or a really bright g-string showing through - is it just Liverpool?

(can't help but look..)

OP posts:
fastasleep · 13/07/2005 09:46

They wear teeny tiny skirts as well... but you can't spot the thongs without being perverted with those!

OP posts:
Flamesparrow · 13/07/2005 09:47

If you lie down on the grass and pretend to be reading then you probably could... but you might get some scary hairy sights too!

fastasleep · 13/07/2005 09:49

lol! I'd probably lose Theo if I tried that one...

OP posts:
Flamesparrow · 13/07/2005 09:50


fastasleep · 13/07/2005 09:52

HmmMmmm I'm going to the park later maybe I could devise some sort of mirror contraption and attach it to Theo....

OP posts:
overdraft · 13/07/2005 10:17

white trousers and you have chilren o.m.g i would have to have a pack of baby wipes is back pocket.

Flamesparrow · 13/07/2005 10:18

Reminds me of the boys at school trying to shove their foot under your skirt with a mirror attached!

fastasleep · 13/07/2005 10:19
OP posts:
dillydally · 13/07/2005 10:20

I wear my white trousers and thong with my FCUK ME BACKWARDS T shirt
but that is cos I am subtle

fastasleep · 13/07/2005 10:23

dilly I've seen you in my local park!

OP posts:
dillydally · 13/07/2005 10:28

I generally open for business at noon, third tree on the left, suck your bits for a fiver
NB Blankets not provided.

fishfinger · 13/07/2005 10:28

calm down!

fastasleep · 13/07/2005 10:29

Ooooh, are you 'with' that man that takes his mac off for 50p?

OP posts:
dillydally · 13/07/2005 10:30

My humblest apologies...I was just offence intended.

Flamesparrow · 13/07/2005 10:30

How rude!!!

marthamoo · 13/07/2005 10:31

I can barely manage to keep a whie T-shirt clean so I would never even consider white trousers. Though I do have a very pale beige pair and I wear white pants with them -is that a no-no then? Would rather people saw my knickers than my bum.

fastasleep · 13/07/2005 10:32

(There really is a man in a mac behind some bushes in my park...)

OP posts:
fishfinger · 13/07/2005 10:32

I love both
white te shirts
I haev about 10
and two pairs of white trousers
I look like the little men formt he flour adverts

fastasleep · 13/07/2005 10:32

Aww coddy how shhweeeet (hunny) xxxx

OP posts:
fishfinger · 13/07/2005 10:33

bog off with your" hun"

fastasleep · 13/07/2005 10:35

I'm allowed to call you shweeet and send you kisses though! You're going soft cod pops you back in the freezer

OP posts:
marthamoo · 13/07/2005 10:35

So what knickers do you wear with your white trousers O Fishy One? (I sound like a pervy anonymous phone caller).

fishfinger · 13/07/2005 10:36

yep a nude thong
liek anal cheesewire but hey ho all int he cause of beuty

marthamoo · 13/07/2005 10:39

Do you not fret tht people can see your butt cheeks? I wore a thong with my very pale trousres last summer and when I bent down to get something out of the fridge dh went "oooer! I can see your *rse!"

marthamoo · 13/07/2005 10:39

My typing has gone mad today.

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